Globalia Ulaanbaatar moves two units of EC-145 helicopters

They moved this shipment via sea freight from Antwerp, Belgium, to Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia, via Xingang, China

Tuushin LLC, Globalia member in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, transported two EC-145 helicopters from Belgium to Mongolia via China. They undertook this project on behalf of the Mongolian National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). The EC-145 helicopters will greatly expedite the search and rescue operations of NEMA.

In the words of Bayarsaikhan Lunden, the Head of the Sales Department of Tuushin, “This has been a highly significant shipment for our team and we are glad to have executed it successfully. These helicopters will allow NEMA to reestablish their air rescue units within the project framework as mentioned above.”

Globalia Ulaanbaatar - independent freight forwarder
Globalia Ulaanbaatar moves two helicopters

They made use of 40 FR containers to move the two helicopters. Additionally, they used air suspension trailers throughout the trucking process. Moreover, they had to complete the transportation process before the Chinese May Day holidays. In order to do so, they had to complete the Chinese border documentations like transit customs clearance just an hour before the border closed for the long holiday break.

“Our team was charged with all the important aspects of this project including customs clearance, trans-loading, unloading on the ground. This project was indeed a challenging one but thanks to the skill and know-how of our workforce, we managed to complete it impeccably,” adds Mr. Lunden.

Congratulations to Tuushin LLC and best of luck for their future projects!

The June edition of Globalia’s quarterly newsletter is now online

This newsletter comes with news from the members and from the sector along with relevant information about Globalia’s upcoming Virtual Meeting in October

We would like to bring to your attention that you can now view the June edition of Globalia’s quarterly newsletter on our website. Inside the newsletter, you will find all the news about your partner’s achievements from April to June. We have also included two interviews with our members in Warsaw/Gdynia and Karachi. Moreover, inside the newsletter, you will find several pertinent information about Globalia’s 2nd Virtual Meeting.

Globalia's June Newsletter
Globalia’s June Newsletter

Like always, you will get to read about news snippets from the freight forwarding industry plus a detailed news about IAG cargo’s new routes to Latin American countries. Additionally, the article on the Role of Collaboration in the Logistics Industry will surely encourage you to closely cooperate with your partners for mutual benefits.

If you are looking forward to featuring your company’s achievements in our upcoming newsletter, do not forget to send us a few lines about the latest goings-on in your company.

Hope you enjoy reading!

Globalia Logistics Network partners with the logistics news magazine Cargotalk

Cargotalk is an Indian logistics news magazine with an extensive national and international circulation

Globalia Logistics Network, one of the best freight forwarders network with coverage in 189 cities across 124 countries, establishes a media partnership with Cargotalk. Cargotalk is a platform for news related to multimodal logistics, warehousing, and the supply chain industry. It allows independent freight forwarders to showcase their services and achievements to an international audience. The magazine which was first published 20 years back, presently has a circulation of 20,000 printed copies. The online version of this magazine has an even greater circulation reaching over 400,000 readers.

Globalia media partner-Cargotalk
Globalia media partner-Cargotalk

This magazine for independent freight forwarders includes numerous sections like news, opinions, and interviews, and reports that allow the supply chain professionals to keep tabs on the most relevant news in the sector. Additionally, this journal also comes with a separate Award Talk section plus a dedicated Guest Column. In this column they publish pieces written by industry experts.

Their meticulous distribution process of this magazine make sure that it reaches its readers on the right date and time. Moreover, special issues of Cargotalk are circulated at all important cargo and logistics conventions.

Globalia encourages all members to take a look at their website and download the Cargotalk app from Play Store and App Store.

