Globalia Logistics Network launches a new web app to promote easy communication among its members

Valladolid, 5th March 2024: Globalia Logistics Network, an exclusive network of more than 215 reliable freight forwarders worldwide, creates a new web app designed to elevate the member experience and foster seamless global connections. The newly introduced web app empowers Globalia members to effortlessly connect with agents spanning over 215 cities worldwide, all at their fingertips through their mobile devices.

“This innovative platform redefines the way logistics professionals collaborate, facilitating swift and efficient communication between members and partners. This is yet another significant stride in Globalia’s digital evolution,” says Antonio Torres, President and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network.

Globalia’s web app ensures members can stay connected on the go, enabling them to manage their partnerships and logistics operations from the convenience of their mobile devices. Instant access to the emails and contact numbers of agents across more than 130 countries enables members to instantly connect with their partners. They will be able to locate freight forwarders in specific cities, streamlining the process of finding reliable partners in key locations.

Additionally, members have the flexibility to update and edit their profiles, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for effective collaboration within the network. Globalia’s web app also features with a News Section, for members to stay informed with the latest updates of their partners, industry trends and network developments.

Mr. Torres further commented, “Globalia Logistics Network continues to prioritize the needs of its members. This state-of-the-art web app represents a significant step forward in enhancing communication, efficiency, and collaboration within the network.”

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Globalia Logistics Network is an exclusive network of the highest calibre freight forwarders in each key air/seaport worldwide who actively co-operate to reduce costs and risks and grow their businesses together through mutual cooperation to beat the leading multinationals.

Globalia’s media partner Baltic Ports Organization Conference will take place from 6th to 8th September in the city of Ystad, Sweden

The 3 day conference will present 5 sessions where multiple speakers, experts in their fields will discuss topics crucial for the port industry in the Baltic Sea Region

Globalia Logistics Network’s media partner Baltic Ports Organization (BPO) Conference will take place from the 6th to 8th of September at the Fritiden Hotel, Ystad, Sweden. The event will comprise of 5 sessions hosted by multiple speakers on subjects ranging from port development, geopolitics, climate changes and technological improvements.

Baltic Port Organization currently comprises of 49 members representing the most significant ports and stakeholders in the Baltic Sea region. BPO is well-recognized within the BSR, in EU bodies and other European regions. The organization’s mission is to contribute to economic, social and environmentally sustainable development of maritime transport and the port industry in the Baltic Sea region. It will thus help to  strengthen its global competitiveness.


The Baltic Ports Conference (BPC) is the most important annual event for the Baltic Ports Organization. Here the participants and guests join together to discuss key and urgent issues for the port business. It is first and foremost a great networking platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences between various stakeholders in the maritime community in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond. This year marks BPC’s return to the physical realm after last year’s online edition. Together with their host, the Port of Gdynia, the conference will take a look at a number of topics currently shaping the landscape of the maritime industry.

The annual gathering we will begin with a welcome reception. Following this, there will be two days of presentations, discussion panels, and networking opportunities. Some of the topics that the speakers will cover during the event include, Trade in Europe and the BSR, Adapting to change from the ports’ POV, Future of the ferry and ro-ro market in the BSR, Impact of climate change on port development, and Electrification as a key tool for combating climate change.

The registration deadline for participation in this event is August 31, 2023. Globalia members interested in joining can access comprehensive information about the conference at the following website:


A brand new department by Globalia Hanoi exclusively for the overseas export of Vietnamese agricultural products

They have also created a new website that focuses solely on the export of fruits, nuts and vegetables farmed in Vietnam

Globalia Hanoi -New vegeterian export department
Globalia Hanoi -New vegeterian export department

TNM Shipping and Logistics Co Ltd, Globalia member in Hanoi, Vietnam, has created a special department- TNM Vietnamese Agricultural Products- dedicated to the export of Vietnamese fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. Presently, they have five workers in this department.

