The news of the success of Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting gets published in eight websites

More than 100 international freight forwarders traveled to Phuket, Thailand, to attend Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting that took place from 15th to 17th March

Globalia Logistics Network’s 4th Annual Meeting which took place at Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort in Phuket, Thailand, was an out-and-out success. More than 100 network members from over 50 countries came to Phuket to participate in three days of business discussions and networking with their logistics partners. Eight websites from the freight and logistics sector have covered the news about the successful conclusion of Globalia Logistics Network’s Annual Conference at Phuket.

Globalia Logistics Network
Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting


The news published on these websites mainly talks about the success of the in-person meetings, and how they fostered networking and helped to further the interests of the members’ companies.

Listed below are the websites that have published the news about Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting.

Actualidad Marítima y Portuaria is an initiative of the students and professors of the International Master in Maritime and Port Administration (MIAMP) at International Maritime Business School. Moreover, their online magazine has been publishing news and resources from the logistics industry since 2009.

AJOT or the American Journal of Transportation is a web portal publishing relevant news from the transportation and logistics industry. This website features the latest and most relevant news and reports from the international freight forwarding industry.

Forwarder Magazine is an all-inclusive resource for logistics, shipping and forwarding news, information and insight. From expert opinions to trade-specific knowledge in the air/sea/road freight sector, this website covers everything of relevance in the transportation and logistics market.

Grupo Todologistica is a company that has been helping entrepreneurs in the logistics industry to generate new business opportunities by helping them to enhance their marketing and promotion strategies.

Maritime Gateway has emerged as South Asia’s premier publication focused on the shipping and logistics industry during the past decade. They are committed to create a meaningful space that presents useful information on the latest happenings, topical issues and current trends in the industry.

Darysa Freight is a Cambodia-based company that has established itself as one of the foremost players in the freight and logistics markets of Phnom Penh.

The Heavy Lift Group is an international group of specialized heavy transport companies which combine their forces to offer the best expertise and service according to customer needs.

Freight Mergers are specialists in the sales, mergers and acquisitions of companies within the global freight and logistics market. They work with some of the most renowned names in the industry, from SMEs to publicly listed companies and everything in between.


Globalia creates a new website application for their 4th Annual Meeting in March 2023

Globalia’s new web app will help members conveniently navigate through the day-to-day agenda of the Annual Meeting once they reach the meeting venue in Phuket

Globalia Logistics Network has created a new web app dedicated to their upcoming Annual Meeting. Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting for freight forwarders will be held at Le Meridien Beach Resort in Phuket, Thailand, from 15th to 17th March 2023. Their new website portal will allow the members to access all information relating to the daily meeting agenda right from their mobile devices.

Globalia Logistics Network
Globalia’s New Web App


“We have created this web portal to bring together all the pertinent information about the event at our members’ fingertips and make the conference a seamless one for our members. The Globalia team is always working hard to elevate the level of our services and ensure the best possible networking experience for our members. The launching of this web app is a part of that endeavour,” says Maria Serrano, the PR and Event Coordinator of Globalia Logistics Network.

Members will be able to find all the necessary info regarding the meeting agenda by visiting the web app and logging in with their email and password. Most importantly, the web application will allow members to view their meeting slots, the timings, the table number, the names of the delegates they are about to meet, and the city and company they are representing. The app will also allow the members to search for delegates from a particular territory from the delegate list. Lastly, the members can even access event photos and share them on their social media feed directly from the app.




Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting includes a Day Trip to Phi Phi Island in its activities

The day tour will allow the agents to explore the marvels of Phuket and foster deeper connections with their network partners

Globalia Logistics Network’s 4th Annual Meeting at Phuket, Thailand in March 2023 will include an optional day trip for the delegates and their spouses. On the 15th of March 2023, delegates who’ve signed up for the group tour will be visiting the Phi Phi Islands by speed boat and explore some of the most exotic destinations such as the Viking Cave, the Loh Samay Bay, the Pileh Cove and the Monkey Island.

