2022: A prolific year for Globalia Logistics Network

In the year 2022, Globalia Logistics Network for the first time surpassed 200 members and has accomplished several of its objectives

Globalia Logistics Network, has made many noteworthy accomplishments in 2022, the foremost of which is surpassing 200 network members. Presently, Globalia has trustworthy freight forwarding agents in over 203 cities across 135 countries.

Globalia Logistics Network
Globalia Logistics Network

To quote Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network, “Crossing the 200 mark has been one of our long-cherished ambitions that we have finally accomplished this year. Our team couldn’t have been more excited, and we are eagerly looking forward to connecting with all our agents old and new in our upcoming Annual Meeting. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the entire Globalia team for their hard work, and of course our members around the world who will now have more trusted network partners to work with.”

Additionally, the year 2022 has turned out be be an extremely productive one for Globalia. In March 2022 Globalia launched an online logistics academy to offer useful freight forwarding courses for their members. To this end, they partnered with CIFFA- one of the best logistics education providers of our time. Their two logistics courses are helping the members to create a resilient team of professionals who can easily adapt to the changing requirements of the industry. The courses are not just meant for the professionals in this sector but also the newcomers.

Some of their other achievements from last year include the enhancement of their social media presence by creating an Instagram handle, the creation of an online certificate for members, and most importantly doing the groundwork for an in-person meeting in Phuket in March, 2023.

To make the conference registration process more convenient the network has created a special Annual Meeting web portal. It brings all the relevant information about the event at the members’ fingertips and makes the registration, room reservation, and meeting slot booking processes absolutely seamless.


Globalia Logistics Network establishes a media partnership with Logistics Business

The first event of Logistics Business Exhibition will be held from 22nd – 25th February 2021, with a second week in September 2021

The Logistics Business is staging an international, virtual exhibition for the logistics and materials handling industry in 2021. The Logistics Business Exhibition provides a platform for interaction between logistics, IT, transport and supply chain services, warehousing and materials handling manufacturing industries. The exhibition virtual marketplace enables visitors to source products online, request specific quotations, meet exhibitors on video calls & chats, networking, downloading documents and more.

With no physical events taking place till at least May, Logistics Business Show will enable international buyers to source products and services via live video meetings, to request quotes, discuss projects and receive sales product information. 70+ exhibitors are anticipated to participate and several thousand visitors.

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There will be 6 virtual halls: Forklift & AGV Technology, Handling Automation Systems, Packaging & Pallets, Software & Computing, Transport Services & Equipment, Warehousing Equipment. Visitors will be able to browse halls and search for specific requirements from a long list of sub-categories. Watch a demo guide here.

There will also be live-streamed Panel Discussions, moderated by our Editor, Paul Hamblin:
Distribution Centre Project Management; Supply Chain Software-as-a-service Thought Leadership; Loading Bay & Warehouse Safety, Automated & Robot Warehouse Vehicles; Packaging for eCommerce; Contract Logistics & Freight Management, Forklift Technology Innovations; Sortation & Conveying Suppliers’ Forum; Storage System Projects, Transport Management IT Platform Decisions; Wearable Devices and Data Capture in Logistics; Pallets & Containers for Green Supply Chains. Visitors will be able to watch them and ask live questions.

There’s also a Networking Lounge, Chat Room and Keynote Address. You can read more about the event here

Email: show@logisticsbusiness.com or call +44 (0)1480 455660

Interview with Andrea Martin, Globalia’s FreightViewer Coordinator

freight agents networkAndrea Martin is the main point of contact for FreightViewer, she coordinates the Department and is in charge of training Globalia members on the use of this exclusive TMS, assisting them with any doubts plus improving the software based on their feedback and needs. Before joining Globalia, Andrea worked in customer service, acquiring the necessary skills to solve client issues, providing technical support, and gaining a wide range of knowledge in communication. In this interview, Andrea talks about the advantages and new upgrades of Globalia’s exclusive member TMS: FreightViewer.

