Interview with BlueX Trade one of the most innovative companies in the logistics industry

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Andrea Martin, from Globalia’s FreightViewer Department, together with Wilson Huang senior sales manager at BlueX Trade, have analyzed the current situation in the logistics market exploring topics significantly affecting freight forwarders such as digitization, e-commerce and the future post-pandemic situation

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FreigthViewer Department_Interview_BlueX_Digitization
FreigthViewer Department Interview with BlueX


Globalia logistics Network is offering the best options in terms of technological tools to our members. Moreover, we consider it fundamental to work alongside our agents in a very complex task viz the digitization of the freight forwarding services. The logistics industry is experencing a disruptive transformation and this process generates the rise of different technological services and solutions from companies, such as BlueX Trade.

FreightViewer Department is working  to partner with companies that will provide the best digital tools to members for the digitization process and BlueX is one of them. They are revolutionizing freightTech neutral platform which allow shippers, freight forwarders and carriers to make ocean logistics and transportation more accessible. They are doing this by connecting buyers and sellers in a unique platform.

BlueX works directly with carriers in order to develop a renovated business model based on driving additional revenue. In this  interview, Wilson Huang and Andrea Martin, talk about how logistics is changing to be a much more efficient and customer service focused industry. Additionally, they have also discussed how the pandemic has accelerated the digitization process.

Mr. Huang states that even three years ago, the industry was only starting the process. Nevertheless, during the last two years there has been a major improvement and acceleration. Eight out of the top ten carriers have developed their own instant quoting platform.  This proceed started in 2008 when Maersk launched Maersk Spot Booking, their online booking platform.  Currently fifty-two per cent of Maersk spot cargo are booked on their online platform.

Mr. Huang provides a very valuable vision since he has worked both as a freight forwarder and as a carrier. For Mr. Huang the digitization is not the future anymore, it is currently happening. Historically carriers have been a step ahead from freight forwarders in terms of digitization. However, this trend started to change a few years ago. Freight forwarders are starting to move on with digitization. The best example to show this phenomenon is the digital freight forwarder founded in 2013, Flexport. Nowadays, the pandemic has turned the digital process from a trend to a reality.