Interview with Globalia Warsaw and Gdynia

“We carry a green ambition: Sustainability means providing what is needed for our planet to continue to exist. We have to take responsibility for ourselves and each other, our business and society – and perhaps above all – the environment.”


Today we are publishing an interview with Ms Patrycja Musiał, Key Account Manager of Greencarrier Freight Services Poland. In this interview Ms. Musial talks about the need for sustainable logistics and how her company has been working towards the goal of a climate-neutral Europe by 2050.

Globalia Warsaw/Gdynia- independent freight forwarder
Patrycja Musiał, Key Account Manager of  Globalia Warsaw/Gdynia- independent freight forwarder

Q. What is the environmental impact of logistics?

A. The transportation sector is responsible for 14% of all energy-related CO2 emissions globally and this has more than doubled since the 70’s. In the EU the transportation sector generated 25% of all transportation CO2 emissions. Without actions and measures, this could increase faster than in any other sector. The message is clear from both European Union and elsewhere – we need to become more efficient and make a shift in technology to enable all of us to reach the goals of a climate-neutral Europe by 2050.

Q. Why should freight forwarding companies be thinking about creating more sustainable supply chain operations?

A. Scientific evidences are clear, mankind is affecting the climate, we all need to rethink how we plan our logistics. We can build solutions on various lead times and services based on green transport solution. We should focus on short sea, consolidation, rail, intermodal, biofuels, and direct flight. Sustainability is a high topic on the agenda in most industries today. The transport and logistics sector is no exception. It is everyone’s responsibility and opportunity to secure the future of business and society.

Q. Your name is Greencarrier. I guess that since your foundation, you have been worried about sustainability. How did you come up with this idea?

A. The Greencarrier Group was founded in 2000 by Stefan Björk and Björn Eklund. Right from the start, they had a clear vision of their future business – a freight forwarding company built on commitment, involvement, humour, and joy. And it turned out very much as planned. Our knowledgeable and skilled staff are the building block for today’s successful company, offering our customers sustainable logistics solutions served from the heart.

Q. What does sustainability mean for Greencarrier?

A. We carry a green ambition. Sustainability means providing what is needed for our planet to continue to exist. Freight forwarding companies have to take responsibility for ourselves and each other, our business and society – and perhaps above all – the environment.

Q. What is Greencarrier doing regarding sustainability?

A. The Greencarrier Spirit – this is our view on sustainability. The Greencarrier Spirit influences everything we do – every day – with the aim to take responsibility and act in a sustainable way in the long-term. At the very centre of the Greencarrier Spirit are our core values. They define who we are and what we stand for. What incorporates our spirit is how we do business, how we treat our employees, how we see ourselves as corporate citizens, and how we contribute to environmental protection.

Q. Which has been your most important shipment in sustainability?

A. One of the most important shipments we have arranged is the intermodal transport for Scandanavian fashion retailer Varner. We used a combination of road, sea and rail freight. We loaded the trailers with the products at Istanbul, from where it was taken to a nearby port. Next, we put the trailers on a ship and sent them to Trieste, Italy. There, the cargo was unloaded and moved to railway wagons and transported to Kiel, Germany. From there, we made use of ferry carriers to move the trailers to Gothenburg, Sweden. Lastly, from Gothenburg we used road transport to carry the cargo to its final destination in the Varner central warehouse. Members can check out the details of this sustainable transport on our blog.

Q. Which are your projects for 2021 on sustainability?

A. In 2021 we would like to reduce the total CO2 equivalent per TONKM by 15% compared to 2018 and in 2025 reduce the total CO2 equivalent per TOMKM by 30% compared to 2018.

Q. Which are the challenges of meeting the sustainability objectives for Greencarrier?

A. We strive to make sustainable choices easily accessible to our customers. Our Green Solutions are options where you can reduce a lot of CO2-emissions compared to the more traditional choices. We offer short sea, consolidation, rail, intermodal, biofuels, direct flight etc. The biggest challenge in these solutions is still the price and time. I would like to stress that many sustainable solutions are actually cost-saving.

Q.How has Greencarrier improved its transportation and logistics supply chain efficiency while taking care of the environment?

A. Greencarrier Freight Services provides transport solutions with all modes of transport all over the world. We take environmental actions which include developing our Green Solutions and using optimization of goods flow to reach higher load factors, shorter lead times, and lower CO2 emissions.

‘We strive to make sustainable choices easily accessible to our customers. Our Green Solutions are options where you can reduce a lot of CO2-emissions compared to the more traditional choices.”