Australia enforces quarantine measures for containers coming from risk countries to combat the problem of Khapra beetle infestation

Khapra beetle are a dangerous pest that targets containers with plant-based products, and high-risk containers are henceforth required to be fumigated at the point of origin

Australia has released an updated regulation for urgent actions to protect against khapra beetle. Beetles are a highly damaging pest getting rid of which is extremely difficult. It is a part of the list of world’s top 100 worst invasive species. These pests usually target shipments of grains, oil seeds and dried foods.Most importantly, they leave behind their larvae, hair and skin sheds that pose considerable health risk.

“Australia has published specific regulations regarding the control of Khapra beetle infestation problems and we consider that is is something all members and clients should take into account when managing their shipments into Australia”, says Andy McClay the General Manager of PCFS Logistics, Globalia member in Sydney, Australia.

The pests tend to hide in the tiniest cracks making them very resistant to pesticides. Furthermore, they can survive without food for a long time. For this reason, the best way to avoid them is to stop them from entering a non-native country.

Globalia Sydney member alert-freight forwarding
Member Alert from PCFS Logistics
This pest which is native to India, is found in other parts of Asia, Europe and Africa. Precisely for this reason Australia’s Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) has made quarantine treatment mandatory for containers with a risk of khapra beetle infestation.

Shippers should fumigate the containers that fall under either condition at origin prior to departure. The authorities will re-export all untreated containers as onshore treatment is not an option currently. The measures for khapra beetle have been in force since 12th April. It is applicable for containers that contain high risk plant products & packed in target risk countries. These containers will require offshore treatment prior to landing in Australia. The new measures that will come into place from July 12th will cover all other goods from target risk countries. These goods will be unpacked in a rural grain growing area of Australia.

Mr. McClay further adds, “I would request my Globalia partners to check the list of khapra beetle high risk countries along with the list of plant products that are prone to beetle infestation. You will find all the relevant info about the newly implemented measures on this Members’ Alert. For questions about the alert get in touch with our team for further assistance.”

We thank Globalia Sydney for making the members aware of the new regulations in Australia!


Globalia partners with Fruit Expo 2021 – a three day industry fair to be held in Guangzhou, China

The Fruit Expo 2021 which will be held from 24th to 26th September is a highly anticipated event that will be joined by the top players in the industry

Globalia Logistics Network partners with the Fruit Expo 2021 to be held in September in Guangzhou, China. This three day event is one of the fastest growing industry fairs in China. Moreover, top industry professionals are showing their hearty endorsement for this fair by forming an advisor team. Wider representation of the sector will help to make this event all the more engaging.

This event will be joined by Pagoda, one of China’s biggest fruit retailers. They operate a store fleet of over 4000 in over 80 cities in the domestic market. Additionally, they provide service for more than 50 million subscribed customers. Yet another industry leader to join this event is Goodfarmer- one of China’s biggest fruit importers and exporters. They have clients in over 70 countries. Moreover, in 2018 they received the Most Influential Banana Brand Award from CFMA.

Globalia Media Partner-Fruit Expo 2021
Globalia partners with Fruit Expo 2021

Chen’s Sun one of China’s biggest fruit distributors will be a part of this event. They handle both imported and domestic quality fresh/dried fruits and nuts and have partnerships with over 2000 wholesalers countrywide. Reemoon is China’s leading manufacturer of intelligent automatic post-harvest handling machines. They have provided services for more than 1300 clients from over 20 countries over the past 19 years. Lastly, Jiabao one of the most famous Chinese brands for preserved fruits will attend the event. As the biggest manufacturer of preserved mandarin orange peels, Jiabao has participated in the drafting of national standards for the preserved fruits industry.

Fruit Expo 2021 will be held alongside the Guangdong 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International Expo (MSRE). Additionally, the online version of Fruit Expo, will take place on 14th-20th November.

In order to join and for any related inquiries visit





Interview with Maria Serrano the PR and Event Coordinator of Globalia Logistics Network

“I have to organize the events meticulously so that all our members are happy and get to connect in the best environment. When it comes to our members’ experience during the meeting we can’t make any mistakes!”

