MELC group, Globalia Alexandria & Cairo, launches a new container shipping service linking Damietta Port to the ports in India

The new service will include operating a ship every 15 days from Damietta Port to the Port of Nhava Sheva and Mundra in India

Middle East Logistics & Consultant Group- MELC Group – Globalia member in Alexandria/Cairo, Egypt, and the shipping agent for AAS Shipping Lines – has launched a new service that links Damietta Port with Indian ports.

MELC Group- freight forwarding company
New Container Shipping service by MELC Group
The new service includes operating a ship every 15 days from Damietta to the Port of Nhava Sheva, which takes 13 days directly without a transit port.

Moreover, this service will allow them to ship cargo directly without a transit port to India and vice-versa within just 13 to 14 days.

Presently, MELC Group is offering this service for dry containers only. Moreover, the line will perform these services through its vessels without entering into alliances with any other carrier.”

Congratulations to MELC Group on launching this new service!

Globalia Ho Chi Minh creates a new bonded warehouse

Their new warehouse called Super Cargo Logistics Center is located in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

Super Cargo Service - logistics company in Ho Chi Minh
Super Cargo Logistics Center
Super Cargo Service Co. Ltd, Globalia member in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, has opened a new warehouse called Super Cargo Logistics Center. The warehouse that comes with 10 loading docks is located in Nhon Trach, Dong Nai province, Vietnam. The building has a floor load capacity of 6 tons, a clear height of 15.5 m, and a platform height of 0.85 m.

“This new warehouse will further help our company to align with our client’s business goals and objectives. Our bonded warehouse facility has a net area of 4000 sqm while the chemical warehouse facility comprises an area of 2,600 sq m. Additionally, the general warehouse sprawls over an area of 7,000 sq m,” says Mr. Peter Nguyen, the CEO of Super Cargo Service.

Super Cargo Service’s new warehouse also comes with sprinklers for fire fighting, 200 lux lights, and 3m by 5 m shutter doors. Lastly, with 5 trucks of 2 tonnes capacity each and 21 container trucks and 28 trailers, they are all set to provide their customers with a holistic suite of logistics services.

Congratulations to Super Cargo Services and all the best for their upcoming projects!


MELC Group, Globalia Alexandria & Cairo, signs the concession agreement for the building of new terminal in the port of Damietta

They are also working as consultants for the building of the mid-port terminal in the Port of Alexandria

MELC group – Globalia member in Alexandria/Cairo – has announced the final signing of the concession agreement of a new terminal that will be built in the port of Damietta/Egypt.

MELC Group, Globalia Alexandria
MELC Group, Globalia Alexandria


The new “Terminal 2” in the port is expected to start operations by 2024 and will have a final total operational capacity of 3.3 Mio TEU. According to Melc Group, the Consultant of DPA, Partner and advisory body for both Eurogate Damietta GmbH and Contship Damietta, it will serve as Hapag-Lloyd’s dedicated strategic transshipment hub in the East Mediterranean.

Congratulations to Globalia Alexandria & Cairo for their commendable projects!


Globalia Logistics Network partners with the Maritime Standards Awards

The Maritime Standard Award is one of the most notable logistics events that brings together the industry’s important decision-makers from across the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent

Globalia Logistics Network has entered into a media partnership with The Maritime Standard Award, an industry-defining event in the transportation and logistics sector of the Middle East and India. The award ceremony will take place at The Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, on Tuesday, 15th of November.  Some of the most important policy setters and decision-makers from across the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent will attend this prestigious event.

Maritime Standard Tanker Conference
Maritime Standard Tanker Conference


The day after the awards, November 16th, TMS will hold its annual Tanker Conference, with a stellar line of speakers already confirmed.  Attendees will include representatives from all of the major tanker owners and operators, many of whom will also attend the Awards.

TMS will give out the awards in 29 different categories. Clive Woodbridge the Editor of The Maritime Standard, will chair the panel of judges. Additionally, the other members of the judging panel, are also experienced leaders in their respective fields. These judges who will come from across the regions will independently assess the nominations and submit marks based on predetermined criteria to ensure a transparent and fair process.

For further information about the award click on the following link:

Globalia Logistics Network launches its Instagram account

Globalia’s Instagram page will come with photos and videos from the network that followers can view on the go from their mobile devices

Globalia Logistics Network, an international freight forwarding network with members from 194 cities, has recently launched their Instagram page. This new social media handle will help to further enlarge the audience base of the logistics network and enable them to reach out to potential agents in the future. Additionally, their strong social media presence will also keep their followers updated, and add to their digital visibility.

Globalia Logistics Network has always had a strong presence on social media with handles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more recently Instagram. Every week Globalia posts the news from the network and its members on their social media handles to keep their followers updated. Moreover, they make sure to post the news about the achievements of their agents which in turn promotes the members and increases their online presence.

