Globalink Logistics transports an oversized cargo for the Nurek Hydro Power Project in Tajikistan

This operation highlights Globalink’s three decades of experience handling complex project logistics in challenging environments like Central Asia and the Caucasus

oversized shipment by Globalink Logistics
Oversized shipment by Globalink Logistics

Globalink Logistics has set high standards in project logistics by moving an over sized cargo weighing 155 tonnes from China to Tajikistan via Turkey. The 5 meter high shipment was meant for the Nurek Hydro Power Project in Tajikistan- a project with which they have been involved for over 10 years. Globalink Logistics is a Globalia member in Turkmenbashi and Ashgabat, Turkmenistan; Tbilisi, Poti, Georgia and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan; Baku, Azerbaijan; Yerevan, Armenia, Aktau, Almaty, Atyrau, and Astana, Kazakhstan; Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia; Kiev, Ukraine; Dushanbe, Tajikistan; and Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

The road segment of the cargo’s journey from Bautino Port through the mountainous terrains of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan called for specialized transport solutions. They used specialized multi-axel trailers, multiple 6×6 heavy-duty tractors, and extensive civil works to ensure the cargo’s safe passage. On reaching its destination in Tajikistan, Globalink’s team managed the import customs clearance, discharging and cargo installation processes.

To quote Siddique Khan, CEO of Globalink, “This shipment was a challenging one and moving through the Black Sea and the Kerch Strait required precise timing to align with the Volga-Don river navigation season’s end. Our latest project cargo operation highlights Globalink’s three decades of experience handling complex project logistics in challenging environments like Central Asia and the Caucasus.”

Project cargo by Globalink Logistics
Project cargo by Globalink Logistics


Congratulation to the Globalink team on their successful project cargo operation!


Globalia Dublin appoints a new Director of Operations

They have appointed Luke Conlon who previously worked in the Operations and Customs and Sales departments of the company as Director of Operations

Transland Group, Globalia member and freight forwarder in Dublin, Ireland, has appointed Luke Conlon, as the Director of Operations of their company. Luke joined Transland in 2021 and quickly learned the ropes, gaining experience in a variety of roles including Operations, Customs and Sales. Having impressed with his managerial abilities, he was appointed General Manager in 2023, entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the efficient operation of the company’s Dublin depot.

In his new position, reporting directly to the Managing Director, Luke will be responsible for overseeing the strategic development of Transland’s Dublin operation. Additionally, he will manage the structure and resources of various departments to maximize productivity.

Kieran Conlon, Managing Director of Transland Group, said of the appointment, “I would like to welcome Luke onto the Board, and thank him for his significant contribution over the past three years. I am certain that his new appointment will have a major impact on the future development of our Dublin operation and the overall direction of Transland Group”.

All the best to Transland Group for their upcoming projects!

New video by Globalia Monterrey to promote their integrated logistical services

The short promotional video they have put together highlights the efficiency of their operations that focuses on personalized door-to-door services

Pacifica Customs y Logistics, Globalia member and logistics company in Monterrey, Mexico, has created a short promotional video, in which they have highlighted their services, company and team. In the last few years, they have established themselves as one of the main logistics operators providing solutions and professional and personalized services in synergy with their suppliers and network of partners around the world.

“As a company dedicated to coordinated and integrated logistics, our specialty is to generate profitability in your foreign trade operations by offering services focused on reducing costs, customized services and competitive prices. This video is an attempt to make our services known to our clients and partners all over the world,” says Guillermo Aguilar, the Commercial Director of Globalia Monterrey.

Globalia encourages its members to check out the video by clicking on this link:

Congratulations to Pacifica Customs y Logistics, and best of luck for their upcoming projects!