Q. In your opinion, how freight forwarding companies can find a balance between financial growth, environmental care, and the health of society?

A. Our ambition is to provide the best service for each customer and at the same time be able to support and guide them through different options to optimize their supply chain- both from a financial and an environmental perspective. Green is lean, but you have to look at the whole supply chain in order to make the correct choices most suitable for your business. We have products and services developed to be more sustainable than traditional alternatives and these solutions are increasingly growing and changing the logistic world.

Q. Which mode of transport do you think is the most environment friendly?

A. We firmly believe that rail transport is the most effective and sustainable mode of moving freight across long distances. It is much more environment friendly when compared to air freight. We have recently launched a rail shuttle service between China, Europe and the UK. Companies importing goods from China need to consider switching to rail freight which is quick, sustainable as well as cost-effective. I invite members to read the interview on our blog where we have talked about the importance of using rail freight solutions for increased sustainability.

Q. What is the future of sustainability for freight forwarding companies?

A. To achieve sustainable transportation, we all have to:

– Optimize: Avoid unnecessary transportation, which includes increased load factors, using appropriate transport modes at each part of the supply chain and improve further logistics planning.

-Modal shifts: Transportation modes with greater environmental impact should be changed to more environmentally smart modes and new transportation combinations should be developed.

-Improve: We should improve and develop transportation technology through innovations such as more efficient fuels and modes of transport.

Globalia members with shipments to/from Warsaw/Gdynia, Poland, are invited to get in touch with their professional team.

Globalia modernizes its Members Area and greets the new agents with a personalized welcome tour

They have upgraded several aspects of their intranet to create a more fuctional and user-friendly experience for the agents

Globalia Logistics Network has revamped their Members Area upgrading it for a more functional and seamless user experience. Furthermore, the team is now greeting the new members with a personalized online welcome tour. A member of the Globalia team will perform this tour. These changes are in line with the digitization strategy that Globalia adopted since the last two years.

Globalia_new members area_intranet

As stated by Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network, “The new design allows our members to effortlessly access all the essential tools such as the Network Directory or FreightViewer. We are confident that the new format will enormously enhance the online experience of our members.” Additionally, the team has carried out two significant additions to the Members Area.

Additionally the team has carried out two significant additions to the Members Area. Firstly,  the welcome tour for the newest Globalia members. From now on, all the members will henceforth be able to view the latest additions to the Network. This feature will keep the agents updated and familiar with the agents. Furthermore, it will keep them informed about the new opportunities that come with expanding our members base.

Moreover, Globalia members can now be able to find all the latest news and interviews from their fellow members. They will also find the information and interesting news from the logistics sector. The upgraded Members Area will also feature a customized welcome tour performed by one member of the Globalia team for greeting the new agents. Globalia has added this new web-tour feature to facilitate the online interaction between the members and the head office. 

Globalia will offer the welcome tour to those agents who have recently joined the Network. Members who would like to know about any of the features offered inside the members area, don’t hesitate to contact if you are interested.



Globalia partners with Group Futurista for the Future of Digital Supply Chain in a Post Covid World 4.0

Group Futurista organized the Webinar ‘Future of Digital Supply Chain in a Post Covid World 4.0′, held last 15th April 2021.

Globalia Logistics Network is an exclusive worlwide freight agents network with 186 members covering 124 countries. Globalia has established a new partnership with Group Futurista for the webinar: ‘Future of Digital Supply Chain in a Post Covid World 4.0‘, held last 15th April 2021.

On 15th April 2021, they organized the ‘Future of Digital Supply Chain in a Post-COVID world’ 4.0. The aim was to keep up with the rapidly evolving nature of the Digital Supply Chain Industry,

This webinar was a tremendous success and gave a lot of insights from leading manufacturers and supply chain leaders. On it, they discussed how they are adapting to digital solutions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Other than that, the webinar was fun, interactive, and a very informative session. This yet another fruitful webinar was hosted by Richard Hurst and sponsored by Nuxeo.

A lot of Expert Speakers from various industries came together to speak in length about the various aspects of The Future of the Digital Supply Chain. Speakers like Harshad Kanvinde, Global Head of Supply Chain Practice at Slalom, threw light on the Agility Imperative for Supply Chains. Additionally, he also talked about Why Digital Innovation matters. Moreover, Bill Papantoniou, Head of Customer Supply Chain at Nestlé Purina EMENA, spoke about the Post-COVID Value Chain – Working backward from Customers to ensure you Solve the Right Problem. Many other Innovative leaders were a part of this webinar as well.

