Globalia Southampton ships humanitarian aid from the UK to Polish-Ukraine border

They are sending bi-weekly vehicles to the Ukraine border for transporting the humanitarian aid donated in New Forest, England

Oceanside Logistics, Globalia member in Southampton, England, is sending out bi-weekly vehicles from the UK to Polish-Ukraine border with charity and humanitarian aid in response to the Ukrainian conflict. They are doing the commendable task of bearing the entire transportation cost for moving the humanitarian aid donated in New Forest. Each shipment is costing the company more than 1,000 Euros.

To begin with, they moved 100 boxes of toiletries and other goods to the Polish-Ukrainian border.

To quote Mr. Harry Green the Director of Globalia Southampton, “We are proud to help the New Forest Benefice with assisting the people of Ukraine. Each day it is getting more difficult to send charitable goods into Ukraine, so we are happy to do our part to get this aid where it needs to go.”

Oceanside Logistics - independent freight forwarder
Oceanside Logistics – independent freight forwarder

Their original destination was a church in Lviv. However, because of increasing military strikes by Russia, they couldn’t find a driver to take the goods into Ukraine. “After a week of issues we have been able to find a church in Poland who will take the goods and get them to the Ukrainian refugees,” adds a spokesperson from Oceanside Logistics.

Many congratulations to Oceanside Logistics for this commendable effort!

Globalia Ankara reaches more than 100 quotations generated in FreightViewer

The ‘case by case’ feature in FreightViewer is enabling them to efficiently calculate personalized quotations for each client

Alden Global Logistics, Globalia member in Ankara, Turkey, has generated over 100 quotations in FreightViewer. Additionally, they have built a detailed customer database which enables them to calculate personalized and accurate quotes within a few minutes. As stated by Mr. Yalcin in an interview with Globalia’s team, FreightViewer gives us a productive experience of creating an offer for our customers. Moreover, since the platform saves a record of older quotations, it becomes very easy to follow our success rate with our customers”

Alden Global Logistics- independent freight forwarder
Globalia’s Transport Management Software- FreightViewer

Globalia Ankara started using FreightViewer right after joining the network about six months ago. To begin with, they scheduled a demonstration with Globalia’s FreightViewer Department which provides personalized training to all members. After this demonstration, the use of the platform was easy for the team. As Mr. Yalcin states, “At first, I had some difficulties understanding how it does operate. Later, I received a short introduction by FreightViewer personnel and understood how easy it is to use the platform.”

Alden Global is using FreightViewer for automatizing the quotation process by using the “case by case” feature. This is allowing their Sales Department to calculate personalized quotations for each client.  Furthermore, the system also facilitates the modification or amendment of the quotation so that all extra costs or new offers can be calculated and added to the quotation once it’s saved in the Quote List. Mr. Yalcin states that “FreightViewer also allows us to evaluate and understand our client’s target prices after multiple offers.”

He believes that Globalia’s TMS will help members to take the first step towards digitization. Additionally, he encourages all agents in the network to start using FreightViewer for a more efficient workflow between companies. “I would like to recommend it to my network partners. The participation of the members is very critical to make fast quotations to work on FreightViewer. I believe it will be very useful for all agents.” adds Mr. Yalcin.

Globalia made available FreightViewer for the first time back in 2018. Since then, this platform has come up as a reference software for the network members. What distinguishes this tool from other transport management softwares like iContainers, Freightos or Flexport is the fact that over 193 network members can access this platform for free. Consequently, it allows the members to access the freight rates of reliable network agents from across 130 countries.

Globalia Piraeus attains a considerable increase on their profits

They have also substantially expanded their team by acquiring four new employees

Feroniki SA International Shipping Forwarding, Globalia member in Piraeus, Greece, has managed to keep up its targets and increase its profit margin significantly. In 2021 they accomplished an increase of 50% on their profit based on their previous year’s results. They have achieved a net profit of 144k Euros in 2021.

As stated by Mrs. Rania Skouta, the Manager of the Operation Documentation Department of Feroniki, “We have managed to augment our profits in 2021 even with a lack of personnel. This year it will only get better as we have welcomed 4 new employees who will surely add further value to our team.”

Feroniki SA- logistics company in Piraeus
Feroniki SA- logistics company in Piraeus


They have welcomed four new employees who have joined their company in various departments. Mrs. Rania Skouta – who has many years of experience in this sector – has joined their team as the Manager of the Operation Documentation Department. Mr. Nickolas Christofakakis has started working with Globalia Piraeus as operation leader since January 2022. Mrs. Maria Frantzeskaki has joined them in the customs clearance department under the filing role. Mrs. Skendi has become a part of their accounting department. She is in charge of payments and filing. All of them have assisted to increase the number of clients of Feroniki as well as the profit of the company.