This week you will be reading an interview with Maria Serrano, who is in charge of PR and Event Coordination of Globalia Logistics Network. Maria plays a major role in the planning and organization of Globalia’s Annual Meetings. Additionally, she is also responsible for the network’s communication as well as the coordination and development of Globalia’s online publicizing strategy for members. Before joining Globalia, Maria worked with different international companies managing projects in trade shows worldwide, developing marketing campaigns and organizing events.

Globalia interview with Maria Serrano
Maria Serrano, Globalia PR and Events Coordinator

Q. Let’s begin with your experience at Globalia Logistics Network

A. I joined the Globalia team from the very first day of the network and in all these years I never had a cause to complain. I really appreciate working with my colleagues and as a team we get along really well. Since joining Globalia, my task has been to figure out several promotional strategies for our members. My prior experience in journalism has sharpened my writing/communication skills and research ability all of which are important in my line of work. Working with Globalia has taught me many new things and the perfect work ambience here allows me to do my job with utmost care and precision.

Q. What does your job consist of? Do you find your everyday tasks exciting?

A. The most important aspects of my job include organizational work for Globalia’s Annual Meetings, writing articles for our members and press releases announcing significant network news to the wider logistics world. Members write to me on a daily basis sending me the details of their latest achievement. It is my job to edit and publish a promotional news article about our member’s accomplishments and undertake several marketing initiatives.

Q. What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

Choosing the best hotel, restaurant, band, photographers, and making other necessary arrangements for the meeting is perhaps my most challenging task. I have to do this task scrupulously so that all our members are happy and get to connect in the best possible environment. Also, organizing the whole event is a complicated job since there are many details to take into account. Furthermore, as we are far away this task involves a whole lot of phone calls, emails and videochats. When it comes to our members’ experience during the meeting we can’t make any mistakes!

Q. What is the most important objective of the Marketing and PR team?

A. The primary objective of our PR and Marketing team is to promote our members’ companies in every possible way. Moreover, it is also our task to arrange for a seamless Annual Meeting experience and make sure that the members are making the most of it.

Q. What do you like most about your work?

A. The commendable office environment allows me to be creative and innovative about every aspect of my job. As an American writer and PR specialist Ronn Torossian puts it, “PR is a mix of journalism, psychology, and lawyering – it’s an ever-changing and always interesting landscape.” It goes without saying that in spite of all its challenges my work is highly engaging and I thoroughly enjoy brain wracking to find the best solutions for our members.

Q. In what way the members benefit from attending Globalia’s Annual Meeting?

A. The meetings help to foster a collaborative spirit by bringing together all the members. Moreover, the formal meetings and the informal chitchats, day tours and parties help to strengthen the bonding among the network members. Because of the Coronavirus we have shifted the meeting online and our upcoming meeting is all set to take place in October. We are very excited about it, since the First edition really met our expectations. We received loads of good comments about the organization and good connections made by Globalia members, which is by far our best reward.

Honesty, expertise, independence, loyalty, and fairness are some of the values that drive me… I believe that the success of our team lies with the success of our members.

Q. What are Globalia’s plans for the virtual meetings? Do you think they can substitute the face-to-face meetings?

A. I think nothing can substitute the efficacy of an in-person meeting. However, in 2021 a face-to-face conference is absolutely impossible because of the travel restrictions and associated health risks. After the success of our 2020 online meeting, we have decided to move our meeting to virtual format one more time until we meet again in the coming year. The online meeting will provide our members with a networking platform in the absence of in-person meeting. Moreover, it will allow them to forge lasting relationships with their partners. The result will be many new collaborative projects and increased business volume within the network.

Q. How does Globalia help to publicize the members’ activities?

A. We always encourage the members to send us the latest news from their end. This allows us to create a promotional news piece about our members achievement that we publish on our news section every Friday. The members are also interviewed from time to time so that they get a chance to give their option about the industry defining issues and get a chance to talk about their services, experiences and specialties. We also make sure to promote this news on our social media pages where we encourage all our followers to read that news. Additionally Globalia’s SEO optimization endeavours further increase the visibility of the news which translates to greater popularity of our members.