This was a very successful event with more than 100+ attendees coming from all over the globe. On it, attendees had the chance to learn to create a profitable Digital Supply chain.

freight agents network
freight agents network

Group Futurista

Group Futurista is a Global Tech-Based Event Company. It has organized numerous Technology Summits/Webinars across Europe in the past two years.

Do not miss out on Group Futurista’s upcoming webinars.

The spring edition of Globalia’s 2021 newsletter is now available for viewing

Globalia’s March newsletter will update the readers with all the latest news from our agents, from the network as well as from the sector

The March edition of Globalia Logistics Network’s 2021 newsletters has been published and can be viewed on our website. Recently we made significant changes in our marketing strategy that will enhance the web presence of our network as well as that of our individual members. Check out the feature about our Member Empowerment Endeavours to know more about our new communication and marketing strategies.

freight forwarders network
Globalia’s March Newsletter


In this edition, you will get to know about the latest achievements of your partners in Ho Chi Minh, Singapore, Sialkot, Chicago, Piraeus, Sao Paolo/Itajai, Bristol and Hai Phong. The two interviews with Globalia Vancouver and Globalia Seoul will surely be of great interest to our members. There is also an interview with Simon Moore, the Membership Development Coordinator of Globalia, where he talks about this experience with the Globalia team, the challenges of his day-to-day tasks, the present work-from-home scenario along with many other interesting topics.

Apart from this there you will find the most pertinent news from the logistics sector. The topic in focus is a brief overview of the Suez Canal blockage. The newsletter comes with an interesting article on the Challenges of Freight Forwarders in 2021 which definitely deserves a thorough read. Lastly, do not forget to check out our section about territories needing coverage. Make sure to refer your peers in these cities about our network and stand a chance to win a 25% discount on your upcoming membership fee!

Happy reading!

Globalia Ho Chi Minh celebrates The International Women’s Day with a small party in their office

The celebration was organized to foster the spirit of gender equality in the workplace

Super Cargo Service Co Ltd, Globalia member in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, celebrated The International Women’s Day on the 8th of March by organizing a small party in their office. On this day all the male members of their team prepared a sumptuous lunch, decorated the office with flowers and bought gifts for all the female colleagues. Once the celebrations were over, the men took care of cleaning the office as well.

freight forwarding

Globalia Ho Chi Minh believes in creating a work ambience based on gender equality, respect, friendliness, wholeheartedness and excellence. “Everybody is loved and respected in our team which is more like a family. Not only on this day but also on the rest of the year, our female colleagues are treated with the same warmth and respect. On the International Women’s Day, we took the opportunity to have a little merrymaking when the male members took the lead and the female colleagues just sat back and enjoyed,” says Ms. Lily, the Agency Coordinator of Super Cargo.

Globalia wishes all the best to Super Cargo Service for all their upcoming projects!

Interview with Globalia Seoul


“Military logistics is much more profitable compared to general cargoes, this is why more competitors are trying to enter into this market; in just South Korea there are more than 4,000 forwarders.”

This week we had a conversation with Mr. Willy Seong, the Executive Vice President of Heung -A Logistics, Globalia member in Seoul, South Korea. In this interview he talks about how they got into military logistics services, the challenges they face with these kinds of projects and more.

Q. Can you tell us a little about the history of Heung-A Logistics and Co?
A. Heung-A Logistics has a very complicated history. However, in brief, it was founded in 2007 as a subsidiary company of shipping line named Heung-A Shipping. It has a long record since 1961. It started its journey in 2007 when it merged with other companies under Heung-A Shipping that had been working in the logistics business since 1984.

Q. When and how did you get into the freight forwarding industry?
A. I have been working in the freight forwarding sector for 3 decades. I started my job on 1st January 1991 through open recruitment. At that time, the company name was Dongbo Express Co Ltd.

military logistics
military logistics

Q. What distinguishes Heung-A Logistics from other freight forwarders in your city?
A. First and foremost, we have many portfolios that are different from other forwarders in Seoul. We are one of the top service providers when it comes to ocean LCL consolidation between Korea and Japan. Furthermore, we have also specialized in certain items like pharmaceuticals, DG shipments, and several other strategic shipments both in air & ocean freight.

Q. What are the main challenges facing freight forwarders in your country at the moment?
A. The main challenge in South Korea is how to survive in the market as around 4,000 forwarders are competing there. The key to this problem is to focus on personalized customer-oriented solutions and make use of all the available software for enhancing our efficiency.

Q. How is Heung-A Logistics dealing with these challenges on a daily basis?
A. We have certain specialized operations and as I just said, offering customized and value-added services are the best way to survive in the market.