Mrs Vi, the Commercial Director of Globalia Hanoi explains that their new website for these special services will allow their “customers to have general information about the products of what TNM is trading, so that they can easily contact with the right staff who is taking care of this field for quick support.”

As a tropical country, Vietnam produces lots of good quality agricultural products. TNM Shipping and Logistics is exploiting the full potential of the trade in Vietnamese agricultural products by developing this new service. Their fresh produce export services are allowing them to broaden the destination markets of Vietnamese agricultural products at a time when the overseas demand for such items is high. “Being led by our experienced team in agricultural produce, we seek to deliver health, taste, and nutrition for the consumers of fresh produce from Vietnam while building our brand at the same time,” adds Mrs Vi.

They have been exporting fresh, dried and soft-dried fruits such as mango, passion fruit, pineapple, jackfruit, dragon fruit, pomelo, guava, coconut, papaya etc. Additionally, they are also exporting items including pepper, cashew, macadamia, coffee, almond, straw products, sugar, etc.

Globalia and xChange revisit partnership benefit increasing the discount up to a 10% for network members

After a year working together, the alliance between xChange and Globalia Logistics Network has been upgraded. From now on, members will benefit from an exclusive discount which will enable them to save up to 1000 USD per year subscription

XChange provides with a neutral platform for container owners and users to collaborate easily and efficiently. Thus, they allow users to lease, buy and sell containers in 2500+ locations around the globe. Members will also gain a competitive advantage in the container booking “race”.

Globalia Members
Globalia Members

Members may use the platform to find new partners and manage end-to-end container logistics operations. This includes services like payment handling, trading buyer protection, container tracking premium and wallet management. Through xChange, members gain greater market transparency, avoid demurrage & detention charges and enhance operational flexibility.

Globalia Members
Globalia Members

With a vision to simplify the logistics of global trade, Hamburg based company Container xChange connects industry players and brings them on one simple and efficient infrastructure to help them digitize their container logistic operations. Globalia members will join more than 1000 companies such as Kuehne+Nagel, Seaco, Sogese, Ocean Box, VMR Lines and Sarjak in revolutionizing their container sourcing method.

Globalia Members
Globalia Members


Globalia members will be awarded with a 5% rebate on subscription fees for their first year on xChange

The aim of Container xChange is to provide a neutral platform for container owners and users to collaborate easily and efficiently

Globalia Logistics Network  has upgraded its partnership with Container xChange to provide members with an exclusive offer. This comes in the form of a rebate for the first year subscription. Container xChange helps to connect global container logistics and takes the hassle out of owning and transporting container equipment. 

Click HERE to search for empty containers

Globalia_xchange_5% rebate for members
Globalia_xchange_5% rebate for members


As a Globalia member, you will enjoy an exclusive member benefit receiving a 5% rebate on subscription fees for your first year on xChange. Use the referral code: GLOBXC21 at on-boarding to qualify. Additionally, this upgrade will enable members join different advantages to make the most of xChange services.

Container xChange helps you lease, buy and sell containers in more than 2500 locations worldwide. Currently, 600+ small to mid-size companies and large enterprises, such as Kuehne+Nagel, Seaco and Sarjak, are using their online platform.  They are helping these companies to gain market transparency, avoid demurrage and detention charges, and increase their flexibility. Moreover, they also cover the entire transaction process, from finding new partners to managing payments and tracking containers.

If you may need any futher information about xChange, arrange a demo with their team or directly reach out their contact person Jedida Ravindran

Take the most of the new opportunities emerging in a changing landscape

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light many deficiencies in all societies world-wide, but it has also shown the importance of many sectors in the world. Logistics has emerged as one of the most important business to overcome the pandemic, either by the supply of medical equipment, basic goods or even all the online purchases during the lockdown.