“The new teammates have assisted to increase our number of clients. Furthermore, our new recruitment in the team is literally increasing the profit every month. I strongly believe that our expertise in combination with Feroniki’s longstanding reputation in the logistics industry will be the key to further expansion,” adds Mrs. Skouta.

Congratulations to Feroniki SA and all the best for their upcoming projects!


Globalia Seoul appoints a new CEO

Their former Executive Vice President Mr. Willy Seong has taken up the position of the new CEO of the company

Heung-A-Logistics- independent freight forwarder
Willy Seong, the CEO of Globalia Seoul
Heung-A-Logistics Co Ltd, Globalia member in Seoul, South Korea, has appointed a new CEO for their company. Their new CEO – Mr. Willy Seong – formerly served the company as the Executive Vice President. The appointment took place on the 1st of April 2022.

Mr. Seong started his carrier in the sales department when he was a freshman. Additionally, he has extensive experience in the ocean freight sector as well. Recently, he is focusing on venturing into areas like shipping strategic military goods, chemical products, and RoRo shipments.

In his words, “My years of experience as a sales executive will allow me to better handle our customers. This is the primary reason why the company selected me as the CEO. I am excited about taking up this new role! However, being a CEO entails a big responsibility, especially at a time when markets all around the world are getting more competitive.

Lastly, I would focus on fostering better relationships with my network partners and I sincerely hope to develop more projects with them.”

Congratulations to Heung-A-Logistics and all the best for their upcoming projects!


Globalia Sao Paulo/Itajai moves a very sensitive high-value shipment consisting of two sculptures

They took care of the entire logistics of this cargo that was moved from the USA to the consignee’s doorstep in Brazil

LAC Worldwide do Brasil Transportes Internacionais, Globalia member in Itajai and Sao Paulo, moves a shipment consisting of two sculptures. They transported this sensitive and high-value shipment from Miami, USA, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The cargo had approximately 1,000 kg of cubic weight.

LAC Worldwide do Brasil Transportes Internacionais were responsible for every aspect of this door-to-door shipment. To begin with, they moved the sculptures to a warehouse in Miami that specializes in luxury and fine art collections. They also arranged for equipment for truck lifting and lashing. Next, they moved the cargo to their warehouse for inspection, fumigation, and labeling.

LAC Worldwide - independent freight forwarder
LAC Worldwide – independent freight forwarder


Following this, they moved the shipment to the airport with tracking and escort. The cargo flew from Miami to Viracopos, where they removed the cargo in customs transit with an escort to a customs terminal to carry out the customs clearance process. In the next step, they delivered the two works of art to the client’s house in Rio de Janeiro. During the last phase of the transportation, they had the cargo escorted and monitored by satellite.

Following this, they moved the shipment to the airport with tracking and escort. The cargo flew from Miami to Viracopos, where they removed the cargo in customs transit with an escort to a customs terminal to carry out the customs clearance process. In the next step, they delivered the two works of art to the client’s house in Rio de Janeiro. During the last phase of the transportation, they had the cargo escorted and monitored by satellite.

To quote Mr. Luiz Gustavo Avesani Moura, the CEO of Globalia Sao Paulo/Itajai, “The most challenging aspect of this project was the successful handling without any claim for such sensitive and high-value items. Moreover, in addition to logistics, the LAC customs clearance division was responsible for all tax planning and customs clearance. A big shout-out to my entire team for yet another successful accomplishment!”

Congratulations to LAC Worldwide for successfully delivering this high-value shipment!

Globalia’s first quarterly newsletter of 2022 comes packed with news, interviews, and articles from the logistics industry

Globalia’s spring newsletter for 2022 is now available for reading and downloading from the Newsletter section of the Globalia’s website

Globalia Logistics Network’s first quarterly newsletter for 2022 is now out. Members can view and download the newsletter from Globalia’s website. The newsletter is well stocked with the latest news and interview from the members as well as breaking news and interesting reports from the logistics industry. Additionally, it also features all the important news and updates from the network.

