The September edition of Globalia Logistics Network’s quarterly newsletter for 2023 is now online

This newsletter edition contains updates and insights from the network, the logistics sector, as well as pertinent information about Globalia’s 5th Annual Meeting at Bali

Globalia Logistics Network
Globalia Newsletters September 2023

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Globalia Logistics Network’s September 2023 newsletter has been released and is accessible for viewing and downloading on Globalia’s website under the Newsletter section. Within this edition, readers will discover relevant details about Globalia’s 5th Annual Meeting at Bali in 2024 including engaging insights about the city, the conference venue and the one-to-one meetings.

Readers will discover valuable insights in our upcoming conference that are sure to encourage their active participation. As always, Globalia’s newsletter will keep readers updated on the recent accomplishments of network members over the past three months. This newsletter covers the news of network members in Hanoi, Thessaloniki, Itajai/Sao Paolo, Jakarta, Marseille, and Vadodara. Additionally, there is a compilation of industry news headlines to keep the readers abreast with the logistics industry trends.

One particularly notable highlight is Maersk’s recent green methanol agreement with a Norwegian petroleum refining company, a development poised to make a substantial contribution to sustainability efforts in the container shipping sector. Moreover, the newsletter covers the latest headlines related to the supply chain industry. Finally, the newsletter features an article delving into the significance of marine cargo insurance for sea freight forwarders, a topic that promises to be both informative and engaging for the readers.

A new shareholder for Globalia Jakarta

Andrianto, who started working with their company as a Sales Director in 2015, has now taken on the role of a shareholder

Andrianto -Tera Forwarders Indonesia

Tera Forwarders Indonesia, a Globalia member in Jakarta, Indonesia, welcomes Andrianto as their new shareholder. Andrianto’s journey with Tera Forwarders Indonesia commenced in 2015 when he assumed the position of Sales Director. Over the years, his commitment, innovative thinking, and unyielding support have consistently contributed to the company’s milestones. His choice to embrace the role of a shareholder is a resounding endorsement of the company’s vision and its potential for sustained growth.

“Andrianto’s decision to become a shareholder reflects his confidence in the long-term growth prospects of our company. We take this opportunity to celebrate Andrianto’s leap as a shareholder and to acknowledge the significance of this moment,” says Anang Hidayat, General Manager of Tera Forwarders. Andianto’s new role will further enhance their strategic decision-making process and bring renewed vigour to their company’s expansion trajectory.

Congratulations to Globalia Jakarta and all the best for their upcoming projects!

Globalia Budapest celebrates their 75th Anniversary

75 Anniversary of Masped Logistics- Globalia
Masped Logistics- Globalia


They have consistently upheld a reputation for reliability, expertise, and accuracy throughout the last seven decades

Masped Logistics has recently celebrated their 75th anniversary. Since 1948 – year in which Globalia member in Budapest, Hungary, was established, they have been playing a decisive role in the industry as a participant in various market sectors, including warehouse logistics, customs clearance and excise services, inland distribution, international freight forwarding, as well as event and exhibition logistics.

As stated by Miklos Bartko the Division Manager of Globalia Budapest, “Belying its 75 year old age, Masped is youthful, energetic and always ready for action and development. With our extensive experience and a dedicated team, we assure our domestic and foreign customers that they are in capable hands.”

Over the past few years, Masped has placed a strong emphasis on social responsibility, active participation in professional organizations, and adopting a sustainable and ethical approach to business. Mr Bartko further adds, “On this special occasion, we would like to thank our partners in Globalia for the support and trust in the last 2 years and we look with confidence to our common future.”

Congratulations to Masped Logistics and here’s to another 75 years of success and excellence!


Globalia Dublin celebrates 30 years of business

Transland Group states that the “key to the company’s longevity lies in understanding market trends and moving with them”

Transland Group, Globalia member in Dublin, Ireland, recently celebrated their 30th Anniversary. They celebrated the occasion with a jubilant gathering, where both the employees and long-standing staff members joined in the celebration.

Transland Group- independent freight forwarder
30th Anniversary of Globalia Dublin


Managing Director of Transland Group, Kieran Conlon, has overseen many changes to the company over the past 30 years, from its origins as a groupage and forwarding operator to a pallet distribution specialist.

“Since Brexit, Transland Group has emerged as a leading Customs Clearance expert in the movement of goods between mainland Europe,” he says, and adds, “I’m extremely proud to have reached 30 years in business, as many of our competitors haven’t been as lucky. I believe the key to the company’s longevity lies in understanding market trends and moving with them”.

Transland Group - Globalia Dublin, Ireland
Transland Group- Globalia Dublin, Ireland


Looking to the future, Transland Group is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by switching to energy-efficient vehicles and equipment. Additionally, the company also recognizes the importance of employing and retaining the best staff, in order to consistently provide customers with an excellent service.

Congratulations to Globalia Dublin – and here’s to another 30 years!