Although the pandemic has shown what an important component logistics is for society, it has also exposed its weaknesses’ and the need for profound changes in the industry. Before the pandemic, the economic incentives stemming from globalization, were already pushing logistics to a digitalized form, but social distancing or online working are making such a transformation even more necessary.

From Globalia Logistics Network we support each of our members in this digital process, by helping their company to move all products and services into the digital environment. We are working to implement different online features which will help your company to be on the same page with global tendencies. Check four of the tools we offer to help you gain your place in the e-commerce.

international logistics service provider

1. FreightViewer: our exclusive transport management software will enable you to create a friendly-user website for your clients, enabling them to check on your services any time, any day.

2. Online company brochure: create an online brochure to promote your bussines from anywhere in the world.

3. Strong online presence: we offer you a complete digital coverage through an online news section, blog and social media promotion.

4. Virtual event: due to the current situation we will not be able to meet face to face, but we will do online. Don’t miss the opportunity to make the most of Globalia Logistics Network next Virtual Meeting

Digitization is so important in the global context, among other reasons, since it makes information and communication available anywhere, anytime and for any user device. Therefore, isn’t this exactly what we need in the near future taking into account that this situation will remain for a considerable time? Think about it!

Enatrans Logistics exceeds 30% increase in its gross revenues in 2019

Their cooperation with several Globalia members has largely contributed to their growth in profit

Enatrans Logistics, a Globalia member in Izmir, Turkey, has successfully surpassed their target of increasing their income by 33% in 2019 and is expecting to achieve similar levels this year. They believe joining the Globalia network has greatly contributed to their success.

international logistics service provider

Since the start of the membership, they have cooperated with Globalia agents in Sydney (Australia), Chittagong (Bangladesh), and Alexandria (Egypt) on a number of important shipments. “We have recently cooperated with PCFS – Globalia member in Sydney – by shipping 3 x 20 DC shipments from Izmir to Sydney Port. This shipment which consists of marble slabs is still being moved and the business is expected to carry on for the next few months.” Mr. Ercan Sahin, the Director of Enatrans states.

Additionally, they have also shipped 6×20 DC containers of marble blocks from Turkey to Bangladesh with the assistance and collaboration of Globalia Chittagong – Silk Container Lines. “Enatrans is very glad to be a part of such a strong network. Joining Globalia has been the right decision since the very beginning as it has enabled us to work on new shipments and collaborative operations with network members. I am very satisfied to have worked with these 3 network members none of whom has given us a cause to complain!”

Congratulations to Enatrans and wishing them the very best for their future projects!

GLB agent in Dubai describes FreightViewer as a useful marketing and sales tool for members

After the launch of Globalia’s Transport Management Software, FreightViewer Department has been receiving plenty of applications from members to test the software and suggest its improvements. Mr. Julian Wolff, logistics consultant of Cargotrans, our GLB member in Dubai, has been collaborating with FreightViewer Department and is now willing to start to work with FreightViewer

Mr. Julian states: “FreightViewer is a nice online tool to look up rates. It has an easy and user-friendly interface. Whoever has worked in freight forwarding before is able to use it without any problems” After testing FCL, Air, local and transport rates; Mr. Wolff’s opinion is that it’s very easy to enter and find rates throughout FreightViewer. Additionally, he comments that it is important to take into account that FreightViewer can be used directly with local customers: “FreightViewer can be used for local clients as well, […] each agent can implement it and create an advantage and benefit for their own direct customers”

Finally, our GLB member encourages all agents to use the software to create a database available for members and customers 24/7, Mr Julian says: “ I  encourage everyone from the Globalia network to use it because it will help to create a huge database from which all members benefit. Being able to find rates 24/7 from any place around the world within minutes helps to win more business. The more agents we have using it, the better it gets”

FreightViewer Department will be happy to assist you if you may need any assistance with the use of FreightViewer or would like to know more about the system, contact, we will be happy to assist you. Additionally, from now on, FreightViewer’s team will also share with members our latest news through FacebookTwitterLinkedin and QQ

Globalia takes a major step towards the digitization of the freight forwarding sector by creating FreightViewer

Madrid, Spain October 2019: After two years of hard work and substantial private investments, Globalia with agents in 185 cities and 123 countries is all set to start working with its member-exclusive Transport Management Software, FreightViewer. This software will provide the members of Globalia the technological capability to compare competitive online freight rates, share shipping documents, and quote instantly in real-time all in one neatly organized platform.

