The winter edition of Globalia’s 2019 newsletters is now available for viewing on our website

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The December edition of the newsletter comes with relevant news from the network and the industry along with many other interesting sections

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It pleases us to announce that the December edition of Globalia’s quarterly newsletter is now on print and the online version can be viewed on our website. Like every other issue, Globalia’s December newsletter is packed with all the news about the latest accomplishments of our members, and important news bits from the supply chain industry. You will also find a feature about the highlights of Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting and how it can strengthen the growth and networking capacities of our members along with an article about the benefits of outdoor corporate group activities.

Since this is the last edition of our 2019 newsletters, we have also included a post about all the remarkable achievements of our network. Our feature on “World’s Best Supply Chain Universities and Degree Program” will shed light on the top logistics and supply chain management courses being offered by the most reputed universities across the world. Members who are looking forward to getting their best employees trained in one of these courses should definitely give it a close look. We urge you to send us the news about the latest achievements of your company so that we can promote your company by publishing it on our website and on our upcoming newsletter. 

Happy reading!