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Globalia's Annual Meeting

Globalia is organizing a Virtual Meeting for its members for the second time on 14th to 15th October 2021! Save the date!

Last year, Globalia members had a successful Virtual Meeting without leaving the safety of their own homes. Even in 2021, holding an in-person meeting is not possible under the present circumstances of the pandemic. For this reason, we have decided to arrange Globalia’s Second Virtual Meeting, where members will be able to participate in up to 32 one-to-one videoconferences of 20 minutes duration with other members they have previously chosen.

Ranked as one of the best freight forwarding network, we have upgraded our meeting platform to make this year’s event an even better experience for connecting, networking and collaborating. All you need to do to participate is to register for the meeting, schedule your meetings, test the program and access the Globalia platform on the 14th and 15th of October.

The convenient meeting platform integrated in our website will ensure an exceptional videoconferencing experience as per your agenda. Additionally, we have taken special care to accommodate delegates from various time-zones to provide the much-needed flexibility for our members.

Register now!

Meet new Globalia members
Make new business connections by networking with freight forwarders from over 190 cities worldwide. This Virtual Meeting is your best opportunity to meet new potential partners, forge sustainable business relations and secure new shipments from reliable partners all over the world.
Cultivate long-term relationships
Independent freight forwarders need to cultivate the business relations with their partners in order to keep working with them for future projects. One-to-one videoconferences will help to foster your connections and be updated with the latest trends and events in cities where you do business
Promote your business
This cloud conference presents a perfect opportunity to promote your company and endorse your brand by connecting you with 190+ members. Getting your company to the spotlight will help you obtain several long-term collaborative projects from your network partners.
Obtain more shipments within the network
Virtual one-to-one communication with your network partners will help you bring your company to the limelight while helping you to showcase your business thus creating a reciprocal business relation.
This in turn will generate more long-term collaborative projects. All of these will have a positive impact on your sales and business volume.
Convenient meeting at a reduced expense
Creating an international freight logistics network of dependable independent freight forwarders can be expensive in terms of time and resources. Attending this Meeting from the comfort of your home or office will help you save expenses and time away from your work. All the meetings will be organized and implemented by us, so you will just need to connect to the platform.
Increased accessibility
By eliminating all obstacles to participation, the Virtual Meeting will not only reduce expenses but also lead to ease of access and inclusion of more members.
There is no need to worry about buying tickets, arranging for a Visa or reserving your room. All you need is a laptop and internet connection and you are all set to join the meeting from the comfort of your home or office.

Take advantage of this unique business networking opportunity without leaving your home or office!

Register your attendance

Go to your 'Members Area' on the top right corner of Globalia’s website.

After logging in, you have to click on the ‘Meeting Registration’ button on the Dashboard on the left of the page. Now fill in the form to complete your registration.

You will receive a confirmation email with the schedule of the Meeting adapted to your time zone. Do not forget to check your agenda.

Schedule your meetings

The One-to-one Meeting Scheduler will open on 4th October for agents who have applied for Early Access to the One-to-one Meeting Scheduler. For the rest of the members, it will open on 5th October.

It will close a couple of days before the Virtual Meeting starts and you will receive an email with your final agenda, including all the meetings you have scheduled.

Test the meeting platform

Globalia’s team will arrange for a test with all the delegates before the Event. Any troubles with the videoconferencing platform? It is the time to inform us so that we can help you fix the issue.

Important: For the test, use the same computer, headphones, microphone and internet connection you will be using during the Virtual Meeting, in order to avoid IT problems during the Conference.

Connect to our platform

The delegates will be able to download the programme manual a few days before the Virtual Event.

On the 14th and 15th of October just hit the link we send by email and login to the platform using your username and password. Aftwerwards, you will not need to do anything else, your scheduled one-to-one meetings will start automatically

Online One-to-One meetings

Delegates will be able to participate in up to 32 one-to-one videoconferences of 20 minutes duration with other members they have previously chosen.

2 days of face-to-face meetings with your partners is more productive than weeks of emails and phone calls. Not only they will add a personal touch to your business communications but are also considered to be the most effective way of convincing and engaging with your partners.

FreightViewer Workshops

The two days of Globalia’s Virtual Meeting will also include online FreightViewer workshops where delegates will be provided with live demonstrations regarding all the latest updates added to this software in the last one year. Moreover, we will also answer all queries and comments of the members regarding the use and improvement of this platform.

Do not miss the opportunity to become a digital freight forwarder!

The best conferencing platform

Like last year, you will get to use a user-friendly meeting platform integrated with our website. Additionally, we have upgraded it to make this year’s event an even better experience for connecting, networking and collaborating.

It will allow you to quickly register and schedule your meetings, and do seamless video-conferencing. All you need to do is get ready for your one-to-one meetings. We are here to do the rest!

Support team during the whole event

Throughout the event, Globalia’s support team will be there to assist the delegates with any technical or IT problems they might face. During the meeting, if you or your meeting partner experience the slightest issue with the videoconferencing platform or with any other member, you can write us through the support button you will find on the page.

Someone from our team will contact you immediately to help you solve the issue.

1.Please select your time zone during the event prior to show your agenda

The Online One-to-One Meeting Scheduler will open on 5th October 2021

The One-to-One Meeting Scheduler will open on 4th October 2021 for delegates who have applied and paid for the Early Access to the One-to-One Meeting Scheduler and on 5th October for the rest of the members.

The One-to-One Meeting Scheduler is a very easy-to-use platform where all the delegates that have registered and paid for the Event will be able to choose the partners they want to have a meeting with and what time they would like to have this meeting. They will be able to search for members by company name or by location.

Once they finish with the selection, delegates will receive their agenda for the event, adapted to their time zone.

We will remind all the delegates of this date and the closing date of the scheduler, when the time comes.

One-to-one videoconferences with your existing and potential partners is the most effective way of boosting your business volume by sealing new lucrative deals.

Do not miss this once in a year opportunity to reinforce your ties with reliable partners from across 126 countries who are a part of the best international freight logistics network.

Preparing for the Online One-to-One Meeting Scheduler
  • Think about the cities where you require more contacts and plan your online one-to-one meetings with delegates representing those territories.
  • Do a little research about the company whose representative you will be meeting. You can easily do this by going to the profile of that member in the Members Area of our website from where you can access the company’s website.
Planning your Online One-to-One Meetings

A detailed and careful planning is the most critical factor for conducting your one-to-one meetings successfully. Listed below is a series of guidelines and suggestions which you need to bear in mind before starting the one-to-one meetings.

  • Carefully think about the objectives of this meeting and all the information you’d like to share and get from your partner.
  • Prepare an elevator speech that should be like a marketing statement about your company. This should help to advertise the services you’re offering, highlight your specialties and make your partner aware of the business you can offer.
  • Have an online brochure and presentation prepared to send those partners you meet.

Tips to be prepared for the Virtual Meeting

  1. Globalia’s team will schedule a test with each company to test the platform. Make sure to use the same PC/laptop and internet connection during the test that you will be using during the actual Meeting. Antivirus may block the program, so in case it does not work, make sure you have them deactivated. This will help to avoid last minute problems.
  2. The better your IT equipment is (headphones, microphone, webcam and internet connection) the better quality your videoconferences will have.
  3. Check your agenda according to your time zone carefully.