Successful collaboration projects by Globalia Miami with members across three continents after attending Globalia’s Meeting

Since attending Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting at Phuket in 2023, Delta Line Intl has teamed up on projects with partners from Antwerp, Lima, and Tokyo

Delta Line Intl, Globalia member in Miami, USA, joins forces with Globalia members in Antwerp, Tokyo, and Lima to accomplish a series of successful shipments. This collaborative effort was made possible by their strategic groundwork during Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting at Phuket, which facilitated connections with network partners worldwide. In collaboration with ULP Belgium BV, Globalia member in Antwerp, Belgium, Delta Line Intl successfully managed three shipments of chocolate totaling 1,107 kg for their customer La Louviere Chocolatier LCC. All the three shipments were sent from Belgium to Miami, USA, via air freight.

Delta-Line Intl- logistics company Miami
Delta Line Intl- collaboration projects


“The shipment was a delicate one that required a temperature of 15-25°C throughout its journey. I would take this opportunity to thank Nicolas Scheir from the Sales & Customer Service who took meticulous care to ensure the smooth execution of every aspect of this cargo,” says Alejandro Arrieta, the General Manager of Delta Line Intl.

Furthermore, they worked with GHC Logistics SAC, Globalia member in Lima, Peru. They assisted them on moving 8 pieces of carbon steel sheets weighing 13094 Kg. Delta Line moved the ocean freight from Port Everglades, Florida to Port Callo, Peru. “Our team first moved the freight from Ambridge to our warehouse in Miami in a flatbed truck. Additionally, we offered services as ocean freight, trucking, container stuffing and securing, export documentation and NCB Inspection,” adds Mr. Alejandro.

Delta Line Intl
Delta Line Intl – Collaboration projects


Lastly, in their third successful collaboration, Delta Line Intl worked with NCS Line Japan Co. Ltd, a Globalia member in Tokyo, Japan, on an air shipment of Yamato fire extinguishers weighing 441 kg. They moved the cargo from Tokyo, Japan, to Santiago, Chile, showcasing the network’s global reach and effectiveness.

Congratulations to Delta Line Intl and all the members they cooperated with for these remarkable achievements!



Globalia Genoa is expanding its headquarters and hiring new employees

They have hired two new employees in their airfreight and ocean freight departments to enhance their operations and offer better customer service

Intertransport SRL, Globalia member in Genoa, Italy, expands their workforce by hiring two new employees. The new team members, Mr Emanuele De Gasperi and Mr Matteo Sissa, have complemented their airfreight and ocean freight departments. Intertransport SRL has been operating since 1957 and its continuous search for qualitative improvement led to the ISO 9001:2015 certification of the company in 1999.

Intertransport SRL - logistics company Genoa
Intertransport SRL, airfreight and ocean freight service provider


Emiliano Caselli, CEO of Intertransport says, “As a company with over 6 decades of market experience we are always seeking to improve the quality level of our services by offering increasingly customized solutions according to the needs of customers. The expansion of our team at the head office will help provide our clients with faster and more precise feedback and better, more convenient options and quotations for their cargo. We are proud that Intertransport is getting bigger and glad to be able to assist and support our clients better.”

Congratulations to Intertransport SRL and all the best for their upcoming projects!

Globalia implements xChange’s container leasing and trading platform in the Members Area

Members will now be able to check the availability of containers on Container xChange – the leading online marketplace for shipping containers – right from the Members Area

In a strategic move to elevate container management capabilities, Globalia Logistics Network has integrated the renowned online marketplace, Container xChange, into its Members Area. Container xChange is the leading online platform for container logistics that brings together all relevant companies to manage and book shipping containers, execute all related processes and optimize invoicing and payments. Therefore, this new addition will allow over 215 freight forwarders to check availability of containers on this platform directly from the Members’ Area of the Globalia website.

Container xChange
Container xChange- Online platform for container logistics


“We have added their API in our intranet which enables our members to access directly through their browser to search available leasing containers. This integration streamlines container management for Globalia members, offering a user-friendly experience within the familiar Members Area,” explains Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network.

