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FreightViewer is the definite tool for online freight forwarding quotation

Globalia is the first international freight forwarding network with global coverage to launch instant quoting ability for its members


3 steps to become a global digital forwarder

STEP 1. Become a Globalia member

Join our network of Freight forwarders:

Digital Forwarder. Step 1

By joining Globalia you will have access to a wide range of reliable overseas partners. Gaining global and digital reach.

STEP 2. Configure FreightViewer (back-end)

Manage rates and profit margins:

Digital Forwarder. Step 2

Immediately after becoming a member you will be able to upload rates into the platform as well as pre-setting profit margins.

STEP 3. Share via FreightViewer (front-end)

Offer rates online:

Digital Forwarder. Step 3

Sell rates online to all agents through your Member Area and to clients or overseas partners through your Companies customized website.

Globalia Logistics Network's FreightViewer FREE & EXCLUSIVE FOR MEMBERS

More accuracy. Less time.

FreightViewer, free and exclusive digital strategy for Globalia members
Globalia Logistics Network's FreightViewer

Main Features

Digitized Backoffice with FreightViewer

Rates online

Share your rates online with members in the network through the Member Area, allowing partners easy access to your quotes online. In addition to this, FreightViewer enables you to set up a customizable website for direct clients or other agents who are not members of Globalia.

Swift quote calculation

Generate precise quotes within minutes. Easily compare rates, costs, transit times, origin/destination ports/airports, calculate profits, add or eliminate charges. Send quotes via email or personalized PDFs and automate quote requests within the network. FreightViewer ensures all quotations are promptly emailed to your preferred contacts in the company.

Set profit margins

Manage profit margins

Efficiently manage profit margins by categorizing customers. Set predetermined profit percentages for each customer category, automatically adding them to the rate for personalized quotes. While profits are pre-set, you still have the flexibility to modify them as needed at any time.

Customizable quote documents

Tailor your quote documents effortlessly with FreightViewer. Add your logo, design, company details, and terms & conditions. Generate a corporate quotation document in minutes and send it instantly through email. Personalize quotes with customer’s details, including their logo or preferred currency.

Customizable quote documents

Customer's website

FreightViewer offers a customizable quoting website for your company to enable clients and non-member agents to register and check rates online or submit quote requests 24/7. All quotes will automatically reach your intranet records, plus email notifications.

Globalia Logistics Network's FreightViewer

Improving your customer's experience with FreightViewer

Online availability

Become available worldwide online providing door-to-door quotation. FreightViewer offers you a personalized website with integrated search ability for customers.

Streamline quote transactions

Enable clients and agents to compare rates and carriers, check transit time or request personalized quotations online. Being the first company to provide quotation will mean a significant advantage against competitors.

Customers follow up

Track your customer’s feedback once you have sent the quotation through FreightViewer. Check how many times and when the quote has been visited by your client.

Customer loyalty

Offer effective service providing instant and accurate quotations, personalized services and addressing client’s requests and the soonest, gaining loyalty amongst your clients.

Globalia Logistics Network   FREE & EXCLUSIVE FOR MEMBERS

Don't be left behind. Join us and enjoy FreightViewer!

FreightViewer offers a digital infrastructure allowing the establishment of an automated data transfer of carrier rates and tariffs. Not only enhances the accuracy of the quotation but also significantly reduces its processing time, from a number of days to less than a minute.

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