Globalia’s 5th Annual Meeting is all set to take place in Bali, Indonesia, from 17th- 19th April 2024

This in-person conference will provide an unparalleled opportunity for 219 agents to gather and lay the foundation for countless business opportunities

Globalia Logistics Network’s 5th Annual Meeting will take place in the breathtaking island paradise of Bali, Indonesia, from 17th to 19th April 2024. The prestigious Intercontinental Bali Resort Hotel has been selected as the venue for this eagerly awaited conference of freight forwarders. Moreover, this meeting represents a unique and invaluable opportunity for Globalia members to meet in person and establish lasting connections with dependable international logistics partners.

Globalia's 5th Annual Meeting
Globalia’s 5th Annual Meeting


With a strong focus on enhancing the delegates’ businesses, the Annual Meeting aims to maximize the benefits of membership for all participants. The event will commence with a Day Trip, followed by a Welcome Cocktail Reception, creating a relaxed atmosphere for delegates to engage with their fellow members before embarking on the one-to-one business meetings the following day. Each delegate will have the opportunity to conduct up to 32 one-to-one meetings with their network partners. These one-to-one meetings, which serve as the cornerstone of the conference’s activities, play a vital role in fostering lucrative collaboration among the network members.

Antonio Torres, President and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network, emphasized the team’s commitment to delivering a seamless and worthwhile networking experience for the delegates. He stated, “We have dedicated considerable effort to ensuring that our yearly conferences provide the utmost value to our members. Furthermore, our team is working tirelessly to provide an unparalleled networking experience for the delegates. Our members’ participation in the event will serve to enhance the profitability of their companies, enabling them to make the most of the benefits of their membership.”

Additionally, the FreightViewer workshops that will take place in the course of the meeting will keep the agents informed about the latest features of Globalia’s member-exclusive TMS. Moreover, apart from the packed meeting schedule, Globalia’s 5th Annual Meeting will also allow the delegates to socialize in a more relaxed atmosphere. The event will feature a corporate group tour, a welcome cocktail reception, and a dinner party, ensuring a perfect balance between business and leisure throughout the conference.

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The news of the success of Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting gets published in eight websites

More than 100 international freight forwarders traveled to Phuket, Thailand, to attend Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting that took place from 15th to 17th March

Globalia Logistics Network’s 4th Annual Meeting which took place at Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort in Phuket, Thailand, was an out-and-out success. More than 100 network members from over 50 countries came to Phuket to participate in three days of business discussions and networking with their logistics partners. Eight websites from the freight and logistics sector have covered the news about the successful conclusion of Globalia Logistics Network’s Annual Conference at Phuket.

Globalia Logistics Network
Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting


The news published on these websites mainly talks about the success of the in-person meetings, and how they fostered networking and helped to further the interests of the members’ companies.

Listed below are the websites that have published the news about Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting.

Actualidad Marítima y Portuaria is an initiative of the students and professors of the International Master in Maritime and Port Administration (MIAMP) at International Maritime Business School. Moreover, their online magazine has been publishing news and resources from the logistics industry since 2009.

AJOT or the American Journal of Transportation is a web portal publishing relevant news from the transportation and logistics industry. This website features the latest and most relevant news and reports from the international freight forwarding industry.

Forwarder Magazine is an all-inclusive resource for logistics, shipping and forwarding news, information and insight. From expert opinions to trade-specific knowledge in the air/sea/road freight sector, this website covers everything of relevance in the transportation and logistics market.

Grupo Todologistica is a company that has been helping entrepreneurs in the logistics industry to generate new business opportunities by helping them to enhance their marketing and promotion strategies.

Maritime Gateway has emerged as South Asia’s premier publication focused on the shipping and logistics industry during the past decade. They are committed to create a meaningful space that presents useful information on the latest happenings, topical issues and current trends in the industry.

Darysa Freight is a Cambodia-based company that has established itself as one of the foremost players in the freight and logistics markets of Phnom Penh.

The Heavy Lift Group is an international group of specialized heavy transport companies which combine their forces to offer the best expertise and service according to customer needs.

Freight Mergers are specialists in the sales, mergers and acquisitions of companies within the global freight and logistics market. They work with some of the most renowned names in the industry, from SMEs to publicly listed companies and everything in between.


More than 100 freight forwarders from all over the world get together in Phuket to participate in Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting

The conference which took place from 15th to 17th March brought together freight forwarders from over 50 countries under one roof for three days of uninterrupted networking

Globalia Logistics Network’s 4th Annual Meeting which took place in Phuket, Thailand, from 15th to 17th March 2023 has had a very successful outcome. After organizing virtual conferences for two years because of the pandemic, the Globalia team finally got the chance to organize an in-person meeting bringing together freight forwarders from over 100 cities from 50 countries in one place for productive business networking and for building lasting partnerships.