Freight forwarding sector is aware about the need of digitization in the industry. The best example to show this fact, is the great investment of technological companies such as Flexport, Freightos or other pioneer freight forwarding multinationals, e.g. Twill and KN Freightnet, have done during the last few years. But even, after all these investments and efforts, a considerable percentage of freight forwarders continue to miss out on the digitalization race in the freight industry.

Even though it is not an easy task to become digitalize within this industry, highly demanding and inpatient customers, multinationals and globalization, are some of the factors which are forcing an important transformation in logistics sector. Inside this environment, Globalia has developed FreightViewer, revolutionizing the old ways of working. As a member-exclusive and free Transport Management Software, FreightViewer allows members of the network to automatize the uploading of their contract rates (Air, FCL, LCL and Cargo Insurance) through the online platform and share them with agents or customers instantly. Moreover, FreightViewer on the dashboard allows customers and agents to manage bookings for any carrier online, collaborate and share the shipping documents, and offer real-time status updates for shipments.

As stated by Antonio Torres, the CEO and President of Globalia, “The new tool is going to help freight forwarders within our network cope with the problem of ever-changing freight rates due to complex tariffs, various time zones and unresponsive overseas agents, which eventually leads to a delay in quoting a door-to-door service.”

FreightViewer will ensure that all members will become truly digital freight forwarders. Mr. Torres further added that “Digitization of the freight forwarding sector is starting but very slowly. For example, only three of the top twenty global freight forwarders can provide an instant quote online. We feel very proud to be part of the digitization process in our industry. Globalia is the first international freight forwarding network to launch instant quoting ability for its members. We have come up with FreightViewer after the launch of the operating system by the industry leader Flexport, who has received one billion $ investment, has eleven offices in four countries and is currently receiving all the attention world-wide from media related to the industry as it is growing incredibly. We haven’t a received a billion-dollar investment, but we have developed a state-of-art software and we have a huge worldwide infrastructure formed by our members. This makes us one of the biggest players running in the digital race of the logistics sector. Our main aim is to contribute towards actualizing the process of digitization in this sector and thereby create value for the shippers.”

FreightViewer will definitely alter the way independent freight forwarders conduct their businesses. It will not just reduce the quotation processing time from a number of days to a couple of seconds, but also help to enhance the productivity, client engagement, and profitability of the member companies.

Pauls Customs and Forwarding Solutions, Globalia member in Sydney, changes their name to PCFS Logistics Pty Ltd

The change of name is a part of their brand enhancement programme which aims to better reflect their business strategy while providing enhanced customer services

Pauls Customs and Forwarding Solutions, Globalia member in Sydney, Australia, adopts the name PCFS Logistics Pty Ltd from 1st July 2019. “We believe this change summarises our portfolio of services and scope of operations we perform at a domestic and global level.” says Paul Petrovski, the Managing Director of PCFS Logistics.

freight forwarder

Pauls Customs and Forwarding Solutions remains as the holding company and the ABN number, general trading, terms and conditions, and banking details remain unchanged.

Since commencing their business in 2002, PCFS has prided themselves on their principled approach to serve the needs of their clients and partners around the globe by forming a dependable relationship.

Mr. Petrovski further adds, “Our commitment to the current and future needs of our customer remains unchanged, as does our desire to continue the development of forming longstanding and collaborative relationships with our customer, global partners, and vendors alike.”

Globalia wishes PCFS Logistics the very best for all their upcoming projects!