FreightViewer’s announcement – Globalia’s TMS – about the partnership with Shipco Consolidator covered by several logistics magazines

The agreement reached with Shipco is in the list of several projects programmed from FreightViewer Department with the aim of improving the system and offering a solid digital strategy to members. This project provides direct and exclusive access to LCL rates from FreightViewer enabling users to personalize them by adding a profit margin. The event has been covered by Hellenic Shipping News, AJOT, Logistic Business, Handy Shipping Guide, Mundo Logistico and Alimarket.

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American Journal of Transportation ( AJOT): is dedicated to providing shippers, carriers, transportation intermediaries, and logistics professionals with coverage of news and events that shape the world of international trade and transportation.

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide is an Online Daily Newspaper on Hellenic and International Shipping Leaders in global shipping news for over 10 years Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide.

Logistic Business: is a quarterly magazine that publishes daily news regarding the international supply chain, transport, warehousing, intralogistics, or material handling.

Handy Shipping Guide: designed and edited by freight professionals and experienced computer-based publishers, publishes information on any freight-linked company in an effort to extend and improve the value of the guide to all interested parties.

Mundo Logistico: printed and online publication which covers supply chain news.

Alimarket: established in 1982, Alimarket covers news about several industries with the aim of providing useful information to CEO’s and professionals from thousands of companies.

The articles published on the above-mentioned logistics websites cover some of the details of the new project, the importance of this achievement, and the advantages of the implemented feature. Globalia considers it fundamental to develop a digital strategy to overcome the changes that the sector is experimenting with, therefore, this is a major step which will help members in the race of digitization.


“FreightViewer is different than other online marketplaces. We are proud to work with Globalia in this project”

After establishing the partnership with Shipco, FreightViewer Department interviewed Morten Bach- Global Chief Commercial Officer at Shipco Transport- to analyse the current situation and the upcoming digital changes in logistics.

Logistics Industry Logistics Industry

Speed in quoting is essential in a market where the difference between one quote or the other has become minimum. This means that, in some cases, who quotes the faster will have the shipment. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to develop tools such as FreightViewer, states Mr. Morten Bach. He also adds that technology has disrupted in logistics and everything is happening amazingly fast, changing the landscape of logistics.

Mr. Bach also adds that the speed of the market is one of the other big changes in logistics, this is forcing traditional freight forwarders to change their way of thinking. They need to find the strategy to send shipments from A to B as fast as possible, achieve faster information sharing or better order management. And this can be done using different gateways than the traditional.

Under his point of view, it’s important to become global, reaching key partners and the right technology. Being part of a network, which offers a tool such as FreightViewer, means that small-medium companies will be able to become global, being much more competitive and, with the help of technology, being able to handle much more tasks along the process, optimizing their resources. Mr. Morten says: “With the pandemic the digitization process has been accelerated and those companies who didn’t have a great technology strategy have got caught by the new world-wide situation, not being able to serve their clients in the same way or the way they should”

Mr. Morten Bach pointed out the importance of visibility in logistics in order to take control over all shipments. According to his words “it’s essential to provide several options for a shipment to the client, if you don’t give various options to them, they will go somewhere else. Clients need what they need and if you don’t offer it, they will try another option”

To finalize, Mr. Morten states that, currently, there are two different sectors in logistics. Those that refuse to use digital services and those that only use digital resources. This means that we need to develop two different customer strategies, providing service to both groups, but never forgetting that digital trends will be extremely helpful in both strategies.

You are able to find Shipco rates directly through your FreightViewer profile accessing into your member area and personalize these adding your own profit margin. Please contact to obtain further information.

Interview with Andrea Martin, Globalia’s FreightViewer Coordinator

freight agents networkAndrea Martin is the main point of contact for FreightViewer, she coordinates the Department and is in charge of training Globalia members on the use of this exclusive TMS, assisting them with any doubts plus improving the software based on their feedback and needs. Before joining Globalia, Andrea worked in customer service, acquiring the necessary skills to solve client issues, providing technical support, and gaining a wide range of knowledge in communication. In this interview, Andrea talks about the advantages and new upgrades of Globalia’s exclusive member TMS: FreightViewer.