Container xChange aims to relieve the burden on industry professionals, simplifying their operations and decision-making by providing real-time data access and automating the entire process. This platform helps forwarders to find the best prices and rates globally by choosing from 100,000+ offers in over 1,500+ locations. With just a few clicks, users are able to sell and lease containers and benefit from access to accurate container prices, one-way leasing rates and their development for up to 2 years. Moreover, besides having direct access to xChange services throughout the Member Area, Globalia members will benefit from a 10% discount on subscriptions to their platform.

Dr. Johannes Schlingmeier, co-founder, and CEO of Container xChange, underscored a prevalent challenge within the container logistics sector— the slow adoption of technology hindering real-time analysis of price and leasing rates. Furthermore, acknowledging the transformative potential of technology in the container shipping industry, he stressed the significance of harnessing big data for more informed decision-making. In his words, “Container xChange simplifies the access to data so industry participants can complement the experience and offline knowledge with the latest facts when making decisions”

This collaboration marks a significant step towards optimizing container logistics and enhancing the overall efficiency of Globalia Logistics Network. This latest implementation is part of the digital strategy conducted by Globalia aimed to offer members the latest technological tools in the logistics market. These features, together with FreightViewer – Gobalia’s member exclusive quoting platform – will help members to cope with the new demands in the current industry.

FreightViewer adds a new tool to facilitate the seamless upload of freight rates into the platform

FreightViewer’s new feature enables the upload of freight rates through user-friendly online forms which members can complete in a few minutes with daily or weekly rates

Globalia Logistics Network has added a new feature to its member-exclusive online quoting platform FreightViewer. The newly added fuctionality comes with an upgraded template format for easily publishing freight rates in FreightViewer. This format allows  agents to upload costs in the system in a much more simple and effective way by using customized online forms instead of excel sheets.  Consequently, members will be able to share freight rates online with members in the network and customers or other overseas partners.

FreightViewer - Transport Management Software
FreightViewer – Transport Management Software


With this newly developed tool users can upload freight rates in three simple steps, adding all the needed details such as costs, remarks, surcharges, transit time, or carrier. This simple upload of freight rates gives members the ability to offer an online service. This is, selling their rates through the Member Area whereby all partners in the network, except those in the same country, can check the updated quotations. On the other hand, FreightViewer comes with a tailored quoting website for member’s companies where all customers and other partners will be able to login an register to check online rates at any time.

Andrea Martin, FreightViewer Coordinator of Globalia Logistics network says, “This new method adapts the system to a volatile rate market since it enables the offer of daily or weekly rates as well as spot rates. Besides offering these rates directly to members of the network and customers, the head office can also promote the availability of these rates.”

The members will receive live demonstration of the use and utility of the new features of this transport management software during Globalia’s 5th Annual Meeting at Bali that will take place from 17th to 19th April 2024.

Click on this link to watch a video on how to use the online form.


Globalia once again creates a web app for its upcoming Annual Meeting in Bali

This smartphone compatible web application will allow the delegates to effectively navigate through the agenda of Globalia’s 5th Annual Meeting in April 2024

On the occassion of its 5th Annual Meeting in 2024, Globalia Logistics Network has once again created a web application that would allow the agents to have all information about the meeting at their fingertips. Globalia’s 5th Annual Meeting is a much anticipated freight forwarders conference that will take place from 17th to 19th April 2024 at the Intercontinental Bali Resort in Bali, Indonesia.

Globalia's 5th Annual Meeting
Web app for Globalia’s 5th Annual Meeting


“The efficacy of this app became quite apparent after we launched it for the first time in 2023 for Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting.  This is why we have we have created an upgraded version of this smart phone compatible web app to make the event simple and hassle-free for all our delegates,” explains Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network.

Upon arriving at the meeting venue, members can access this web application on their mobile phones and log in by providing their email and password. The web app is designed to empower Globalia members with comprehensive information related to the day-to-day agenda of the Annual Meeting.