Q. What would be the most significant shipment your team has handled?
A. Over the years, we have forged great connections with brokers who deal in military equipment to Africa, Middle East, South America. We handle around 10 chartered flights annually since 2015 and we have moved several huge shipments with bulk vessels to the Middle East & Africa.

The key to the stiff competition is to focus on personalized customer-oriented solutions and make use of all the available software for enhancing our efficiency.  

Q. What were the challenges with this shipment and how did your team overcome them?
A. While handling these kinds of goods, one needs a lot of patience as several documents & approvals are required from the government and working on them and obtaining them can be a time-consuming process. Moreover, we also need to figure out the transit points & communicate with the authorities at the destination for the smooth transfer of the shipment to the consignee’s site. Other than that, it is also difficult to get a reimbursement from the insurance companies when there is some untoward incident like theft or destruction of the military equipment.

Military logistics is much more profitable compared to general goods, this is why more competitors are trying to enter into this market and making a lower profit margin than before. This has indeed added to the challenges.

Q. Where do you see your company in 10 years?
A. Probably, a very capable junior will eventually lead my team, set a higher target, work towards achieving it and eventually make our company the number one freight forwarder not just in Seoul but in the entire country!


Globalia Haiphong successfully moves a bulk cargo shipment via ocean freight

They also managed several aspects of the shipments including chartering in full liner terms

A & L Cargo Services JSC, Globalia member in Haiphong, Vietnam, delivers a breakbulk cargo shipment from Vietnam to Ecuador. The cargo consisting of 3200 Mts of steel coil was moved from Ho Chi Minh Port, Vietnam, to Guayaquil Port, Ecuador, in full liner terms. For moving this cargo they hired the services of Spliethoff, a prestigious carrier specialized in ocean transport of dry cargo.

independent freight agent

For this shipment, they did the chartering in full liner terms that includes loading, discharging, dunnage, lashing and securing. As stated by Mr. Steve Long, the General Director of A & L Cargo Services “With over 20 years of experience in the breakbulk ocean cargo sector, our team managed to deliver the shipment to its destination safely and right on time. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of this project and all projects in general, is to cope with the stiff competition. However, with our skill, expertise and concerted efforts, we succeeded to pull off this project.”

Congratulations to A & L Cargo Services and wishing the best for their future endeavours!

Globalia Sao Paulo/Itajai obtains a contract for the weekly air shipment of perishable cargo

They will be moving out a total of 300 tons of fresh ginger from Brazil to Miami, USA

LAC Worldwide do Brasil Transportes Internacionais, Globalia member in Sao Paolo and Itajai, Brazil, signs a contract for the export of 300 tons of fresh ginger from Brazil to Miami, USA. The shipment will be sent out on a weekly basis whereby they will export 15 to 20 tons of cargo per week via air freight. Their team will be required to carefully plan and execute the delivery of the cargo on the very day of the flight’s departure while taking special care of the task of space allocation.

international logistics

To quote Luiz Gustavo Avesani Moura, the CEO of LAC Worldwide, “Perishable cargo is a very specific niche where our team has and will continue to exhibit its expertise and availability 24×7 for the success of the operation. As it is a highly perishable item, our customs brokerage team has to carry out documents coordination and export customs clearance with the consent of MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture). Thanks to our vast experience in the perishable cargo sector, we are confident about executing this project flawlessly.”

Congratulations to LAC Worldwide for garnering this important project!

Interview with Simon Moore, the Membership Development Coordinator of Globalia

“At Globalia we are like one big family with a very positive work environment that is conducive to innovation and productivity”

best freight forwarder network

This week we are publishing an interview with Simon Moore, who is the Membership Development Coordinator of Globalia Logistics Network. Simon plays a key role in researching and recruiting the best companies for membership in Globalia. His most important job consists of carefully researching the background of the members before determining if they are eligible for membership. Before joining our team, he spent five years in Italy teaching students from across the globe. With several years of experience in customer service, and results orientation, Simon believes that good communication is the key to outreach enhancement.

Q. Tell us a little bit about your experience at Globalia.
A.  I have been working with the Globalia team since day one – for almost five years now – and so far my experience here has been extremely satisfying. My colleagues at Globalia are very amicable and over the years I have learned about client research, member recruitment, the significance of clear communication, and more.

Q. How were the beginnings of Globalia?
A. The first few months are always challenging, but our experience in the freight forwarding sector allowed us to resolve the initial hurdles and we started running smoothly in just a few months. Now I can confidently state that even with the pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis of 2020, we have been able to maintain the network without compromising on our quality standards.

