MELC Group, Globalia Alexandria & Cairo, starts reefer transportation services from Egypt to Russia

They were able to start this reefer shipment service since they are working alongside Admiral Container Lines – a Turkey based sea freight carrier

Middle East Logistics & Consultant Group, MELC Group, Globalia member in Alexandria/Cairo, Egypt, has recently started reefer transportation services from Alexandria to Egypt. They were able to launch this service as the agent of Admiral Container Lines, a Turkey based carrier.

Their reefer service up to Novorossiysk, Russia, will allow them to offer direct services from Alexandria Port with a transit time of just 5-7 days.

MELC Group- Globalia Alexandria and Cairo
New reefer services of MELC Group


As stated by Khaled Elbeltagy, Chief Information Officer, of MELC Group, “As a well experienced, reputable local agent to Admiral – a niche carrier in the market- we are able to provide our customers and partners a regular, quick, reliable and high-quality container shipping service with professional solutions.” .

Congratulations to MELC Group and all the best for their future projects!

Globalia Karachi moves a critical OOG cargo

Star Shipping arranges for the sea freight and inland transportation of the shipment from Karachi Port to Islamabad City

Star Shipping, Globalia member in Karachi, Pakistan, recently moved an OOG cargo from Karachi Port to Islamabad City. The oversized shipment was first moved by sea freight from Karachi Port and then delivered to the destination in Islamabad City via triple tandem conventional low bed trailer.

The shipment comprised of delicate and point-load cargo inside wooded boxes which demanded extraordinary care during transit. Moreover, Star Shipping provided customized heavy hauler low-bed trailers for safest delivery.

Star Shipping Pakistan- freight forwarding company
OOG cargo by Globalia Karachi


As stated by Muhammad Kamran, the Director of Star Shipping, “For years we have been providing economic and practical logistics solutions for clients in the country and beyond. This was a tricky shipment that required considerable care and meticulousness on the part of our team. Every shipment we handle and deliver, tells the story of our expertise and work ethics.”

Congratulations to Globalia Karachi and the best for their future projects!

Globalia creates a new website application for their 4th Annual Meeting in March 2023

Globalia’s new web app will help members conveniently navigate through the day-to-day agenda of the Annual Meeting once they reach the meeting venue in Phuket

Globalia Logistics Network has created a new web app dedicated to their upcoming Annual Meeting. Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting for freight forwarders will be held at Le Meridien Beach Resort in Phuket, Thailand, from 15th to 17th March 2023. Their new website portal will allow the members to access all information relating to the daily meeting agenda right from their mobile devices.

Globalia Logistics Network
Globalia’s New Web App


“We have created this web portal to bring together all the pertinent information about the event at our members’ fingertips and make the conference a seamless one for our members. The Coop team is always working hard to elevate the level of our services and ensure the best possible networking experience for our members. The launching of this web app is a part of that endeavour,” says Maria Serrano, the PR and Event Coordinator of Globalia Logistics Network.

Members will be able to find all the necessary info regarding the meeting agenda by visiting the web app and logging in with their email and password. Most importantly, the web application will allow members to view their meeting slots, the timings, the table number, the names of the delegates they are about to meet, and the city and company they are representing. The app will also allow the members to search for delegates from a particular territory from the delegate list. Lastly, the members can even access event photos and share them on their social media feed directly from the app.




2022: A prolific year for Globalia Logistics Network

In the year 2022, Globalia Logistics Network for the first time surpassed 200 members and has accomplished several of its objectives

Globalia Logistics Network, has made many noteworthy accomplishments in 2022, the foremost of which is surpassing 200 network members. Presently, Globalia has trustworthy freight forwarding agents in over 203 cities across 135 countries.

Globalia Logistics Network
Globalia Logistics Network

To quote Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network, “Crossing the 200 mark has been one of our long-cherished ambitions that we have finally accomplished this year. Our team couldn’t have been more excited, and we are eagerly looking forward to connecting with all our agents old and new in our upcoming Annual Meeting. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the entire Globalia team for their hard work, and of course our members around the world who will now have more trusted network partners to work with.”

Additionally, the year 2022 has turned out be be an extremely productive one for Globalia. In March 2022 Globalia launched an online logistics academy to offer useful freight forwarding courses for their members. To this end, they partnered with CIFFA- one of the best logistics education providers of our time. Their two logistics courses are helping the members to create a resilient team of professionals who can easily adapt to the changing requirements of the industry. The courses are not just meant for the professionals in this sector but also the newcomers.

Some of their other achievements from last year include the enhancement of their social media presence by creating an Instagram handle, the creation of an online certificate for members, and most importantly doing the groundwork for an in-person meeting in Phuket in March, 2023.

To make the conference registration process more convenient the network has created a special Annual Meeting web portal. It brings all the relevant information about the event at the members’ fingertips and makes the registration, room reservation, and meeting slot booking processes absolutely seamless.