Globalia's 4th Annual Meeting
Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting


Additionally, on the occasion of this meeting, Globalia created a new web app that allowed the delegates to constantly stay updated with the meeting agenda. On logging, into this application, the delegates could access every meeting information and check all the required information about the schedule of the conference which greatly helped the agents.

To quote Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network, “The meeting allowed our delegates to get acquainted with the new agents while consolidating the partnerships with the existing members. By bringing together hundreds of independent freight forwarders from all corners of the globe, we have been able to promote a sense of trust and bonding within our network, which will have a positive impact on the number of concerted projects.”

In course of the two days of the Meeting, the delegates conducted numerous one-to-one meetings with their chosen partners. The one-to-one business talks which constituted the most important aspect of the conference allowed the delegates to sit face-to-face with their partners and discuss the possibilities of collaborative projects. Lastly, these meetings helped the members to showcase their business, and explain their areas of expertise to their fellow partners thereby laying the foundation for trust and a better working relationship.

The Group Tour, the Welcome Cocktail Reception, and the Gala Dinner Party were some of the highlights of the event that allowed the delegates to wind down and have a relaxing time in a friendly and informal ambiance. In other words, these socializing activities coupled with the formal in-person meetings formed the perfect balance between business and leisure.

In the words of one of the attending members  “I want to thank the entire Globalia team for all the hard work to provide such a well-organized and successful conference. We have some future projects on hand and we are looking forward to the upcoming event.”

Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting at Phuket was a successful endeavour that has allowed the agents to return home with plenty of business prospects in hand. Attending the event has enabled the members to grow their operations by serving new territories and forging lasting partnerships.

Globalia creates a new website application for their 4th Annual Meeting in March 2023

Globalia’s new web app will help members conveniently navigate through the day-to-day agenda of the Annual Meeting once they reach the meeting venue in Phuket

Globalia Logistics Network has created a new web app dedicated to their upcoming Annual Meeting. Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting for freight forwarders will be held at Le Meridien Beach Resort in Phuket, Thailand, from 15th to 17th March 2023. Their new website portal will allow the members to access all information relating to the daily meeting agenda right from their mobile devices.

Globalia Logistics Network
Globalia’s New Web App


“We have created this web portal to bring together all the pertinent information about the event at our members’ fingertips and make the conference a seamless one for our members. The Globalia team is always working hard to elevate the level of our services and ensure the best possible networking experience for our members. The launching of this web app is a part of that endeavour,” says Maria Serrano, the PR and Event Coordinator of Globalia Logistics Network.

Members will be able to find all the necessary info regarding the meeting agenda by visiting the web app and logging in with their email and password. Most importantly, the web application will allow members to view their meeting slots, the timings, the table number, the names of the delegates they are about to meet, and the city and company they are representing. The app will also allow the members to search for delegates from a particular territory from the delegate list. Lastly, the members can even access event photos and share them on their social media feed directly from the app.




Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting includes a Day Trip to Phi Phi Island in its activities

The day tour will allow the agents to explore the marvels of Phuket and foster deeper connections with their network partners

Globalia Logistics Network’s 4th Annual Meeting at Phuket, Thailand in March 2023 will include an optional day trip for the delegates and their spouses. On the 15th of March 2023, delegates who’ve signed up for the group tour will be visiting the Phi Phi Islands by speed boat and explore some of the most exotic destinations such as the Viking Cave, the Loh Samay Bay, the Pileh Cove and the Monkey Island.

Globalia Logistics Network's 4th Annual Meeting
Globalia’s Day Trip to the Phi Phi Islands


Additionally, the delegates will be lunching at a local eatery and can go for outdoor activities such as swimming and snorkelling following which they will be returning to the hotel for the Welcome Cocktail Reception. The day trip will help to create an informal platform for fostering team spirit among the delegates. A corporate group tour of the network agents will create the right environment for nurturing friendships with friendship among network members and open up new channels of communication.

In the words of Globalia’s Founder and Director Antonio Torres, “The primary objective of this additional activity is to bolster the ties among the members. The focus of this corporate tour is to enhance communications among the delegates who will now get a better and more congenial socializing space.”

This day trip will also allow delegates to engage in sightseeing activities and discover the local culture and the fantastic beaches around Phuket. Furthermore, it will help to break the ice among the delegates and give them a chance to establish a lasting bond with their existing and future partners.