A brand new department by Globalia Hanoi exclusively for the overseas export of Vietnamese agricultural products

They have also created a new website that focuses solely on the export of fruits, nuts and vegetables farmed in Vietnam

Globalia Hanoi -New vegeterian export department
Globalia Hanoi -New vegeterian export department

TNM Shipping and Logistics Co Ltd, Globalia member in Hanoi, Vietnam, has created a special department- TNM Vietnamese Agricultural Products- dedicated to the export of Vietnamese fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. Presently, they have five workers in this department.

Mrs Vi, the Commercial Director of Globalia Hanoi explains that their new website for these special services will allow their “customers to have general information about the products of what TNM is trading, so that they can easily contact with the right staff who is taking care of this field for quick support.”

As a tropical country, Vietnam produces lots of good quality agricultural products. TNM Shipping and Logistics is exploiting the full potential of the trade in Vietnamese agricultural products by developing this new service. Their fresh produce export services are allowing them to broaden the destination markets of Vietnamese agricultural products at a time when the overseas demand for such items is high. “Being led by our experienced team in agricultural produce, we seek to deliver health, taste, and nutrition for the consumers of fresh produce from Vietnam while building our brand at the same time,” adds Mrs Vi.

They have been exporting fresh, dried and soft-dried fruits such as mango, passion fruit, pineapple, jackfruit, dragon fruit, pomelo, guava, coconut, papaya etc. Additionally, they are also exporting items including pepper, cashew, macadamia, coffee, almond, straw products, sugar, etc.

Enatrans Logistics exceeds 30% increase in its gross revenues in 2019

Their cooperation with several Globalia members has largely contributed to their growth in profit

Enatrans Logistics, a Globalia member in Izmir, Turkey, has successfully surpassed their target of increasing their income by 33% in 2019 and is expecting to achieve similar levels this year. They believe joining the Globalia network has greatly contributed to their success.

international logistics service provider

Since the start of the membership, they have cooperated with Globalia agents in Sydney (Australia), Chittagong (Bangladesh), and Alexandria (Egypt) on a number of important shipments. “We have recently cooperated with PCFS – Globalia member in Sydney – by shipping 3 x 20 DC shipments from Izmir to Sydney Port. This shipment which consists of marble slabs is still being moved and the business is expected to carry on for the next few months.” Mr. Ercan Sahin, the Director of Enatrans states.

Additionally, they have also shipped 6×20 DC containers of marble blocks from Turkey to Bangladesh with the assistance and collaboration of Globalia Chittagong – Silk Container Lines. “Enatrans is very glad to be a part of such a strong network. Joining Globalia has been the right decision since the very beginning as it has enabled us to work on new shipments and collaborative operations with network members. I am very satisfied to have worked with these 3 network members none of whom has given us a cause to complain!”

Congratulations to Enatrans and wishing them the very best for their future projects!

Globalia member in Frankfurt, Germany, transports a heavy cargo from Amsterdam to Seoul

The cargo which weighed 25,340 Kg and measured 980 x 200 x 123 cm consisted of a rotor for a power plant

Euko Logistics Germany GMBH, Globalia member in Frankfurt, Germany, moved a rotor for a power plant from Amsterdam all the way to Seoul, South Korea. The cargo was moved overland with the help of a Tautliner with air suspension and slidable roof. As stated by Mr. Simon Park, Managing Director of Euko Logistics, “We are very contented with the successful completion of this project. The very nature of this cargo posed a few challenges which were perfectly handled by our team.”

international logistics service provider

The tremendous size of the cargo required special arrangements, which is why we used a Tautliner for uploading and downloading the shipment. It was indeed a great honour for us to handle such a huge overhang cargo. I’d like to express my gratitude towards my teammates and partners whose diligence and cooperation allowed us to terminate this project without a hitch,” added Mr. Simon Park.

Congratulations to Euko Logistics and wishing them all the best for their future projects!

A&L Cargo Services moves a heat recovery steam generator from Bintulu, Malaysia to Vietnam

The cargo was moved in 40 Pkgs of 1,000 CBM each

Globalia member in Haiphong, Vietnam, has just handled a project shipment consisting of 40 Pkgs of HRSG frames. The packages had a volume of 1,000 CBM each while the largest package weighed 35 tons and had a dimension of 18.2m(L) x 5.0m(W) x 1.9m(H).