Globalia’s June Newsletter for 2022 has been published

The newsletter includes the latest news from the network, the agents and pertinent news and articles from the freight forwarding industry

Globalia Logistics Network’s June Newsletter for 2022 is now out and available for viewing and downloading from the website. The newsletter includes all the relevant news from the network along with a selection of news and articles from the transportation and logistics sector. It starts with the details of Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting that will take place in Phuket, Thailand, in March 2023. Additionally, there is a page on the newest activity of this in-person meeting viz. a day trip with the delegates and how it will strengthen the bonding among the network members.

Globalia Logistics Network
Globalia’s Newsletter for June


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Globalia’s June newsletter has published the news of the recent achievements of agents in Seoul, Sao Paolo, Itajai, Southampton, and Piraeus. Additionally, there is a special news about Globalia Ankara who are extensively using FreightViewer to generate their quotations. In the interview section, there is an interview with Rania Skouta from Globalia Piraeus who talks about the history of her company, the challenges in the industry and the keys to success among other things. In the interview with Globalia’s Membership Development Coordinator Dustin Brown, he talks about his experiences at Globalia, the benefits of the agents in sales terms, the sales objectives of the team, the challenging aspects of his job and more.

The sector news for this edition is about the emergence of Brussels airport as one of the top air cargo hubs in Europe. Furthermore, there are also several pertinent news headlines from the industry. Lastly, there is an article on Smart Cost Optimization Tips that will help freight forwarding companies to reduce their operational expenses.

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Globalia’s first quarterly newsletter of 2022 comes packed with news, interviews, and articles from the logistics industry

Globalia’s spring newsletter for 2022 is now available for reading and downloading from the Newsletter section of the Globalia’s website

Globalia Logistics Network’s first quarterly newsletter for 2022 is now out. Members can view and download the newsletter from Globalia’s website. The newsletter is well stocked with the latest news and interview from the members as well as breaking news and interesting reports from the logistics industry. Additionally, it also features all the important news and updates from the network.

Globalia's Quarterly Newsletter
1st edition of Globalia’s quarterly newsletter


Inside the newsletter, you will be reading a detailed feature on the new online logistics courses exclusively offered to Globalia members. Moreover, you will get to read all the latest news from your network partners in Ho Chi Minh, Tangier, Tema/Accra, Munich and Bristol. There is also an engaging interview with the MD of Globalia Sydney- one of Globalia’s founding members. In this interview, he talks about his experiences at Globalia and the factors that encouraged him to remain a member for the last 5 years.

We have included a special interview with Manuel Cardona, Globalia’s IT Manager and FreightViewer Developer. In this interview, he talks about the origins of this platform, what motivated the GLB team to develop and improve it, and its future potentials. There is also a news about the online certificate of membership that members can henceforth download and print.

Our sector news in focus is about the new logistics tools from Google and its uses. Additionally, you can also glance through some of the news headlines from the supply chain sector. Lastly, we have included a special article about intermodal containers and its utilities.

Do not forget to check out the page on cities needing coverage and make sure to refer your industry peers!

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Futur Trans Atlantic FTA creates a larger parking space to accommodate more trailers

Their new parking lot is located in Tangier West – 30 minutes away from the Tanger Med Port

Futur Trans Atlantic FTA, Globalia member in Tangier, Morocco, has recently expanded its parking space to 75,000 m² and increased its capacity to 600 trailers. Their new parking zone is located in Tangier West near the industrial zones. Moreover, it is also close to the toll booth and is just 30 minutes from the Tanger Med Port.

Futur Trans Atlantic- independent freight forwarder
Futur Trans Atlantic- independent freight forwarder


In the words of Mr. El Mootamid Abbad Andaloussi, the President of Futur Trans Atlantic, “Our parking lot will offer our customers a safe place for all types of vehicles and machines, thanks to our security systems consisting of cameras that detect every movement. Additionally, our well-trained security guards and dog handlers add a further degree of security to our customers’ cargoes.”

Congratulations to Futur Trans Atlantic and all the best for their upcoming shipments!

Globalia’s Newsletter for December is now online

The December edition of the newsletter includes a special feature on Globalia’s 5th Anniversary, along with trending news from the industry and from the network members

The winter edition of Globalia’s quarterly newsletter has been published and can be viewed on our website. On the occassion of Globalia’s 5th Anniversary, we have published a special feature about how the network successfully implemented a comprehensive strategy to boost our agents’ growth and performance. Additionally, you will get to read what Globalia members have to say about the efficiency of the network.

Globalia December Newsletter
Globalia’s Newsletter for December


Like always, you will find all the recent news about our members in the last three months plus an interview with GLB Tangiers. The report on Container Prices will help you keep a pulse on the latest container shipping trends. Our sector news in focus is about the current air cargo operations by DHL. Furthermore, you will also find the trending news headlines from the supply chain sector. Lastly, our report on the rise of smart ports will update you with the digitization endeavours of ports around the world.

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