Globalia Logistics Network's 4th Annual Meeting
Globalia’s Day Trip to the Phi Phi Islands


Additionally, the delegates will be lunching at a local eatery and can go for outdoor activities such as swimming and snorkelling following which they will be returning to the hotel for the Welcome Cocktail Reception. The day trip will help to create an informal platform for fostering team spirit among the delegates. A corporate group tour of the network agents will create the right environment for nurturing friendships with friendship among network members and open up new channels of communication.

In the words of Globalia’s Founder and Director Antonio Torres, “The primary objective of this additional activity is to bolster the ties among the members. The focus of this corporate tour is to enhance communications among the delegates who will now get a better and more congenial socializing space.”

This day trip will also allow delegates to engage in sightseeing activities and discover the local culture and the fantastic beaches around Phuket. Furthermore, it will help to break the ice among the delegates and give them a chance to establish a lasting bond with their existing and future partners.

Globalia’s June Newsletter for 2022 has been published

The newsletter includes the latest news from the network, the agents and pertinent news and articles from the freight forwarding industry

Globalia Logistics Network’s June Newsletter for 2022 is now out and available for viewing and downloading from the website. The newsletter includes all the relevant news from the network along with a selection of news and articles from the transportation and logistics sector. It starts with the details of Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting that will take place in Phuket, Thailand, in March 2023. Additionally, there is a page on the newest activity of this in-person meeting viz. a day trip with the delegates and how it will strengthen the bonding among the network members.

Globalia Logistics Network
Globalia’s Newsletter for June


Click on the above image to read the newsletter

Globalia’s June newsletter has published the news of the recent achievements of agents in Seoul, Sao Paolo, Itajai, Southampton, and Piraeus. Additionally, there is a special news about Globalia Ankara who are extensively using FreightViewer to generate their quotations. In the interview section, there is an interview with Rania Skouta from Globalia Piraeus who talks about the history of her company, the challenges in the industry and the keys to success among other things. In the interview with Globalia’s Membership Development Coordinator Dustin Brown, he talks about his experiences at Globalia, the benefits of the agents in sales terms, the sales objectives of the team, the challenging aspects of his job and more.

The sector news for this edition is about the emergence of Brussels airport as one of the top air cargo hubs in Europe. Furthermore, there are also several pertinent news headlines from the industry. Lastly, there is an article on Smart Cost Optimization Tips that will help freight forwarding companies to reduce their operational expenses.

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Globalia Logistics Network’s 4th Annual Meeting will take place at Le Meridien Beach Resort in Phuket, Thailand from 15th to 17th March 2023

After over two years, Globalia members from nearly 130 countries will assemble under one roof to reinforce their partnerships by meeting face-to-face under both formal and informal settings

Globalia Logistics Network’s 4th Annual Meeting will take place at Le Meridien Beach Resort in Phuket, Thailand from 15th to 17th March 2023. For the first time since the pandemic over 193 agents are gearing up to participate in an in-person meeting at the tropical beaches of Phuket. Just like Globalia’s previous face-to-face meetings, the conference will include a Welcome Cocktail Reception, a Gala Dinner party, and around 6000 one-to-one meetings between network members.

freight forwarders meeting
Globalia Logistics Network’s 4th Annual Meeting


Click on the above image to visit our Annual Meeting Page

Each member will get to take part in 32 one-to-one meetings with their network partners. Face-to-face communication will bring a sense of community to the network. Moreover, the conference will allow the agents to socialize and interact which in turn will make way for trust and a better working relationship. More importantly, the in-person conference will majorly facilitate securing new business opportunities while strengthening the ties among Globalia members.