“The items were loaded and chartered at the Bintulu Port of Malaysia and were moved all the way to Dung Quat Port, Vietnam. As our team is specialized in all type of oversized and heavy transport deliveries, they could complete the shipment smoothly” says Mr. Steve Long, General Director of A&L Cargo.

Congrats to A & L Cargo for the successful handling of a project cargo!

Globalia Delhi starts its new international courier and e-commerce business

Their new start-up called Inext Express is all set to provide a range of worldwide courier services

Inext Logistics and Supply Chain Pvt. Ltd, Globalia Delhi, India, is now offering express delivery services by launching their new start-up called Inext Express. Their wide range of express services includes overnight delivery, same day delivery and next day shipping with guaranteed deliveries in several countries across the world.

“Our newly launched express services apply to various kinds of items including pharma, perishable goods, hand-carry items, dangerous goods, exhibition shipments, EOU/SEZ & FTWZ cargo and more. Some of the highlighting features of our express services are flexible pick-up and delivery timings, same day clearance and delivery, flexible billing, merchandise payment facility, and 24×7 operations.” says, Mr. Amar Khurana, Managing Director of Inext Logistics.

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Presently, they are providing a vast range of urgent and same day express services for both lightweight and heavyweight shipments around the world. “We hope that the launch of our Express Services department will be really helpful for meeting the unique requirements of our customers,” adds Mr. Khurana.

Congratulations to Globalia Delhi and wishing them the very best for their new endeavour!

Globalia member in Brazilian cities Itajai & Sao Paulo successfully transports 8,000 tons of organic corn

The shipment which was loaded at the Port of Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil, was shipped all the way to the Port of Baltimore, USA

LAC Worldwide do Brasil Transportes Internacionais S/A, Globalia member in Itajai and Sao Paulo, Brazil, hauls a large cargo shipment consisting of 8,000 tons of organic corn from Sao Paulo to Baltimore, USA. “This has been a rather significant project for our team, considering the sheer size of the cargo. We were required to ship 8,000 tons of corn within 5 weeks and obtaining the space on vessels within a very tight schedule had been a rather demanding task,” says Luiz Gustavo Avesani Moura, CEO of LAC Worldwide.

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Apart from providing complete logistics services of transporting the grains to the destination which is 1,200 km from the port, the company was also in charge of customs clearance, obtaining all the certifications required for the shipment of organic items and controlling the flow of trucks. One of the biggest challenges faces by them was the proper management of logistics without incurring extra costs with regard to storage or detention while complying with all the cutoffs and regulations for shipments of organic products.

The LAC Worldwide CEO adds, “We were also in charge of other complex cargoes such as boat/yacht shipments, break bulk and huge RORO shipments of heavy vehicles and much more. However, I found this shipment to be worth sharing with our network members primarily due to the complex nature of services provided in the current port situation in Brazil.”

Congratulations to LAC Worldwide for a job well done!

Globalia Sydney appoints their new National Operations and General Manager

Mr. Andy McClay will take up the charge of overseeing the everyday national operations across their Product & Service portfolio

Andy McClay who recently migrated from Northern Europe will now work from the PCFS headquarters in Sydney, Australia, as the General Manager of Globalia Sydney. Andy who has previously worked for companies in Australia, China, Japan and Singapore and, more recently, Europe, comes with more than 25 years of experience in the Global Logistics market.

In the words of Paul Petrovski, Managing Director of Globalia Sydney- Pauls Customs & Forwarding Solutions, “We cordially welcome Andy to our team and we look forward to the positive contributions his experience will make across our national network.”

independent freight agent

Mr Andy McClay has stated that, “I am very excited to join the PCFS team and I hope to make a significant contribution in the working of the national operations of our company!”

We wish Globalia Sydney all the success in this new stage!

Globalia Lahore welcomes a new team member to their sales and operations department

They have also celebrated their 3rd Anniversary last 25th of June, 2018

Globalia member in Lahore, which has turned 3 years last 25th June, has been joined by a new member, Ms. Farah, who has been working in their Sales and Operations department from the 1st of July. Farah, who has experience in the logistics industry, is sure to provide Logistics Inn with lots of new insights in this field.

logistics companiesIn the words of Muhammad Mushtaq, Managing Partner of Globalia Lahore: “Presently, Logistics Inn is experiencing incredible momentum in the market. Last year, we started offering customs brokerage and freight forwarding services to our customers and partners at Karachi and Islamabad. This year, we are pleased to welcome a new teammate who will enhance the Sales and Operations department of Logistics Inn and will certainly improve our proficient logistics management services.”

