Enatrans Logistics exceeds 30% increase in its gross revenues in 2019

Their cooperation with several Globalia members has largely contributed to their growth in profit

Enatrans Logistics, a Globalia member in Izmir, Turkey, has successfully surpassed their target of increasing their income by 33% in 2019 and is expecting to achieve similar levels this year. They believe joining the Globalia network has greatly contributed to their success.

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Since the start of the membership, they have cooperated with Globalia agents in Sydney (Australia), Chittagong (Bangladesh), and Alexandria (Egypt) on a number of important shipments. “We have recently cooperated with PCFS – Globalia member in Sydney – by shipping 3 x 20 DC shipments from Izmir to Sydney Port. This shipment which consists of marble slabs is still being moved and the business is expected to carry on for the next few months.” Mr. Ercan Sahin, the Director of Enatrans states.

Additionally, they have also shipped 6×20 DC containers of marble blocks from Turkey to Bangladesh with the assistance and collaboration of Globalia Chittagong – Silk Container Lines. “Enatrans is very glad to be a part of such a strong network. Joining Globalia has been the right decision since the very beginning as it has enabled us to work on new shipments and collaborative operations with network members. I am very satisfied to have worked with these 3 network members none of whom has given us a cause to complain!”

Congratulations to Enatrans and wishing them the very best for their future projects!

60% increase in the attendance of new members at Globalia’s 2nd Annual Meeting

Kuala Lumpur, 16th May 2018: Globalia’s 2nd Annual Meeting brought together more than 90 independent freight forwarders from over 50 countries of the globe, with a 60% increase in the attendance of new members. Globalia members came together from 9th May to 11th May at Kuala Lumpur to promote their individual businesses and to touch base with their partners for enhanced possibilities of cooperation in the days to come.

Globalia’s 2nd Annual Meeting offered the members the perfect opportunity to partner with other members from all around the world and showcase their business on a truly international platform. Every attending agent got to schedule 22 one-to-one meetings with other members which were pre-booked through the one-to-one meeting scheduler. Some of the highlights of the conference included a welcome cocktail reception and a gala dinner party which provided a welcome break from all the business talks. It goes without saying that the one-to-one meetings which formed the core networking activity of the conference gave the members plenty of opportunities to strengthen the bonds within the network and paved the path for a mutually beneficial business relationship.  
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It needs to be mentioned that one of the major events at this year’s Annual Meeting was the introduction of the FreightViewer software which enables the members to generate instant online door to door quotations for their clients and partners from more than 120 countries. This freight rate management software is expected to immensely facilitate the business activities of the members by reducing their quote processing time from days to just a few hours. 
As stated by Antonio Torres, the Founder and President of Globalia Logistics Network, “Apart from the creation and development of reciprocal business relationships, the attendees also got a chance to appreciate the quality of fellow Globalia members.” Mr. Torres has further added that “The turnout rate for this year’s meeting has been fantastic, considering the fact that this is just our second year.”
Additionally, during the whole year, Globalia has been joined by a 25% more members and the network is presently covering 21% more countries than the previous year, with 163 agents and almost 120 countries. All this wouldn’t have been possible without the active participation of Globalia members and the diligence and commitment of their team.
Virginia Molpeceres, Co-founder of Globalia Logistics Network, also stated “Our team is absolutely enthralled with the success of our 2nd Annual Meeting. We couldn’t have been happier about the fact that our team has been joined by 25% more members than the previous year and our Annual meeting witnessed a 60% increase in attendance of new members.”