Globalia's Quarterly Newsletter
1st edition of Globalia’s quarterly newsletter


Inside the newsletter, you will be reading a detailed feature on the new online logistics courses exclusively offered to Globalia members. Moreover, you will get to read all the latest news from your network partners in Ho Chi Minh, Tangier, Tema/Accra, Munich and Bristol. There is also an engaging interview with the MD of Globalia Sydney- one of Globalia’s founding members. In this interview, he talks about his experiences at Globalia and the factors that encouraged him to remain a member for the last 5 years.

We have included a special interview with Manuel Cardona, Globalia’s IT Manager and FreightViewer Developer. In this interview, he talks about the origins of this platform, what motivated the GLB team to develop and improve it, and its future potentials. There is also a news about the online certificate of membership that members can henceforth download and print.

Our sector news in focus is about the new logistics tools from Google and its uses. Additionally, you can also glance through some of the news headlines from the supply chain sector. Lastly, we have included a special article about intermodal containers and its utilities.

Do not forget to check out the page on cities needing coverage and make sure to refer your industry peers!

To feature the latest news of your company in our next newsletter, kindly send us an email with a few lines about your recent undertakings.


Globalia Logistics Network makes available an online certificate for network members

The agents will get to access this certification from the Members’ Area of the Globalia website

Globalia Logistics Network is now offering an online certification that the members can download from the website. They have launched this online certificate to digitize their services, offer enhanced accessibility of the network’s intranet and to provide innovative benefits for the network members. To this end, Globalia’s IT team has developed a new section in the intranet from where the agents can access and download the certificate attesting their membership of the network. Moreover, this certificate also includes the date on which the network accepted the agent.

Globalia Logistics Network- freight forwarders network
New membership certificate from Globalia


To quote Antonio Torres, CEO and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network, “Only the most reliable, professional, solvent companies with a significant business volume and a good credit history make it to our network. This certificate will confirm the fact that our members are some of the most competent freight forwarders in the market who have passed a rigorous selection process. Additionally, the new online membership certification is a part of our plan for digitizing every aspect of our services for facilitating our members’ work.”

Agents can download and print the soft copy of this document from the Members Area. Moreover, the members just have to access Globalia’s intranet, and click on the “Certificate” tab to find it in the Dashboard.



My Discovery of the Hidden Truth About Digital Freight Forwarding: The Beginnings Of FreightViewer


In the last few years, the freight forwarding industry has witnessed a new phenomenon viz. the rise of digital freight forwarders.The tremendous need for automation and technological innovation culminated in the emergence of this new category of online freight forwarders. But why didn’t this happen earlier? Why were freight forwarders so reluctant to the digital transformation and why are they still bottled up in the old working ways?

Our topic for this week is a little chat with Manuel Cardona,  Globalia’s IT Manager and FreightViewer Developer, who has provided us with interesting inputs and anecdotes about the hidden reality behind the freight forwarding industry that he discovered while launching FreightViewer. By taking an in-depth look at this, he has been able to create a truly practical and useful TMS.

Manuel Cardona- Globalia Logistics Network
Manuel Cardona- Globalia’s IT Manager

The factors that motivated Globalia to create a new TMS

Around 4 years back, Antonio Torres, Globalia’s President, and CEO understood that digitization was no longer an option for freight forwarders- it was a necessity. Companies across all sectors were moving ahead with online platforms and services. Nevertheless, independent freight forwarders were somewhat late in waking up to the call for digitization. This is when Mr. Torres started exploring the possibility of investing in a new software that could enable hundreds of Globalia agents to automate their operations while cutting down costs.

“Soon after we started having long brainstorming sessions during which we started exploring new avenues that would help our agents to finally discard the backdated manual data entry processes. We understood that without a definitive solution, our agents were at the peril of losing out businesses to their multinational competitors,” explains Mr. Cardona. Precisely at this point, Globalia Logistics Network started moving ahead with its digital transformation endeavours.

After a lot of hard work and considerable private investments, Globalia finally started testing the platform in mid-2018. The objective of FreightViewer was to offer a digital infrastructure that enabled the establishment of an automated data transfer of carrier rates and tariffs. For the first time, independent freight forwarders could create instant accurate quotations and have a 24×7 showcase for their freight rates without any investment on their part.

“We were confident enough to dream big and expected it to become a success. Our member-exclusive TMS- FreightViewer came with a remarkable advantage over any other similar platform. Unlike the rest, Globalia is an international network consisting of 191 agents in 129 countries. This allows our agents to have rates from almost every corner of the world,” continues Mr. Cardona.

The launch of FreightViewer and the problems Globalia found out

It was during Globalia’s 2nd Annual Meeting at Kuala Lumpur that FreightViewer was first presented to the agents. It provided a very opportune moment to launch the platform as the meeting witnessed a 60% increase in the attendance of new members.