Logistics Inn, which started as a customs brokerage agent at the Lahore Airport and has now become one of the leading logistics service providers of the city, is confident in the new staff’s abilities and is looking forward to working with her.

We wish Globalia member in Lahore the very best for all their future endeavours!

Globalia Sydney acquires HACCP Australian Certification

HACCP Australian Certification is the globally recognised process control system which helps organisations in the food and beverage industry identify their food safety risks, prevent food safety hazards and address legal compliance

partner with logistics companyPauls Customs & Forwarding Solutions PTY LTD, our Globalia member in Sydney, Australia, has acquired full HACCP Australian Certification (Codex Alimentarius Alinorm 97/13A) pertaining to the “Warehousing and Storage of Shelf Stable Products” on the 24th of April 2018.

More and more Australia’s leading food businesses (retail, service,and manufacturing) now demand that their partners have a HACCP-based food safety programme in place. Many also require non-food products and services to be compatible with their HACCP programme.

That is why Paul Petrovski, Managing Director of Pauls Customs & Forwarding Solutions, declared that: “We are very proud to add this accreditation to our portfolio which has allowed our team to establish itself as a reliable partner for food businesses in Australia. I hope this would bolster the confidence of our clients and partners in our capability as one of the most competent freight forwarders in Sydney.”

Congratulations to PCFS for getting the HACCP Certification!

“Freight forwarding is a global business, which requires us to focus on strong partnership ties and collaborate as a solid team.” Interview with Globalia Madrid

This week we had an interview with Mr. Valeriano Garcia – CEO Globalia member in Madrid, who talks about his company and the challenges facing the freight forwarding industry.

Q. When and how did you get into the freight forwarding industry?
A. I started my career in the freight forwarding industry since June 1991.

Q. Can you tell us a little about ELS GROUP’ history?
A. ELS is a privately owned logistics company which was founded in Saudi Arabia in January 2012. Our company has very quickly evolved into a premier provider of freight forwarding, distribution and warehousing services. The core focus of our organization is to provide our clients with cost-effective and high-tech solutions for their complicated supply chain requirements.

Q. What distinguishes ELS GROUP from other freight forwarders in your city?
A. Our area of specialization is international transport and multi-modal transport and service. We have been offering complete traffic management services by identifying and evaluating the requirements of the shipper and designing customized shipping programs by making use of the most effective modes of transportation. We provide our clients with a range of logistical services, which include customs clearance, warehousing, distribution, technological services, specialized services for the automotive industry, tailor-made services and much more.
Our culture at ELS is marked by a robust “can do it” attitude- on which we count on for resolving challenging issues, carrying out our daily tasks and for coming up with creative solutions for our clients and partners.

Q. How is ELS GROUP dealing with their daily challenges?
A. Freight forwarding is a global business, which requires us to focus on strong partnership ties between independent freight forwarders and collaborate on more projects as a solid team. However, most freight forwarders fail to grasp the importance of cooperation and teamwork, which is precisely why they miss out on some of the most lucrative business opportunities.

Q. How could the freight forwarding industry improve?
A. Independent freight forwarders need to become part of a network and stay connected with each other, just like the multinational freight forwarders do.

Q. How is ELS GROUP dealing with their daily challenges?
A. Enhancing our IT system and working tirelessly to improve our work relations with the members helps us to get more projects and improve our company’s presence. We believe that teamwork with our partners in various parts of the world is something which can greatly boost our company’s profile.

Q. What attracted you most about Globalia Logistics Network?
A. Some of the factors that convinced us to join Globalia are the global coverage of the network, its reliability and of course the fact that only quality freight forwarders make it to this network.

Q. What would be the most significant shipment your team has handled?
A. Our most significant shipment so far has been the transportation of 4.5 metric tons of IMO mineral to China in a single shipment.

Q. What were the challenges with this shipment?
A. Liaising with the port authorities, road authorities, arranging for permits and licenses and negotiating with the carriers for obtaining equipment space within a very tight frame of time proved to be quite a challenge. Consolidated teamwork and our perfect relationship with the carriers, custom and port authorities are some of the factors which allowed us to execute this challenging project with considerable ease.

Q. Where do you see ELS GROUP in 10 years?
A. For the ELS team, the sky is the limit. In 10 years we will be as high as our efforts can drive us.