Globalia London partners with Globalia Frankfurt for a joint project just after the conclusion of Globalia’s 2nd Annual Meeting

Together they handled a very special Asiana Airlines part charter, pack, and ship project to Seoul, Korea

The project involved collecting 22 delicate machines directly from a factory in the UK Midlands by specialist 18t air-ride / tail lift trucks and then packing into bespoke cases made by the Yes 2 Ship team. This unique project was spread over 3 days with cases being manufactured during the night by Yes 2 Ship with over 600 miles racked up to meet EUKO Logistics tight deadlines.

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In the words of Ian West, Managing Director of Yes 2 Ship: “We are absolutely delighted to work with EUKO Logistics Germany Gmbh as our Frankfurt partner and I’d like to thank them for the trust shown in awarding this prestigious project to Yes 2 Ship London. This has been the perfect outcome of the meeting at Kuala Lumpur and our team looks forward to more such collaborative projects in the days to come.”

Congratulations to Yes 2 Ship London for their joint venture with EUKO Logistics!

Globalia London carries out the delivery of a special pre-historic discovery of human remains

Yes 2 Ship also took charge of arranging for urgent customs clearance of this shipment

GlobaliaLogistics Industry member in London, Yes 2 Ship, saved the day on Tuesday of this week when they were called upon by University College London (UCL) to assist in the urgent Customs Clearance and direct drive delivery of a very special pre-historic discovery of human remains found in a remote area of Southern Sudan.

UCL is the leading worldwide player in the mapping of mankind’s DNA and having discovered a “pre-historic” skeleton they needed help from Yes 2 Ship’s government contacts to obtain customs clearance with virtually no paperwork of these priceless artefacts.

Prior to Yes 2 Ship’s involvement, the shipment was stuck in London Customs for over 14 days with little chance of being resolved. However, this issue was sorted within just 3 hours and delivered personally to UCL by Yes 2 Ship’s Globalia Manager Charlie West. The “Pre-Historic Skelton” is in the UK to be DNA tested and may prove to be the missing link in mankind’s move from nomadic African hunter-gatherers to those who first ventured to what is now the modern Middle East and Europe.

In the words of Ian West, Managing Director of Yes 2 Ship Ltd “Although Yes 2 Ship has moved everything from artwork by Van Gogh to Gold Bullion, this shipment consisting of the irreplaceable missing link from everyone’s “family tree” has been our most significant move to date.”

Congratulations to Yes 2 Ship for the successful delivery of this special shipment!