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Globalia Logistics Network is an exclusive network of the highest calibre freight forwarders in each key air/seaport worldwide who actively co-operate to reduce costs and risks and grow their businesses together through mutual cooperation to beat the leading multinationals.

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10 Primary Multinationals

The 10 primary multinational players have an ever-tightening grip on the market together holding 44% and conveniently acquiring 1% of the market year on year, and, thanks to their global appeal, they get the biggest contracts with the best rates from carriers

Independent freight forwarders

Challenging the multinationals alone with no global brand or network of reliable partners, cause them to be pushed further out unable to bid for the largest contracts or negotiate more favourable rates with carriers. The business partners that are available are, more often than not, taking rather than offering business and on occasion breaking promises; the outcome of which is disappointed customers and unpaid invoices

The Globalia Formula

The Globalia Formula

Globalia Logistics Network provides its members with everything they need to succeed; a global brand, a directory of reliable, financially secure partners who are keen to work together to bid for the largest tenders and negotiate lower rates from carriers and insurers.

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