As stated by Maria Serrano, Globalia’s PR and Event Coordinator, “We firmly believe that an active presence across a number of social media platforms greats helps to expand the outreach of our network. Moreover, these days the audience is more reliant on audio-visual platforms like Instagram for their daily dose of news and this is precisely why we have decided to be active on this platform.”

Globalia Logistics Network- Instagram Account
Globalia Logistics Network is now on Instagram


Globalia’s 1st Online Course for freight forwarders on the news!

Globalia’s first freight forwarding course on International Transportation and Trade in cooperation with CIFFA has been a great success

Globalia’s Logistics Network’s recently launched online course on International Transportation and Trade provided by CIFFA has been successfully completed. The news about the success of this newly launched course has been covered by several online news portals. The courses are aimed at agents who want to get a practical training in the fundamentals of transportation and logistics and stay up-to-date with the industry trends.

The International Transportation and Trade course is provided by CIFFA- one of the best names in logistics education with 60 years of experience. The course focuses on the foundations of freight forwarding, risk management, and freight charges calculation. Additionally, it also covers topics like the types of equipment and documentation used to move goods by land, air and ocean modes of transport. Over 20 Globalia agents have completed the course and many are presently awaiting the certification.

Globalia Logistics Network- logistics courses
Globalia Logistics Network’s freight forwarding courses


The news has been covered by the following websites:

American Journal of Transportation (AJOT)

They are a leading online journal in the transportation and logistics sector covering the latest news and insights from the freight forwarding industry.

DC Velocity

DC Velocity is a leading multi-media magazine serving the informational needs of the freight forwarding industry. They provide comprehensive coverage of all every aspect of the transportation and logistics sector.

Logistics Business

They are an UK based website dedicated to the transportation and logistics industry. Their website updates the the readers with important news, opinions, and reports from the global supply chain sector.


Veintepies is a news portal offering valuable information to anyone who has to make business decisions related to transportation and logistics. With a large reader base in Spain and Latin America, it publishes news, opinions, and articles related to this industry.

Profesional Ecucando

They are a Spanish language website where they regularly publish news and blog related to the education sector.

Transport Contracts 

Transport Contracts is a road transportation magazine focusing on the trucking industry in South Africa. Their website connects vehicle owners with businesses trying to find reliable trucking service providers.


Shipmycarz is a car transportation company based in the USA that ships vehicles across North America, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico and Alaska.


Ship2Door is a transportation and e-commerce company that export and import goods from Nigeria to USA and Canada.

The Press Release published in all the above websites talk about the course details, and its outcome. It also touches on how Globalia Logistics Network’s online academy is providing the agents with a platform for educational courses that is enabling them to set the international standard in their everyday shipping and logistics operations.

The Managing Director of Globalia Vadodara participates as a panelist at the Hazchem Seminar

The attendees appreciated the efforts taken by BLR Logistiks and some of them immediately sent their inquiries about doing business with them

The Managing Director of BLR Logistiks India Limited, Globalia member in Vadodara, India, participated as a panelist at the Hazchem & Liquid Bulk Seminar 2022, held the at Hotel Sahara Star in Mumbai, India. This seminar was one of the most comprehensive events in recent times on the handling, storage and transportation of hazardous goods and liquid bulk cargo.

The focus of the event was on the handling, storage and transportation of hazardous goods and liquid bulk cargo. The theme of the seminar was Changing Trends in Hazchem Handling & Transportation – Challenges & the Way Ahead. Mr. Ashok Goyal, the Managing Director of Globalia Vadodara, was chosen as a panelist because of his company’s long-standing experience in handling dangerous goods.

BLR Loigistiks- Independent freight forwarder
BLR Logistiks participates in the Hazchem Seminar


To quote Mr. Goyal, “BLR Logistiks is amongst the few trucking companies specializing in the transportation of hazardous cargo and as a panellist, I spoke about the various safety measures one needs to take while moving HAZ cargo by road. When it comes to dangerous goods transportation, we take utmost care and move the chemicals and inflammable materials to all destinations across India via ISO tank containers and specially designed vehicles. Moreover, we understand how chemical transportation requires constant alertness which is why we leave no stone unturned and ensure that the cargo reaches its desired destination safely.”

Congratulations to BLR Logistiks and all the best for their future endeavours!

Globalia Bogota moves an international shipment of over 1,553 tonnes by ocean freight

The shipment that consisted of 747 coils of steel rods was transported from the Port of Barranquilla, Colombia, to Puerto Cabello, Venezuela

North Carga SAS, Globalia member in Bogota, Colombia, has carried out the timely transportation of 747 coils of steel rods with a net weight of 1,553 tonnes. They moved the shipment via sea freight from the Port of Barranquilla, Colombia, to the Port of Cabello in Venezuela. Each of the coils had an external diameter of 1.22 m and a length of 1.93 m and weighed between 1,930 to 2,000 Kg.