Q. What are the latest marketing endeavours of Globalia in 2021?

A. In 2021 we have implemented several different marketing actions. This includes the upgrading of our members area, addition of many new features to our website, the implementation of an SEO strategy. Additionally we have also created Globalia’s mobile app that will make it easier for members to connect with their partners. We are presently working on the implementation of many more useful marketing strategies. However, the details will be revealed at the right time!

Q. What are the values that motivate you?

Honesty, expertise, independence, loyalty, and fairness are some of the values that drive me. I try to incorporate these values in every aspect of my task and I make sure to abide by these work ethics. I believe that the success of our team lies with the success of our members.

Globalia media partner Group Futurista hosts the “Future of Digital Logistics” webinar

The webinar was sponsored by Platinum sponsor, Kinaxis, a leading operational software company that presents solutions to intelligently control the digital supply chain

Globalia’s media partner Group Futurista organized a webinar on “The Future of Digital Logistics”. Kinaxis a leading operational software firm sponsored the webinar. During the course of the webinar, many experts discussed several topics on contemporary digital logistics. Jeffrey Peterson of Tenneco, discussed the future of global trade providing valuable input on the advancements in supply chain security.

Globalia media partner-Group Futurista
Future of Digital Logistics webinar

Additionally, Patrick Van Hull, industry thought leader of Kinaxis offered insights on improving customer experience and its impact on supply chain. Harshad Kanvinde of Slalom spoke about interesting innovations and developments in digital logistics. He also emphasized on the importance of an agile and cost-effective supply chain.  

Moreover, the webinar brought several other important trends to the spotlight. There were discussions on the growth of e-commerce in the post-pandemic era. Furthermore, there were discussions on the impact of the pandemic on the creation of new value chains and consumer behaviour on e-commerce platforms. Lastly, the event closed with an interesting panel discussion between Harshad Kanvinde, Global Practice Head of Supply Chain at Slalom, Christophe Suizdak, Global Senior Manufacturing Director at Cytiva and Kai Althoff, CEO of 4flow. They discussed the leading global trends in digital logistics.





Globalia’s 2nd Virtual Meeting is all set to take place on the 14th and 15th of October 2021

The Virtual Meeting will once again allow the members to carry on their business networking without leaving the comforts of their home

After the success of their 1st Virtual Meeting in 2020, Globalia Logistics Network has finalized the dates and agenda for their 2nd Virtual Meeting. The meeting will take place on Globalia’s exclusive meeting platform on the 14th and 15th of October 2021. “The online meeting will lead to direct business discussions that is absolutely imperative for strong networking. It will allow you to do the groundwork for moving your business to the next level without compromising on your safety,” says Globalia President, Antonio Torres.

Globalia's 2nd Virtual Meeting
Globalia members will meet online in October 2021

Members will be able to participate in up to 32 one-to-one video conferences with previously selected network partners. Globalia’s upgraded meeting platform will lead to an even better meeting experience than the previous year. Moreover, keeping in mind the need for flexibility for the agents, the GLB team has made sure to accommodate delegates from all the different time-zones. This meeting will provide a perfect opportunity for members to talk directly with their partners and take the first and most important step in the path to collaboration. The meeting registration is already open, so Globalia members can register their attendance from their members area.

Additionally, the online nature of the meeting will lead to time and cost saving. This in turn will result in greater accessibility. This is why Globalia members are expected to turn up in great numbers. As Mr. Torres says, “Now more than ever is the time for you to join forces so as to grow your business. This online meeting will help you garner new projects and do your networking until we have a face-to-face get-together in the coming year.”

Visit Globalia’s Annual Meeting page to register your attendance and to check further details of the Virtual Meeting.