Globalia Karachi moves 132 KV transformers in Pakistan

They moved the transformers from the Port of Karachi to grid stations in every region of Pakistan including Sindh, Punjab, KKP and Balochistan

Star Shipping Pvt Ltd, Globalia member in Karachi, Pakistan, has recently moved 132 transformers from the Port of Karachi to multiple grid stations all over the country. Their inland transportation team had been particularly busy handling this special project this year. Additionally, in 2022 they handled over 1,000,000 tonnes of cargo at the Karachi port, moving various shipments including steel, pipes, machinery, project cargo, coils, silos, transformers, engines, break-bulk, raw materials etc.

Star Shipping- freight forwarder in Karachi
Star Shipping moves 132 transformers


Since their establishment in 2004, they are one of the leading project shipping and inland transportation experts in their territory. With a strong network of partners all over the globe, they are consistently providing quality and affordable logistics solutions for their clients and partners.

Muhammad Kamran, the Director of Star Shipping says, “We have a laudable history in delivering energy and industrial projects so our team managed to execute the delivery of the transformers without any hitch. Moreover, we are closing this year with several achievements at our end in both sea freight and road freight sectors. Thanks to our continuous R&D efforts our company’s integrated project-logistics services have further improved.”

Congratulations to Star Shipping and all the best for their upcoming projects!

The first Metaverse airport in Bangalore to boost the export, import and door to door projects of Axis Worldwide Logistics

Bengaluru’s Kempegowda Airport’s T2 terminal can now be experienced on Metaverse. Metaverse makes use of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) technology to create a deeply engaging shared virtual space that is realistic and interactive. The launch of Bangalore Metaport in Metaverse is the first instance of an international airport to venture into the hyper-realistic world of Metaverse. It goes without saying that this new step will have a considerable impact on the air freight industry in Bangalore.

This airport will definitely be a huge advantage for all the freight forwarders in Bangalore. Axis Worldwide Logistics India, Globalia member in Bangalore, India, foresees an increase in the volumes they handle on the export and import front and their door-to-door services.

As stated by Mr Sreenath Menon the President of Axis Worldwide Logistics India LLP, “Bangalore airport is one of the busiest airports in the country and if the statistics go right, it is 3rd in the country and 29th busiest airport in Asia in terms of volumes and passenger handling. Bangalore airport also boasts about its latest technologies making the airport user-friendly.Therefore, the launch of BLR Metaport is an exemplary step that will further boost the digitization of the air cargo sector as well as our projects. As Axis is already offering professional, dedicated and time-bound services, we strongly believe that this new launch will add value to our services.”

The launch of BLR Metaport

The Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore is gearing up to become the first metaverse-friendly airport in the world. As per an announcement by the BIAL, the T2 terminal of Bangalore airport can now be experienced in the Metaverse. The BIAL has partnered with Polygon, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create this Metaport. Once completed the BLR Metaport will offer a 3D, hyper-realistic experience of the recently launched Terminal 2.

Intel, BIAL, and AWS together created the Joint Innovation Centre (JIC) in April 2022. The objective of JIC is to drive innovation by adopting digitization in the aviation sector. They seek to make use of the up-and-coming technologies to create new business models that will transform the experience of the passengers and customers and allow the airport to be the pioneer of digital innovation in India’s commercial aviation.

Axis Worldwide Logistics- air freight forwarder
First Metaverse Airport in Bangalore

The BLR Metaport will enhance the digital experience of the customers

The BLR Metaport is designed to enhance the digital experience of the passengers. Simply put, the new three-dimensional interface will offer customers a unique way to communicate with the airport staff. It will revolutionize the way people used to check into flights, move from one terminal to another, and even interact with other passengers. The Metaport will help to offer an all-new immersive airport experience for the passengers and customers.

This endeavour will eventually help to drive a digital economy that can be accessed by people from all around the globe. “The launch of BLR Metaport exemplifies how multinationals can collaborate and innovate to bring blockchain solutions to the masses. As one of the top air freight forwarders in Bangalore, we believe that going digital is the order of the day. Additionally, digitization can help us with every aspect of the business including error-free documentation , fast clearance and on-time or time-bound delivery without incurring any additional cost all of which any client would be looking for as a package,” continues Mr. Menon.

The impact of the BLR Metaport on the future of the aviation sector

Mr. Menon from Globalia Bangalore explains, “Although presently the innovation only applies to passengers, it has become clear that this revolutionary technology will soon alter the future of the air freight sector. We offer a wide range of air freight forwarding services, both inbound and outbound. This service includes pick-up, customs clearance, delivery, and distribution operations to a vast range of worldwide destinations. Our flexibility and personalized services make our airfreight services customer friendly. We are excited that our home airport has launched the world’s first airport Metaverse experience. This is going to be a major step in the aviation sector that will have a long-term impact on the future of the air freight industry.”

The BLR Metaport demonstrates how airports can leverage the latest technologies to speed up industry innovation and enhance the customer experience. Moreover, additional advantages of the Metaport include agility, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and low latency.