Q. What does your job consist of? Do you find your day-to-day tasks exciting?
A. I find my task very interesting as I am usually required to do a lot of research on the applicant companies before determining their eligibility. As the Membership Development Coordinator, I am the very first point of contact between the members and the network. My job consists of contacting potential agents and inform them about the benefits of joining Globalia. Our network already counts on over 180 independent freight forwarders in 120+ countries, who work together for increased business and it is my job to keep this number growing so as to cover many more territories in the near future.

Q. Which is the most challenging part of the job?
A. As an exclusive network, our members need to go through a meticulous selection process, whereby their financial strength, market reputation, creditworthiness, competitiveness and business volume are ascertained before they are admitted within the network. That makes our job challenging since we only accept one member out of ten that applies for Globalia’s membership. We even hire the external auditor DUN & BRADSTREET whose job it is to evaluate each potential member on our behalf. We impose these strict criteria in our selection process to create the most secure environment for our agents.

Q. In your opinion, which is the best benefit for Globalia members in terms of sales?
A. The best benefit for Globalia members in sales terms is without a doubt the referral program. If members refer their trustworthy agents, they can obtain a 25% discount on their membership – up to 4 discounts (of 25%) are applicable for each new agent, meaning that they stand a chance of paying zero membership fees for the coming year.Q. What is the most important objective of the sales team?
A. It is to increase our outreach and have ‘Virtual Offices” in all the main sea/airports across all the five continents. Apart from that we always try to ensure quality above anything else which is taken care of by our strict selection process.

“I strongly believe that operational integrity is the key to customer retention. At the end of the day it all boils down to trust and it is this trust of our members which keeps us moving forward”

Q. What do you like about working at Globalia?
A. The best part about working here is that I get to be original and exercise my creativity at all times. In order to find the most reliable agents and to offer quality customer service, Globalia employees need to work as a team. We are in touch at all times and we have frequent meetings where we discuss new ideas about how to improve our services. At Globalia we are like one big family with a very positive work environment that is conducive to innovation and productivity. Succeeding as a team has allowed us to forge bonds that over the years have turned into trust and friendship. Employees who like and trust each other are more likely to communicate well with each other, work better and achieve the objectives.

Q. How are you coping with the present work from home scenario?
A. Ever since the pandemic hit us exactly one year back, our entire team has been working from home. However, nothing has changed except for the fact that now we are working remotely and online communication is being carried out instead of in-person meetings. Our team now catches up on the cloud to carry out our day-to-day activities and coordination between every department of the network is still at the highest level.

Q. What are the values that motivate you?
A. Integrity, creativity, honesty, and courage to take bold steps are a few of my driving forces. I strongly believe that operational integrity is the key to customer retention. What matters in my line of work is to show my clients how we really care about them. At the end of the day it all boils down to trust and it is this trust of our members which keeps us moving forward. In this context I would like to quote American business author and management guru Michael LeBoeuf -“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy,”- and this exactly is my work motto!


Globalia Bristol gets shortlisted as finalists for the BIFA Award 2020

The BIFA Freight Service Awards is a 32 years old competition that is recognized as one of the most prestigious awards in the sector

Killick Martin, Globalia member in Bristol, UK, was nominated in three categories in the UK Freight Forwarding Industry awards. They were the finalists in the Ocean category, the Cold Chain category and also for the Supply Chain Management Category. They were a part of a select few (2-4) finalists, although it’s open to almost all freight companies in the UK.

The BIFA awards provide the ultimate reference point for freight forwarders, since the selection is made by a neutral panel of industry experts.

logistics business partnerTo qualify as finalist in three categories not only demonstrates their competence within the industry but also highlights the scope and depth of their capability.

In the words of Paul Gallagher, the Managing Director of Killick Martin & Co, “Sadly we didn’t win any of the awards since we were up against some industry giants. Nevertheless, we are absolutely delighted as we are in our second year of a re-launch and to get to one finalist place has been a super success. We have now set a high bar for ourselves going forward and this is something we are determined to meet and exceed.”

“For the whole team,this award is a recognition of the hard work and innovation which has been the key to delivering high quality customer service in a tough trading environment in the context of both Covid-19 and the Brexit. It also shows our clients and partners that Killick Martin, a name in the UK International freight business with a long history, is truly back and displaying insight as well as enterprise to find individual customer solutions!” adds Mr. Gallagher.

Congratulations to Killick Martin and wishing them the very best for their future endeavours!