To quote Mr. Cardona, “This was a very exciting moment for our team as we knew that we were doing something that no other freight forwarding network had done before. Andrea Martin, Globalia’s FreightViewer Coordinator, played a key role in conducting the FreightViewer workshops for the network members.”

“However, it was then when we found out the hidden truth about the difficulties to digitize the freight forwarding industry. Our members were very enthusiastic about this platform, but some showed a distrustful attitude over it. There were lots of doubts about the software, about how they would upload rates, the constantly changing transportation fees, etc. Members also saw that there were a lot of features they needed but the TMS didn’t allow them to have. It goes without saying that this didn’t discourage us to further invest in the platform. On the contrary, it made us realize that not every software in the market would serve the purpose. We had to increase our efforts to create a personalized tool with all the required utilities to make it functional.”

With this in mind, the IT department of Globalia continued working hard. The objective was clear: FreightViewer aimed to allow Globalia members to be at the cutting edge of technology and compete with the stalwarts in the industry by digitizing a very important part of their operations.

The process of enhancing the platform

“We thought that the only way to build a more convenient tool for our members, they had to test it in order to give us their feedback about how to optimize it. In this regard, the efforts of Andrea deserves special appreciation. She spent hours with our agents to get their feedback on how the tool can be made more efficient and practical. Even now she keeps helping the GLB members with any doubts about the use of the software”.

Following Globalia’s 2nd Annual Meeting, the next step involved finding industry leaders to collaborate with. Back in 2019, Globalia teamed up with SHIPCO, one of the world’s leading neutral NVOCC’s. This was a very big step for the network since it allows the members to access LCL rates in over thirty countries right from FreightViewer. In other words, this partnership enabled members to digitize a substantial chunk of their day-to-day paperwork

The next step was to further enhance the platform’s accessibility to encourage the agents to discard the manual quoting process for good. “In the same year, we added a very useful feature to FreightViewer that allowed agents to send and receive quote requests to/from any of their partners including those operating outside the Network. As a result, members were able to store quotations provided by any freight forwarder on a single platform.”

The process of improving the tool did not stop here. Globalia continued forging partnerships with industry leaders like Onus Cargo Services, an insurance broker or BlueX an API developer.

FreightViewer in 2022: a revolutionary freight quotation software

Presently, FreightViewer has come up as an indispensable tool for the members. It is allowing them to instantly generate accurate and professional quotations. Additionally, their clients can go almost through all the logistics processes by themselves through the website for customers, where different quotes can be compared quickly and easily. This TMS is currently helping members to manage rates, create personalized quotations, and even follow up with the customers and customize their website. Most importantly, it is enhancing the customer-relationship for our agents.

By processing all the freight forwarding operations within a unique channel, FreightViewer is enhancing the visibility for all the stakeholders of the shipping process. In a sector when an instant response is absolutely crucial, FreightViewer is greatly adding to operational efficiency. Additionally, the platform is reducing the members’ expenses, saving their time, eliminating manual error, augmenting visibility and security, and minimizing the steps involved in shipping operations.

The future potentials of FreightViewer

The digital transformation has finally become a hard reality and logistics companies of all sizes are competing to adapt to the big changes and come up as digital freight forwarders. As Mr. Cardona points out, “The pandemic has brought a very important fact to our attention- Freight Forwarders need to digitize their services. Keeping pace with Logistics 4.0 has become crucial to be well positioned in the freight forwarding industry. Simply put, independent freight forwarders who fail to digitize their operations and come up as digital freight forwarders will soon fall behind the competition.”

This is one factor that motivates Globalia’s IT team to works hard to further upgrade the tool. At the moment, Globalia is negotiating new partnerships with other leading companies in this sector. Globalia is presently dealing with Webcargonet  to upload and update more than 14 million buying airfreight rates to FreightViewer. Additionally, they are also trying to reach cost-effective cargo insurance rates for the members. Lastly, Globalia is working to implement a new way that make the process of rate uploading even easier.

As Mr. Cardona aptly sums up, “FreightViewer enables our agents to leverage digital trends for facilitating seamless communication among all the stakeholders of a shipping project. More importantly, it entails the use of a completely transparent cloud-based system that allows for easy comparison of several shipping rates to provide the best deal to the customers. One of the main aims of this tool is to reduce paperwork and manual processes. I can confidently state that we have been successful in fulfilling the objectives of launching this platform. Nevertheless, we still continue to work hard as we believe there is always room for improvement.”