Q. Could you explain to us a little bit more about FreightViewer?

FreightViewer is a exclusive-member TMS Globalia Logistics Network has developed to offer a digital infrastructure that allows the establishment of an automated data transfer of carrier rates and tariffs. It enhances the accuracy of the quotation while significantly reducing its processing time, from a number of days to less than a minute. To put it simply, it allows members to organize their rates with their local and transport charges on a single platform.

Q. Which do you think are the advantages of FreightViewer?

The main advantage for Globalia members is that FreightViewer will allow them to be at the cutting edge of technology and compete with the stalwarts in the industry by digitalizing the majority of business processes. All data needed for developing a shipment will be stored in the software thus helping the users to come up with an accurate door-to-door quotation and provide immediate service to their customers and generate documents ready to be sent immediately. Additionally, their clients can go almost through all the logistics processes by themselves through the website for customers where different quotes can be compared quickly and easily. Moreover, each customer can be classified into different Client Categories with different mark-ups (profit margin), meaning members can personalize quotes for each customer. And all of these complex services are included in their membership fee, at no additional cost.

Q. Which are the new updates of FreightViewer?

Our aim is to integrate the main co-loader’s buying tariffs on a global scale into FreightViewer. That is why we have signed an agreement with SHIPCO to offer their LCL buying rates online through FreightViewer and we are in the process of negotiating the same with WEBCARGONET which will enable us to upload and update more than 14 million buying airfreight rates to FreightViewer.

We have a partnership with Onus Cargo Services, an insurance broker that offers rates from different insurance companies. This means you can ensure your cargo directly through FreightViewer, saving a lot of time in double typing information. Plus, the idea we have is to reach competitive insurance rates for Globalia members.

Q. How do you think FreightViewer contributes to Globalia members?

Globalia is the first international freight forwarding network with global coverage to launch instant quoting ability for its members.

The technological impact on the logistics sector in the last few years has been considerable, most of the top players in this industry are investing in enhancing their services by implementing a well-rounded digital strategy. That is why Globalia’s management has decided to design a customized software that allows members to interchange business within the network in the easiest and quickest possible way. The main difference with our competitors is the global coverage we offer. Members from more than 120 countries can use our TMS.

Q. What can members do with FreightViewer?

A. They can manage rates, put together personalized quotations, and send them quickly or save them in pdf. They can also follow up with their customers and customize their website. And everything by using a very intuitive platform.

Q. Why do you think technology is so important in the freight forwarders industry

A. The pandemic has brought a very important fact to our attention- Freight Forwarders need to digitalize.  Otherwise, they will fall behind the competition. Over the last year, many new digital freight forwarders like FLEXPORT, FREIGHTOS, FREIGHTHUB, etc. have invested millions in digitization, so now there is no turning back, it’s not the future anymore, it’s the present.

We are one of the very few international freight forwarding networks to successfully cope with the technological changes while providing our members with the opportunity to compete with the largest multinationals and everything is being done through FreightViewer.

 Q. Which do you think that are the main challenges for freight forwarders to digitalize their platforms?

A. The main problem is the huge amount of information managed in one single shipment, also, the volatility of the market is an important problem. But I think there is a new market emerging with a new customer type that is much more impatient and demanding than before. So, there is no other option, freight forwarders need to go a step further in this business and try new features such as FreightViewer. With the help of technology, some of the main issues faced day by day by a freight forwarder can be minimized, and their services can be optimized. Nonetheless, we should never forget that personal contact is extremely important in this industry-  technology will never replace this contact but it will help to improve customer service.

Enatrans Logistics exceeds 30% increase in its gross revenues in 2019

Their cooperation with several Globalia members has largely contributed to their growth in profit

Enatrans Logistics, a Globalia member in Izmir, Turkey, has successfully surpassed their target of increasing their income by 33% in 2019 and is expecting to achieve similar levels this year. They believe joining the Globalia network has greatly contributed to their success.