Q. Could you explain to us a little bit more about FreightViewer?

FreightViewer is a exclusive-member TMS Globalia Logistics Network has developed to offer a digital infrastructure that allows the establishment of an automated data transfer of carrier rates and tariffs. It enhances the accuracy of the quotation while significantly reducing its processing time, from a number of days to less than a minute. To put it simply, it allows members to organize their rates with their local and transport charges on a single platform.

Q. Which do you think are the advantages of FreightViewer?

The main advantage for Globalia members is that FreightViewer will allow them to be at the cutting edge of technology and compete with the stalwarts in the industry by digitalizing the majority of business processes. All data needed for developing a shipment will be stored in the software thus helping the users to come up with an accurate door-to-door quotation and provide immediate service to their customers and generate documents ready to be sent immediately. Additionally, their clients can go almost through all the logistics processes by themselves through the website for customers where different quotes can be compared quickly and easily. Moreover, each customer can be classified into different Client Categories with different mark-ups (profit margin), meaning members can personalize quotes for each customer. And all of these complex services are included in their membership fee, at no additional cost.

Q. Which are the new updates of FreightViewer?

Our aim is to integrate the main co-loader’s buying tariffs on a global scale into FreightViewer. That is why we have signed an agreement with SHIPCO to offer their LCL buying rates online through FreightViewer and we are in the process of negotiating the same with WEBCARGONET which will enable us to upload and update more than 14 million buying airfreight rates to FreightViewer.

We have a partnership with Onus Cargo Services, an insurance broker that offers rates from different insurance companies. This means you can ensure your cargo directly through FreightViewer, saving a lot of time in double typing information. Plus, the idea we have is to reach competitive insurance rates for Globalia members.

Q. How do you think FreightViewer contributes to Globalia members?

Globalia is the first international freight forwarding network with global coverage to launch instant quoting ability for its members.

The technological impact on the logistics sector in the last few years has been considerable, most of the top players in this industry are investing in enhancing their services by implementing a well-rounded digital strategy. That is why Globalia’s management has decided to design a customized software that allows members to interchange business within the network in the easiest and quickest possible way. The main difference with our competitors is the global coverage we offer. Members from more than 120 countries can use our TMS.

Q. What can members do with FreightViewer?

A. They can manage rates, put together personalized quotations, and send them quickly or save them in pdf. They can also follow up with their customers and customize their website. And everything by using a very intuitive platform.

Q. Why do you think technology is so important in the freight forwarders industry

A. The pandemic has brought a very important fact to our attention- Freight Forwarders need to digitalize.  Otherwise, they will fall behind the competition. Over the last year, many new digital freight forwarders like FLEXPORT, FREIGHTOS, FREIGHTHUB, etc. have invested millions in digitization, so now there is no turning back, it’s not the future anymore, it’s the present.

We are one of the very few international freight forwarding networks to successfully cope with the technological changes while providing our members with the opportunity to compete with the largest multinationals and everything is being done through FreightViewer.

 Q. Which do you think that are the main challenges for freight forwarders to digitalize their platforms?

A. The main problem is the huge amount of information managed in one single shipment, also, the volatility of the market is an important problem. But I think there is a new market emerging with a new customer type that is much more impatient and demanding than before. So, there is no other option, freight forwarders need to go a step further in this business and try new features such as FreightViewer. With the help of technology, some of the main issues faced day by day by a freight forwarder can be minimized, and their services can be optimized. Nonetheless, we should never forget that personal contact is extremely important in this industry-  technology will never replace this contact but it will help to improve customer service.