Interview with BlueX Trade one of the most innovative companies in the logistics industry

Andrea Martin, from Globalia’s FreightViewer Department, together with Wilson Huang senior sales manager at BlueX Trade, have analyzed the current situation in the logistics market exploring topics significantly affecting freight forwarders such as digitization, e-commerce and the future post-pandemic situation

→ Click on the image below to listen to the full interview

FreigthViewer Department_Interview_BlueX_Digitization
FreigthViewer Department Interview with BlueX


Globalia logistics Network is offering the best options in terms of technological tools to our members. Moreover, we consider it fundamental to work alongside our agents in a very complex task viz the digitization of the freight forwarding services. The logistics industry is experencing a disruptive transformation and this process generates the rise of different technological services and solutions from companies, such as BlueX Trade.

FreightViewer Department is working  to partner with companies that will provide the best digital tools to members for the digitization process and BlueX is one of them. They are revolutionizing freightTech neutral platform which allow shippers, freight forwarders and carriers to make ocean logistics and transportation more accessible. They are doing this by connecting buyers and sellers in a unique platform.

BlueX works directly with carriers in order to develop a renovated business model based on driving additional revenue. In this  interview, Wilson Huang and Andrea Martin, talk about how logistics is changing to be a much more efficient and customer service focused industry. Additionally, they have also discussed how the pandemic has accelerated the digitization process.

Mr. Huang states that even three years ago, the industry was only starting the process. Nevertheless, during the last two years there has been a major improvement and acceleration. Eight out of the top ten carriers have developed their own instant quoting platform.  This proceed started in 2008 when Maersk launched Maersk Spot Booking, their online booking platform.  Currently fifty-two per cent of Maersk spot cargo are booked on their online platform.

Mr. Huang provides a very valuable vision since he has worked both as a freight forwarder and as a carrier. For Mr. Huang the digitization is not the future anymore, it is currently happening. Historically carriers have been a step ahead from freight forwarders in terms of digitization. However, this trend started to change a few years ago. Freight forwarders are starting to move on with digitization. The best example to show this phenomenon is the digital freight forwarder founded in 2013, Flexport. Nowadays, the pandemic has turned the digital process from a trend to a reality.

Globalia Nouakchott handles the full logistics chain of 168 units of trucks, trailers, military equipment, excavators, and other rolling material

This ocean freight shipment that was sent out from Boke Port, Guinea, reached its destination in Nouakchott port, Mauritania on time

Acconage Consignation Transit SA (ACT SA), Globalia member in Nouakchott, Mauritania, has successfully moved an ocean freight shipment from Boke Port, Guinea, to Nouakchott Port, Mauritania. The shipment consisted of 168 units of trucks, trailers, military equipment, excavators, and other rolling materials. “This shipment was intended for the mining industry particularly for the offshore gas field rocks transportation for BP Tortue. We carried out this project on behalf of the shipping company charged with transporting rocks for the BP Tortue Projects,” says Mr. Khalil Chouaib, the Country Manager of ACT.

Acconage Consignation-independent freight forwarder
Acconage Consignation’s ocean freight shipment

The cargo was transported on an MV Orient Pluto vessel. The scope of this service included offloading cargo from the vessel, taking the cargo from under hook, warehousing, and lashing. Additionally, they were also in charge of trucking to the delivery site 60 Km from Nouakchott port, and customs clearance. The entire freight was self-driven, and they didn’t require any special equipment for this shipment. Moreover, ACT was in charge of the full logistic chain from vessel arrival until the final delivery of 168 units.

Mr. Chouaib further states, “The most difficult aspect of this project was ensuring that all units were delivered intact. This also includes the   spare parts loaded inside some units. Nevertheless, the shipment was not exactly challenging, the sheer volume and varied nature of the cargo make it somewhat complicated.”

 Congratulations to Globalia Nouakchott, and wishing them the best for the future!