The power of teamwork among Globalia members

GFS Logistics carries out several cooperation shipments with other Globalia members as a result of all the networking activities during Globalia’s 2’nd Annual Meeting

Since Globalia’s 2nd Annual Meeting in Kuala Lumpur two months ago, Globalia Marseille, France, has carried out several air and sea operations in collaboration with other Globalia members from several countries.

Zino Madi, the Sales Manager of GFS Logistics has commented that: “The one-to-one meetings which were held during the conference greatly helped us in cementing the partnership ties with other Globalia members and these shipments are largely the result of enhanced mutual cooperation within the network.”

The cargoes which consisted of medical equipment, car perfumes, flexible tanks and spare parts were sent out from various cities in France such as Paris, Le Havre, Lyon, Marseille, and Toulouse, to Boston, Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur, Mendoza, and Frankfurt.

The Sales Manager of GFS is extremely delighted with the results of these successful shipments. In his own words, “I would like to extend my thanks to Globalia members in Myanmar, Kuala Lumpur, Chicago and Buenos Aires for placing their trust in us and for their wonderful coordination. It feels really great to be a part of Globalia Logistics Network!”

Congratulations to GFS Logistics and wishing them the very best for their future projects!

Globalia London partners with Globalia Frankfurt for a joint project just after the conclusion of Globalia’s 2nd Annual Meeting

Together they handled a very special Asiana Airlines part charter, pack, and ship project to Seoul, Korea

The project involved collecting 22 delicate machines directly from a factory in the UK Midlands by specialist 18t air-ride / tail lift trucks and then packing into bespoke cases made by the Yes 2 Ship team. This unique project was spread over 3 days with cases being manufactured during the night by Yes 2 Ship with over 600 miles racked up to meet EUKO Logistics tight deadlines.

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In the words of Ian West, Managing Director of Yes 2 Ship: “We are absolutely delighted to work with EUKO Logistics Germany Gmbh as our Frankfurt partner and I’d like to thank them for the trust shown in awarding this prestigious project to Yes 2 Ship London. This has been the perfect outcome of the meeting at Kuala Lumpur and our team looks forward to more such collaborative projects in the days to come.”

Congratulations to Yes 2 Ship London for their joint venture with EUKO Logistics!