Mr. Menon concludes, “We believe in moving with the times and swimming with the tide. In other words, we update ourselves with the latest technology available in the industry so that our staff, our customers, our agents, partners, and vendors can benefit in all respects. Our out-of-the-box innovative thinking makes us updated enough to air transport shipments to any location in the globe. Lastly, we are hopeful that in the near future the BLR Metaport will allow air freight forwarders to enhance the level of their services in many new ways.”


Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting includes a Day Trip to Phi Phi Island in its activities

The day tour will allow the agents to explore the marvels of Phuket and foster deeper connections with their network partners

Globalia Logistics Network’s 4th Annual Meeting at Phuket, Thailand in March 2023 will include an optional day trip for the delegates and their spouses. On the 15th of March 2023, delegates who’ve signed up for the group tour will be visiting the Phi Phi Islands by speed boat and explore some of the most exotic destinations such as the Viking Cave, the Loh Samay Bay, the Pileh Cove and the Monkey Island.

Globalia Logistics Network's 4th Annual Meeting
Globalia’s Day Trip to the Phi Phi Islands


Additionally, the delegates will be lunching at a local eatery and can go for outdoor activities such as swimming and snorkelling following which they will be returning to the hotel for the Welcome Cocktail Reception. The day trip will help to create an informal platform for fostering team spirit among the delegates. A corporate group tour of the network agents will create the right environment for nurturing friendships with friendship among network members and open up new channels of communication.

In the words of Globalia’s Founder and Director Antonio Torres, “The primary objective of this additional activity is to bolster the ties among the members. The focus of this corporate tour is to enhance communications among the delegates who will now get a better and more congenial socializing space.”

This day trip will also allow delegates to engage in sightseeing activities and discover the local culture and the fantastic beaches around Phuket. Furthermore, it will help to break the ice among the delegates and give them a chance to establish a lasting bond with their existing and future partners.

MELC group, Globalia Alexandria & Cairo, launches a new container shipping service linking Damietta Port to the ports in India

The new service will include operating a ship every 15 days from Damietta Port to the Port of Nhava Sheva and Mundra in India

Middle East Logistics & Consultant Group- MELC Group – Globalia member in Alexandria/Cairo, Egypt, and the shipping agent for AAS Shipping Lines – has launched a new service that links Damietta Port with Indian ports.

MELC Group- freight forwarding company
New Container Shipping service by MELC Group
The new service includes operating a ship every 15 days from Damietta to the Port of Nhava Sheva, which takes 13 days directly without a transit port.

Moreover, this service will allow them to ship cargo directly without a transit port to India and vice-versa within just 13 to 14 days.

Presently, MELC Group is offering this service for dry containers only. Moreover, the line will perform these services through its vessels without entering into alliances with any other carrier.”

Congratulations to MELC Group on launching this new service!

Globalia Ho Chi Minh creates a new bonded warehouse

Their new warehouse called Super Cargo Logistics Center is located in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

Super Cargo Service - logistics company in Ho Chi Minh
Super Cargo Logistics Center
Super Cargo Service Co. Ltd, Globalia member in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, has opened a new warehouse called Super Cargo Logistics Center. The warehouse that comes with 10 loading docks is located in Nhon Trach, Dong Nai province, Vietnam. The building has a floor load capacity of 6 tons, a clear height of 15.5 m, and a platform height of 0.85 m.

“This new warehouse will further help our company to align with our client’s business goals and objectives. Our bonded warehouse facility has a net area of 4000 sqm while the chemical warehouse facility comprises an area of 2,600 sq m. Additionally, the general warehouse sprawls over an area of 7,000 sq m,” says Mr. Peter Nguyen, the CEO of Super Cargo Service.

Super Cargo Service’s new warehouse also comes with sprinklers for fire fighting, 200 lux lights, and 3m by 5 m shutter doors. Lastly, with 5 trucks of 2 tonnes capacity each and 21 container trucks and 28 trailers, they are all set to provide their customers with a holistic suite of logistics services.

Congratulations to Super Cargo Services and all the best for their upcoming projects!


MELC Group, Globalia Alexandria & Cairo, signs the concession agreement for the building of new terminal in the port of Damietta

They are also working as consultants for the building of the mid-port terminal in the Port of Alexandria

MELC group – Globalia member in Alexandria/Cairo – has announced the final signing of the concession agreement of a new terminal that will be built in the port of Damietta/Egypt.

MELC Group, Globalia Alexandria
MELC Group, Globalia Alexandria


The new “Terminal 2” in the port is expected to start operations by 2024 and will have a final total operational capacity of 3.3 Mio TEU. According to Melc Group, the Consultant of DPA, Partner and advisory body for both Eurogate Damietta GmbH and Contship Damietta, it will serve as Hapag-Lloyd’s dedicated strategic transshipment hub in the East Mediterranean.

Congratulations to Globalia Alexandria & Cairo for their commendable projects!