Globalia opens a new online platform offering freight forwarding courses

The two-level freight forwarding courses by CIFFA along with the Masterclass by Container xChange will foster the know-how and industry knowledge of experienced forwarders and newcomers alike

Globalia Logistics Network has opened an online academy for the members to offer comprehensive logistics certification courses. Globalia has teamed up with two globally recognized course providers- Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) and Container xChange. The courses will allow the members to augment the expertise and industry knowledge of their employees. Above all, the courses will help the newcomers in the logistics industry to get an in-depth understanding of all the important supply chain processes. Additionally, experienced freight forwarders who want to stay updated with the industry trends can also enroll in the courses.

Globalia Logistics Network- freight forwarding courses
Freight forwarding courses launched by Globalia Logistics Network


In the words of Antonio Torres, President and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network, “We have opened our online academy with the intention of providing our agents with a platform for inspiring educational courses. Moreover, availing of these courses will enable them to set an international standard in their everyday shipping and logistics operations. I am certain that our new endeavour will help to create a new generation of forwarders and logistics professionals with fresh perspectives, and the ability to come up with innovative logistical solutions.”

CIFFA is an institute with over 6 decades of experience in logistics learning. Moreover, they are also a certified training provider.  Container xChange is a neutral online platform that offers a range of course material enabling forwarders to get a deeper understanding of the leasing container industry.

Globalia is offering two levels of freight forwarding courses provided by CIFFA. To begin with, there is a course on International Transportation and Trade. It will get the students acquainted with subjects like freight quotes, risk mitigation, Incoterms rules, freight costs, etc. This course will help the students get a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of international freight forwarding. Enrollment for this course is open till 30th March 2022. The course will start on the 1st of April.

The second course is on Essentials of Freight Forwarding. It focuses on topics like documentation, regulatory compliance, hazardous cargo, risk mitigation, packing, cargo insurance, and more. It is well-suited for trainees who want to start their journey in this sector on a strong footing. Registration for this course will be open from 14th June to 14th September 2022. The course will start on 15th September 2022.

Lastly, Globalia members who sign up for one or more of the above courses will get free access to the SOC Container Masterclass. This Masterclass provided by Container xChange will offer detailed instructions about the topic of handling Shipper Owned Containers. The SOC Masterclass will start on 1st April 2022.

Globalia’s online training programmes will enable members to cope with the industry challenges and confidently execute complex logistical procedures. Furthermore, upgrading the work skills of the employees will help to prepare them for greater responsibilities. Employee education is an investment for boosting your team’s productivity. It helps to reduce employee turnover rate and nurtures the growth and reputation of the member companies.  Additionally, the participants will get a certificate for completing the course. CIFFA will provide the students with interactive classes, audio, video lessons, and a downloadable e-book.



Globalia partners with Logistics Business Show, to be held from 15th to 17th March

Andrea Martin, Globalia’s FreightViewer Coordinator, is a speaker at one of the Roundtables that will take place during the conference

Globalia Logistics Network has partnered with Logistics Business Show– an international virtual exhibition cum conference for the logistics and materials handling sector. Logistics Business Show offers a synergistic platform for professionals involved in transportation, logistics, warehousing, materials handling, and other supply chain services. This event happens twice a year in March and October. More than 5000 supply chain professionals will attend the March and October events.

Logistics Business Show- logistics conference
Logistics Business Show 2022


The Logistics Business Show will take place from 15th to 17th of March. Andrea Martin, Globalia’s FreightViewer Coordinator, will speak at the Roundtable titled ‘Road Transport Challenges’. The Panel Discussion will then be broadcasted live at their show on Tuesday 15th March at 10.00 am UK/11.00 am CET.

Other topics for the round table include- Software for Real-Time Visibility, Automation Systems in the Distribution Centre, Robotics Affordability & AI, Delivery WISMO & Inventory Management, Warehouse Worker Health & Safety, Track & Trace: Rugged Mobile, Sustainable Supply Chains, Forklift Innovation & Components.

Registering for the event will allow the attendees to touch base with thousands of international logistics decision-makers. Furthermore, the visitors can watch the conference and meet the exhibitors on video calls and chats. Moreover, they will be able to schedule live video calls and chats with the exhibitors. Event participants will also get to purchase products and solutions and ask questions to the panelist speakers. Lastly, it will enable the attendees to enhance their industry networking and listen to the opinions and suggestions of supply chain experts and conference speakers.

Globalia members can register for this event by clicking on this link.