A brand new department by Globalia Hanoi exclusively for the overseas export of Vietnamese agricultural products

They have also created a new website that focuses solely on the export of fruits, nuts and vegetables farmed in Vietnam

Globalia Hanoi -New vegeterian export department
Globalia Hanoi -New vegeterian export department

TNM Shipping and Logistics Co Ltd, Globalia member in Hanoi, Vietnam, has created a special department- TNM Vietnamese Agricultural Products- dedicated to the export of Vietnamese fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. Presently, they have five workers in this department.

Mrs Vi, the Commercial Director of Globalia Hanoi explains that their new website for these special services will allow their “customers to have general information about the products of what TNM is trading, so that they can easily contact with the right staff who is taking care of this field for quick support.”

As a tropical country, Vietnam produces lots of good quality agricultural products. TNM Shipping and Logistics is exploiting the full potential of the trade in Vietnamese agricultural products by developing this new service. Their fresh produce export services are allowing them to broaden the destination markets of Vietnamese agricultural products at a time when the overseas demand for such items is high. “Being led by our experienced team in agricultural produce, we seek to deliver health, taste, and nutrition for the consumers of fresh produce from Vietnam while building our brand at the same time,” adds Mrs Vi.

They have been exporting fresh, dried and soft-dried fruits such as mango, passion fruit, pineapple, jackfruit, dragon fruit, pomelo, guava, coconut, papaya etc. Additionally, they are also exporting items including pepper, cashew, macadamia, coffee, almond, straw products, sugar, etc.

Globalia Ho Chi Minh sends out their 9th air charter for the movement of PPE products from Vietnam to USA

They moved 50 tons of personal protection items in a chartered Boeing 777 aircraft

Super Cargo Service, a Globalia member in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, chartered their 9th flight to move a shipment of personal protection equipment from Ho Chi Minh to New York. The Boeing 777 was loaded with 50 tons of cargo which had a volume of 250 cbm. The cargo was loaded in the belly hold of the plane as well as on the passenger seats and the overhead compartments which allowed them to gain cost optimization

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As stated by Mr. Peter Nguyen the CEO of Super Cargo Service, “After successfully sending out eight chartered flights from SGN to JFK Airport, we have concluded yet another shipment of masks, gloves and protective clothing. We are really contented with the fact that our team is playing a major role in the distribution of these much needed PPE products. I would request all of you to check out this short video we have created about this shipment.”

Congratulations to Super Cargo and wishing them the best for their upcoming projects!

Local shipping & trucking of Oog-Heavy Cargo from Globalia Haiphong

Globalia Haiphong delivers oversized cargo of 57 tons from Ho Chi Minh to Jobsite, in Da Nang, Vietnam.

A&L CARGO SERVICES JSC, Globalia Haiphong, has completely the smooth delivery of an OOG-HEAVY package from Ho Chi Minh to Jobsite in Da Nang, Vietnam. The load consisted of a cargo load which measured L: 530cm x W:500cm x H: 320cm and weighed 57 tons.

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A&L CARGO is specialized in all type of oversized and heavy transport deliveries. Operations involving heavy lifting services and out-of-gauge shipments need to be handled with top-level methods, coherence and experience. partner with logistics company

Congratulations to A &L Cargo Services for accomplishing this project successfully!

Teluk Bayur Project

 In February 2017 A&L CARGO, GLB Haiphong member, handled the freight chartering of 1,054m3 steel structure equipment from Haiphong to Padang. 

This break bulk shipment required managing the inland transportation from the local factory to Haiphong port and the freight chartering from Haiphong port to Padang port. With pieces as big as 15.3m x 2.5m x 2.0m and weighing up to 13,000kgs, the team handled the loading and discharging at both ends, as well as the dunnage, lashing and securing of the cargo on the vessel.

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Well done team!