GLB agent in Dubai describes FreightViewer as a useful marketing and sales tool for members

After the launch of Globalia’s Transport Management Software, FreightViewer Department has been receiving plenty of applications from members to test the software and suggest its improvements. Mr. Julian Wolff, logistics consultant of Cargotrans, our GLB member in Dubai, has been collaborating with FreightViewer Department and is now willing to start to work with FreightViewer

Mr. Julian states: “FreightViewer is a nice online tool to look up rates. It has an easy and user-friendly interface. Whoever has worked in freight forwarding before is able to use it without any problems” After testing FCL, Air, local and transport rates; Mr. Wolff’s opinion is that it’s very easy to enter and find rates throughout FreightViewer. Additionally, he comments that it is important to take into account that FreightViewer can be used directly with local customers: “FreightViewer can be used for local clients as well, […] each agent can implement it and create an advantage and benefit for their own direct customers”

Finally, our GLB member encourages all agents to use the software to create a database available for members and customers 24/7, Mr Julian says: “ I  encourage everyone from the Globalia network to use it because it will help to create a huge database from which all members benefit. Being able to find rates 24/7 from any place around the world within minutes helps to win more business. The more agents we have using it, the better it gets”

FreightViewer Department will be happy to assist you if you may need any assistance with the use of FreightViewer or would like to know more about the system, contact, we will be happy to assist you. Additionally, from now on, FreightViewer’s team will also share with members our latest news through FacebookTwitterLinkedin and QQ

The technological advancements are foreseen to transform the logistics industry in 2020

Some of the top technological trends in the logistics industry include Blockchain, IoT devices, warehouse robotics, autonomous vehicles, and freight rate management tools

While digital innovations are already making waves across industries, the logistics industry which has always been known to be heavily reliant on manual processes has been most impacted by these changes. Some of the top players in the sector are even making use of different types of Artificial Intelligence for enhanced traffic management, maintenance scheduling, determination of perilous travel locations, planning of construction activities and more.

The advent of Machine Learning or Big Data has greatly helped them with vehicle diagnostics, real-time location, financial business forecasts, social media data etc. Moreover, the last year has also witnessed considerable growth in the use of self-driving vehicles and drone deliveries. However, it will still take some time until autonomous trucks become a usual sight on the highway.

digital transformation

While Blockchain, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), warehouse robotics, and automated delivery of goods are already being practiced by the giants of the industry, small and medium-sized companies are also trying their very best to manage and grow their businesses with the help of various innovative software which can be used for cargo management, simplification of bookings, quotation management, operations management, and monitoring of the cargo in real-time.

With this in mind, Globalia has introduced FreightViewer, which is already speeding up members’ quote processing time and allowing them to send a detailed PDF of the quotation to their clients within less than a minute. The idea behind creating this member-exclusive tool is to enable the GLB members to be on par with the top players in the industry by ensuring that they no longer miss out on a single business opportunity because of their inability to provide their clients with a quick quotation of their services.

Additionally, from now on, FreightViewer’s team will also share with members our latest news through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and QQ

Globalia launches a professional and cutting-edge website which will greatly boost the productivity of the members

The remodelled website of Globalia will come with all the previous features along with a new freight rate management platform which will allow the members to generate instant online quotations for their door-to-door services

The new website of Globalia Logistics Network comes with a clear and uncluttered design and enhanced functionality which is sure to provide the members with the most hassle-free user experience.

Globalia’s new website will offer the visitors an optimal viewing experience while the responsive web design will ensure that it works on all sorts of devices without the slightest hitch. All the navigational elements of the webpages (such as the screen layouts, audio, video, images, and texts) will henceforth be automatically readjusted on all sorts of devices.

freight forwarders network

Additionally, Globalia’s new website will also include their new freight rate management tool which will vastly expedite the business processes of the member companies. With FreightViewer, Globalia members will be able to digitize the process of quote preparation and come up with a PDF of the quotation for their door-to-door services within just 30 seconds.

“The idea behind the development of our new website and the online tool is to enhance the productivity of our members while reducing their quote processing time from days to just a couple of seconds. The new website will offer our visitors a totally smooth and comfortable user experience while our new online tool will allow our valued members to focus on their businesses instead of spending days on dreary manual quotations,” says Mr. Antonio Torres, President, and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network.

The revamped Globalia website along with the new online tool will greatly empower the members, enhance their customer services and add to their client base.

Feel free to check out the new website by hitting the following link.