Additionally, this year Globalia is organizing a half day sight-seeing tour to Phi Phi Island. This optional group tour will allow members to discover some remarkable spots in and around the island. Additionally, apart from letting the members explore the marvels of Thailand, it will also promote friendship between network members, and foster a sense of goodwill and camaraderie within the Globalia team.

Registration for the Annual Meeting is now open. Visit our Annual Meeting page for further details about the conference.

The winter edition of Globalia’s 2019 newsletters is now available for viewing on our website

The December edition of the newsletter comes with relevant news from the network and the industry along with many other interesting sections

best freight forwarder network

It pleases us to announce that the December edition of Globalia’s quarterly newsletter is now on print and the online version can be viewed on our website. Like every other issue, Globalia’s December newsletter is packed with all the news about the latest accomplishments of our members, and important news bits from the supply chain industry. You will also find a feature about the highlights of Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting and how it can strengthen the growth and networking capacities of our members along with an article about the benefits of outdoor corporate group activities.

Since this is the last edition of our 2019 newsletters, we have also included a post about all the remarkable achievements of our network. Our feature on “World’s Best Supply Chain Universities and Degree Program” will shed light on the top logistics and supply chain management courses being offered by the most reputed universities across the world. Members who are looking forward to getting their best employees trained in one of these courses should definitely give it a close look. We urge you to send us the news about the latest achievements of your company so that we can promote your company by publishing it on our website and on our upcoming newsletter. 

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This year Globalia is offering an early bird discount for delegates registering for GLB’s 4th Annual Meeting

Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting will also include a new group activity which will foster better team building by allowing the members to socialize in a relaxed outdoor ambience

Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting to be held from 29th-31st March 2020 at Phuket, Thailand, will come with an early bird discount on the registration fee for the delegates and their spouses. Delegates who register for the meeting and make their payment before the 8th of January will be able to avail the special discounted rate. While the normal registration fee is 730 €, early birds will get to register at the reduced price of 680 €. Moreover, there’s going to be a discount of 75€ per delegate when two or more delegates register for the meeting.

Globalia’s new team building activity will come in the form of an optional group tour to the Phi Phi Islands with the delegates and their spouses. The day trip which will take place on the 29th of March from 8:30 to 17:30 will take the delegates on a speed boat ride to the gorgeous Phi Phi Islands to be followed by a group lunch and sightseeing trip to some of the marvels of this island.

freight forwarders network

In the words of Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network, “The day trip has been organized to foster better relationships among the members who will now have ample time to socialize before getting ahead with the one-to-one meetings on the following day. The day trip will certainly help the members to hit a just the right balance between business and relaxation thereby making the trip to Phuket all the more worthwhile.”

Globalia’s new team building activity will come in the form of an optional group tour to the Phi Phi Islands with the delegates and their spouses. The day trip which will take place on the 29th of March from 8:30 to 17:30 will take the delegates on a speed boat ride to the gorgeous Phi Phi Islands to be followed by a group lunch and sightseeing trip to some of the marvels of this island.

For further information kindly visit the Annual Meeting section of our website.

Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting will take place at Le Meridien Beach Resort in Phuket, Thailand

The event which will take place from 29th – 31st March 2020 will also include a corporate group tour with the attending delegates

The date, venue, and agenda of Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting have already been finalized. In the coming year, our members will be attending our Annual Meeting at Le Meridien Beach Resort on the beautiful island of Phuket from 29th-31st March. Like all our previous conferences, our 2020 Annual Meeting will also help to reinforce the ties among network members while driving a substantial amount of businesses for the member companies.

freight forwarders network

Some of the highlights of the meeting will include the Welcome Cocktail Reception, a Gala Dinner, Party, and 32 one-to-one meetings with your existing and potential partners. Moreover, this year we have included a half day group sightseeing tour with the members to one of the must-visit destinations near the island. A relaxing trip with your fellow members will promote your networking in a way which cannot be achieved by any other means.

The details about the meeting, venue, and agenda is already available on our website. The information about the registration will soon be made available.