Globalia’s newsletter for September is now available for reading!

This edition of our newsletter comes with all the regular sections along with a detailed itinerary of our upcoming Annual Meeting

We are delighted to announce that the September edition of Globalia Logistics Network’s Newsletter is finally out and available for viewing on our website. Apart from all the news about the accomplishments of your fellow members we have also included a couple of interesting news from the global supply chain sector.

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We have already finalized the dates and venue for our 2019 Annual Meeting. In the newsletter we have included all the essential information about the itinerary of Globalia’s 3rd Annual Meeting to be held in Abu Dhabi in March 2019. So make sure to check out and register as soon as possible!

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The Globalia Newsletter for September is now ready!

The September Edition of the Globalia Newsletter has just been published

All the information regarding Globalia’s 2nd Annual Meeting can be found, as well as very interesting news and interviews from fellow members or cities needing coverage. Additionally, it is also possible to discover how Globalia has reached coverage in more than 100 countries.

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