A brand new department by Globalia Hanoi exclusively for the overseas export of Vietnamese agricultural products

They have also created a new website that focuses solely on the export of fruits, nuts and vegetables farmed in Vietnam

Globalia Hanoi -New vegeterian export department
Globalia Hanoi -New vegeterian export department

TNM Shipping and Logistics Co Ltd, Globalia member in Hanoi, Vietnam, has created a special department- TNM Vietnamese Agricultural Products- dedicated to the export of Vietnamese fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. Presently, they have five workers in this department.

Mrs Vi, the Commercial Director of Globalia Hanoi explains that their new website for these special services will allow their “customers to have general information about the products of what TNM is trading, so that they can easily contact with the right staff who is taking care of this field for quick support.”

As a tropical country, Vietnam produces lots of good quality agricultural products. TNM Shipping and Logistics is exploiting the full potential of the trade in Vietnamese agricultural products by developing this new service. Their fresh produce export services are allowing them to broaden the destination markets of Vietnamese agricultural products at a time when the overseas demand for such items is high. “Being led by our experienced team in agricultural produce, we seek to deliver health, taste, and nutrition for the consumers of fresh produce from Vietnam while building our brand at the same time,” adds Mrs Vi.

They have been exporting fresh, dried and soft-dried fruits such as mango, passion fruit, pineapple, jackfruit, dragon fruit, pomelo, guava, coconut, papaya etc. Additionally, they are also exporting items including pepper, cashew, macadamia, coffee, almond, straw products, sugar, etc.

Globalia Tianjin moves a project cargo with a volume of up to 160 CBM per piece from Shanghai to the Middle East

The cargo primarily consisted of several over-sized and heavy-lift rotary kilns and supporting equipment

Earlier this year, AMA Freight moved a project cargo of several over-sized and heavy-lift rotary kilns and supporting equipment from the port of Shanghai to the Middle East.

independent freight agentThe loading and unloading of the cargo demanded special monitoring mainly because of its enormous size.

Every single piece of this bulk cargo had a volume of up to 160 CBM, with dimensions of 6, 5×6, 5×4 m and weighed over 27 tons each. The full volume was split into 7 shipments amounting to a total of 400,000 tons and 14,000 CBM.

independent freight agentThe bulk cargo specialists of AMA Freight planned and organized the entire transportation in advance so as to ensure smooth handling of the bulk cargo. The loading and transportation of the cargo to the vessels were monitored in person by AMA’s staff to guarantee proper control throughout the whole process.

“Our years of experience along with our professional expertise are the two factors which allowed us to successfully handle this bulk shipment. I’d request my fellow members to get in touch with us for any break bulk shipment requirement they might have,” says Julian Wolff, the General Manager Sales and Marketing of AMA Freight Co. Ltd.

Congratulations to Globalia Tianjin for a job well done!

Three airfreight shipments from China to Egypt which weighed more than 7000 kg each handled by Globalia Cairo

The shipments consisted of SIM cards for the new Egyptian mobile company- ‘WE’ 

In the months of May and June, Dispatch Global Logistics, the Globalia member in Cairo, Egypt, handled over 21,000 Kg shipments of mobile SIM cards which were transported from Guangzhou, China to Cairo, Egypt. The airfreight shipments were safely delivered to the consignee’s locations by trucks. Three to four trucks were used to transport each of the shipments.

international logistics

As declared by Nermeen Said, Overseas Manager of Dispatch Global Logistics: “We have successfully handled these 3 shipments under DDP terms. Our experience and expertise in providing the best consultancy for our clients is one important factor which helped us secure this project.” She further added that: “It is indeed an honour to have associated ourselves with this governmental project of the new mobile company.”

Dispatch Global Logistics, which caters to the logistical needs of all kinds of businesses, has also celebrated its 8th Anniversary on the 1st of July.

Three cheers for Globalia Cairo for a job well done!

A gigantic boiler from Rotterdam to Singapore

Globalia Rotterdam establishes its’ position as one of the top freight forwarders in Rotterdam by successfully shipping a massive boiler all the way to Singapore

East Total Logistics BV, a company known for offering reliable and innovative logistics services and solutions by air, road and sea, has recently carried out the task of transporting a boiler of 23400 kilos. The boiler was carried from door to port via truck.


In the words of Tom van Roon of East Total Logistics BV, ‘’Transporting this enormous boiler from door to port hasn’t been an easy task by all means. In spite of the difficulty of our project, everything worked out rather smoothly and we are more than happy with the results.’’

A big congratulations to East Total Logistics BV for their latest achievement!

Forwarder Network accepts only top flight operators – SHIPPING GAZETTE

The Conqueror Freight Network has set up the ‘Globalia Logistics Network”, which will be open exclusively to “first class” freight forwarders in each air and seaport location. Applicants for Globalia will undergo a rigorous selection process including external auditing. The one in 10 applicants accepted will enjoy six months’ membership for free, reports London’s Air Cargo News.

best freight forwarder network

 Globalia founder Antonio Torres explained the importance of networks for independent forwarders: “With the multinationals taking more and more of their business daily, independent forwarders find themselves in a cooperate or die situation which rogue network operators are exploiting.

“In the last decade, the majority of the emerging networks have only been interested in one thing; collecting a membership fee. None offer the rigorous selection process we do, none offer the financial security we do and none offer the daily support and amount of quality complimentary marketing tools we do.

“Some might say that what we are launching is not new, and they would be right. We are offering the same opportunities as Conqueror but for a new group of first class companies, allowing them to work with the same calibre of agents as themselves worldwide.”

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