Maria Serrano, the PR and Event Coordinator of Globalia Logistics Network explains that this portal will help to consolidate all the important information in a comprehensive web app. Moreover, the delegates can effortlessly access all meeting-related details with just a few taps on their phones, streamlining the information retrieval process.

Not only does it offer easy navigation through essential details of the event, such as the delegate list featuring names, affiliated cities, and represented companies, but it also provides access to the program, activities, travel tips to Bali, and more, ensuring that all pertinent information is readily available at their fingertips.


Globalia Monterrey has set a new record this quarter by acquiring a remarkable 200% increase in new clients

The massive increase in the number of clients is largely due to investments in technology and public relations initiatives that the company has undertaken

Pacifica Customs y Logistics, Globalia member and logistics company in Monterrey, Mexico, achieves a 200% increase in client base this quarter. This surge in clientele is attributed to the company’s strategic investments in technology and robust public relations initiatives.

As part of their expansion strategy, Pacifica Customs y Logistics has relocated to a more spacious office space to accommodate the growing demands of their operations. Additionally, the company has revamped its website to enhance user experience and engage a wider audience. To optimize operational efficiency, Pacifica Customs y Logistics has invested in advanced tracking technologies. These technological advancements, coupled with strategic bonded facility services, are key contributors to the company’s unprecedented growth.

logistics company in Monterrey
Pacifica Customs y Logistics


Guillermo Aguilar, the Commercial Director of Pacifica Customs y Logistics, highlighted the company’s proactive approach to networking within the broader supply chain community. “We are actively participating in various industry events, such as the Manufacturing & Capital Net-Building event at Tec de Mty, to foster collaboration in the logistics industry,” he explained.

They are also organizing workshops to educate their clients and partners about the nuances of this sector. A recent workshop, titled “Learn to Import,” conducted by their Operations Director, reflects the company’s dedication to empowering its stakeholders. Lastly, they secured coverage in PLAYERS of LIFE magazine, a widely recognized publication in Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Torreón. This initiative aims to strengthen the company’s presence and reputation in key markets.

Congratulations to Globalia Monterrey on these remarkable achievements!

Globalia Warsaw participates in the X edition of TransLogistica Poland, which took place on 7-9 November

By participating in the fair as an exhibitor, OMEGAir CARGO had the opportunity to directly reach manufacturing companies, distributors, shippers and cargo owners

OMEGAir CARGO, Globalia member in Warsaw, Poland, took part in the TransLogistica Poland 2023 that was held in November in Warsaw. It is the largest business event in Central and Eastern Europe for companies related to the transport, forwarding and logistics industry.

Renata Husiatynska, the Board Assistant of Globalia member in Warsaw commented, “One of the reasons that influenced our decision to participate in the fair is that the event is characterized by a high level of internationalization. Moreover, the high attendance and general success of previous editions encouraged us to exhibit in this event.”

OMEGAir - independent freight forwarder
OMEGAir Cargo – Globalia member in Warsaw


Beyond expanding brand recognition in the freight forwarding market, OMEGAir CARGO aimed to leverage the networking opportunities provided by trade fairs. According to Husiatynska, “The significance lies not only in growth and brand visibility but also in networking. By maintaining good relations, you can gain further benefits that are not just purely sales-oriented. Over time, we can better understand the situation in our industry, learn about market demand, or receive recommendations from good suppliers and partners.”

TransLogistica Poland 2023 proved to be more than just an industry-specific gathering. OMEGAir CARGO engaged with representatives from technology providers, shippers, and carriers, extending their reach beyond the logistics sector. “We also had the opportunity to gather information from both potential customers and other companies operating in the same market. We can use the information obtained from the local market when analyzing the activities of the competition,” added Ms Husiatynska.

Congratulations to Globalia Warsaw for further enhancing their position in the logistics landscape!