North Carga SAS
Globalia Bogota moves 747 coils of steel rods


To quote Ms. Vivian Trujillo, the Sales Manager of North Carga SAS, “One of the most challenging aspects of this shipment was having the cargo ready for the same arrival date as the motor ship. This is because if the motor ship waits and the cargo arrives late, then, it results in delays at the origin with the shipping line. Therefore, we had to ensure loading this enormous volume of cargo on the motor ship on time.”

“Moreover, we had to take special care not to miss the departure since it was a re-embarkation and the demurrage rate was 17,500 USD. By not missing the departure, our team managed to avoid delays, apprehension, and sanction,” continues Mr. Trujillo.

Congratulations to Globalia Bogota for successfully pulling off this difficult shipment!

The International Trade and Transportation Course launched by Globalia is a complete success

Globalia Logistics Network has opened an online academy for their members to enhance their skills, become more efficient and prepare themselves to take up greater responsibilities

With the aim of broadening the agents’ skills and knowledge, Globalia Logistics Network has launched its freight forwarding courses. In order to provide the most efficient training material, Globalia has partnered with the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA), one of the leading logistics course providers, and Container xChange – a neutral online platform, used by 600+ freight forwarders who is offering a wide range of training material regarding the leasing container industry.

freight forwarding courses
freight forwarding courses


Globalia Logistics Network has inaugurated its online academy with the International Transportation and Trade Course and it has been an outstanding success. More than 20 students have enrolled and over 80% have already been certified. The main aim of this course is to help the participants reach new goals and confidence while boosting their productivity, enhancing their skills and even preparing them for greater responsibilities. The International Transportation and Trade Course is about the foundations of international freight forwarding, how to manage risks by selecting the appropriate Incoterm, how to calculate freight charges and load shipments, types of equipment and documentation used to move goods.

Antonio Torres, President and Founder of Globalia states: “We have opened our online academy with the intention of providing our agents with a platform for inspiring educational courses that will enable them to set the international standard in their everyday shipping and logistics operations. We are delighted to have had this high demand among our members and very proud of the obtained results. We really hope that we will keep this high level in future courses.”

The Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) is a course provider with more than 60 years of experience in logistics learning. The courses they offer are suitable for supply chain professionals who want to upgrade their knowledge base, and also for newcomers to this industry who want to take a deeper dive into the vast subject of transportation and logistics management.

Apart from the International Transportation and Trade Course, Globalia is also offering the Essentials of Freight Forwarding Course provided by CIFFA . This course will instruct the participants on multiple themes including export packaging, warehousing, document preparation or cargo insurance and it has already opened its registration.

Globalia has also established a partnership with Container xChange in order to offer a SOC Masterclass for members to understand the leasing container industry. The SOC Container Masterclass is provided as a complement to the other two courses. It consists of an “everything-you-need-to-know” course about handling Shipper Owned Containers.

The specially designed online training courses are helping Globalia members to cope with the industry challenges and confidently execute complex logistical procedures. Furthermore, upgrading the work skills will also allow them to stay updated with the industry changes, take the necessary measures to bypass any obstacles in the process of successful execution of a project, and provide better customer service.

Globalia Vadodara wins the TV9 Leaders Of Road Transport Company Of Year Award

There were more than 1400 entries for this award out of which BLR Logistiks India Ltd was selected as the transporter of the year from the west zone

BLR Logistiks (India) Limited, Globalia member in Vadodara, India, has won the TV9 Leaders Of Road Transport Company Of Year from the west zone. With over five decades of experience in the transportation and logistics industry, BLR Logistiks is one of the foremost freight forwarding companies in Vadodara providing globally competitive solutions.

The TV9 Leaders of Road Transport Awards seek to recognize companies that were resilient enough to tide over the pandemic-induced crisis and come out stronger by remodelling their businesses. They recognize entrepreneurs in the road transportation sector who have become successful through the adoption of digital transformation and new market development strategies. The award is based on various criteria like cargo safety, on-time pick-up and delivery, track and trace and timely and accurate billing. On all the above parameters, Globalia Vadodara was among the best and hence they received this award.

BLR Logistiks (India) Limited
BLR Logistiks wins the Leaders of road transport award


As stated by Mr. Ouseph Jose, COO- Exim Division of BLR Logistics, “In the last 50 years, we have built our reputation as one of the pioneering logistics companies in Vadodara that cater to all modes of transportation. We received this prestigious award for our outstanding achievement in the trucking sector. Our 32 feet containerized vehicles are specially designed to offer our customers cost-effective transportation solutions leading up to a 30% reduction in their expenses. Moreover, our fleet of ISO tank containers enables us to transport hazardous cargo with utmost care all over the country. With a fleet of more than 500 vehicles of all types, small, medium and large, we can accommodate all the transport requirements of our clients and assist them in every possible way.”

Congratulations to BLR Logistiks and all the best for their future endeavours!