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Since the start of the membership, they have cooperated with Globalia agents in Sydney (Australia), Chittagong (Bangladesh), and Alexandria (Egypt) on a number of important shipments. “We have recently cooperated with PCFS – Globalia member in Sydney – by shipping 3 x 20 DC shipments from Izmir to Sydney Port. This shipment which consists of marble slabs is still being moved and the business is expected to carry on for the next few months.” Mr. Ercan Sahin, the Director of Enatrans states.

Additionally, they have also shipped 6×20 DC containers of marble blocks from Turkey to Bangladesh with the assistance and collaboration of Globalia Chittagong – Silk Container Lines. “Enatrans is very glad to be a part of such a strong network. Joining Globalia has been the right decision since the very beginning as it has enabled us to work on new shipments and collaborative operations with network members. I am very satisfied to have worked with these 3 network members none of whom has given us a cause to complain!”

Congratulations to Enatrans and wishing them the very best for their future projects!

The power of teamwork among Globalia members

GFS Logistics carries out several cooperation shipments with other Globalia members as a result of all the networking activities during Globalia’s 2’nd Annual Meeting

Since Globalia’s 2nd Annual Meeting in Kuala Lumpur two months ago, Globalia Marseille, France, has carried out several air and sea operations in collaboration with other Globalia members from several countries.

Zino Madi, the Sales Manager of GFS Logistics has commented that: “The one-to-one meetings which were held during the conference greatly helped us in cementing the partnership ties with other Globalia members and these shipments are largely the result of enhanced mutual cooperation within the network.”

The cargoes which consisted of medical equipment, car perfumes, flexible tanks and spare parts were sent out from various cities in France such as Paris, Le Havre, Lyon, Marseille, and Toulouse, to Boston, Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur, Mendoza, and Frankfurt.

The Sales Manager of GFS is extremely delighted with the results of these successful shipments. In his own words, “I would like to extend my thanks to Globalia members in Myanmar, Kuala Lumpur, Chicago and Buenos Aires for placing their trust in us and for their wonderful coordination. It feels really great to be a part of Globalia Logistics Network!”

Congratulations to GFS Logistics and wishing them the very best for their future projects!

New brand user friendly website for Globalia Tunis

The new website of Scoop Cargo is sure to enhance the user experience 

Scoop Cargo, Globalia member in Tunis, Tunisia has recently revamped their website and come up with a new and improved design which will definitely enhance their customer’s experience. The new website contains updated info about their company along with detailed description of their activities and services.

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In the words of Mr. Cherif Haj Slimane, Managing Director of Scoop Cargo “We fully understand the fact that a good website with well organized content always has a positive impact on the visitors and even greatly increases the number of visitors. This is precisely why we invested on a new smartphone compatible website which comes with all the details about our organization.”

We invite all members to check out Scoop Cargo’s website!

Globalia Sydney acquires HACCP Australian Certification

HACCP Australian Certification is the globally recognised process control system which helps organisations in the food and beverage industry identify their food safety risks, prevent food safety hazards and address legal compliance

partner with logistics companyPauls Customs & Forwarding Solutions PTY LTD, our Globalia member in Sydney, Australia, has acquired full HACCP Australian Certification (Codex Alimentarius Alinorm 97/13A) pertaining to the “Warehousing and Storage of Shelf Stable Products” on the 24th of April 2018.

More and more Australia’s leading food businesses (retail, service,and manufacturing) now demand that their partners have a HACCP-based food safety programme in place. Many also require non-food products and services to be compatible with their HACCP programme.

That is why Paul Petrovski, Managing Director of Pauls Customs & Forwarding Solutions, declared that: “We are very proud to add this accreditation to our portfolio which has allowed our team to establish itself as a reliable partner for food businesses in Australia. I hope this would bolster the confidence of our clients and partners in our capability as one of the most competent freight forwarders in Sydney.”

Congratulations to PCFS for getting the HACCP Certification!

Globalia Doha successfully handles two bulk DG shipments from ports in India and Oman to Qatar

The dangerous goods shipments consisted of paint and related chemicals

Western Gulf Agency has recently handled two bulk DG shipments last week, which were transported from the Ngava Sheva Port, India and Sohar Port, Oman to Hamad Port in Qatar. After unloading the shipments with a forklift at the Hamad Port, they were moved to the consignee site by trailers.

In the words of Ahmad Al Hashimi, CEO of Western Gulf Agency, “Moving this bulk shipment of paint and chemicals had been a challenging task which was perfectly handled without the slightest hitch. I would like to thank all my team members for their consistent effort which allowed us to move the shipments professionally.”

Globalia London carries out the delivery of a special pre-historic discovery of human remains

Yes 2 Ship also took charge of arranging for urgent customs clearance of this shipment

GlobaliaLogistics Industry member in London, Yes 2 Ship, saved the day on Tuesday of this week when they were called upon by University College London (UCL) to assist in the urgent Customs Clearance and direct drive delivery of a very special pre-historic discovery of human remains found in a remote area of Southern Sudan.

UCL is the leading worldwide player in the mapping of mankind’s DNA and having discovered a “pre-historic” skeleton they needed help from Yes 2 Ship’s government contacts to obtain customs clearance with virtually no paperwork of these priceless artefacts.

Prior to Yes 2 Ship’s involvement, the shipment was stuck in London Customs for over 14 days with little chance of being resolved. However, this issue was sorted within just 3 hours and delivered personally to UCL by Yes 2 Ship’s Globalia Manager Charlie West. The “Pre-Historic Skelton” is in the UK to be DNA tested and may prove to be the missing link in mankind’s move from nomadic African hunter-gatherers to those who first ventured to what is now the modern Middle East and Europe.

In the words of Ian West, Managing Director of Yes 2 Ship Ltd “Although Yes 2 Ship has moved everything from artwork by Van Gogh to Gold Bullion, this shipment consisting of the irreplaceable missing link from everyone’s “family tree” has been our most significant move to date.”

Congratulations to Yes 2 Ship for the successful delivery of this special shipment!

All set for the Globalia 2nd Annual Meeting

Globalia agents are getting ready to fly to Kuala Lumpur to attend the 2’nd Globalia Logistics Annual Meeting at the Intercontinental Hotel from the 9th to the 11th May

After the success of Globalia’s 1st Annual Meeting, this year Globalia agents from more than 60 countries who would arrive at the Intercontinental Hotel to meet face to face with their fellow agents and potential partners. After completing the formality of onsite registration, the agents along with their spouses will be attending the welcome cocktail reception. On the 10th of May, the participants will be attending the official opening and presentation ceremony which would be presided over by Globalia President and Founder Antonio Torres.
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Fostering the development of a spirit of mutual cooperation between members is the core agenda of the meeting which is why Globalia allows each agent to book up to 22 one-to-one meetings with their current and potential partners in course of the 2 days of the meeting. Over 2000 meetings have been already scheduled by agents with other members within the network. The 3 days of the conference would give the members a platform to effectively promote their individual businesses, appreciate the quality of other Globalia agents and create lasting ties with fellow members which would eventually lead to a greater business volume.
The Gala Dinner on the 2nd evening of the conference would give the attendees a chance to indulge in merrymaking and allow them to foster the networking ties in a more informal setting. All the agents and their spouses will be treated at one of the finest restaurants in the city where they will experience a scrumptious dining experience followed by a little fun time with other members. On the 3rd day, there will be another tight session of one-to-one meetings after which the conference will be officially closed.
After attending Globalia’s 1st Annual Meeting, the representative of Columbia Transport SRL, Globalia Milan commented that: “We highly appreciate the professionalism shown by the Globalia team in the organization of the Annual Meeting. We are delighted with the coverage that the network has reached within a year, the quality of its members, the payment protection plan and of course the port exclusivity of the members. We hope to know our partners better at the next Annual Globalia Meeting.” It goes without saying that Globalia’s 2nd Annual Meeting is going to be even more successful than last year and we sincerely hope that the networking opportunities turn out to be highly productive for all our agents.