Three airfreight shipments from China to Egypt which weighed more than 7000 kg each handled by Globalia Cairo

The shipments consisted of SIM cards for the new Egyptian mobile company- ‘WE’ 

In the months of May and June, Dispatch Global Logistics, the Globalia member in Cairo, Egypt, handled over 21,000 Kg shipments of mobile SIM cards which were transported from Guangzhou, China to Cairo, Egypt. The airfreight shipments were safely delivered to the consignee’s locations by trucks. Three to four trucks were used to transport each of the shipments.

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As declared by Nermeen Said, Overseas Manager of Dispatch Global Logistics: “We have successfully handled these 3 shipments under DDP terms. Our experience and expertise in providing the best consultancy for our clients is one important factor which helped us secure this project.” She further added that: “It is indeed an honour to have associated ourselves with this governmental project of the new mobile company.”

Dispatch Global Logistics, which caters to the logistical needs of all kinds of businesses, has also celebrated its 8th Anniversary on the 1st of July.

Three cheers for Globalia Cairo for a job well done!

Logistics service provider for the Taipei Universiade

Globalia Taipei acted as the Logistics Management Centre for the 29th Summer Universiade 

Apollo Logistics was chosen as the Official Logistics Service Provider for the 29th Summer Universiade, an international multi sports event organized by the International University Sports Federation (FISU) which is staged every two years in a different city. In 2017, this prestigious sporting event, which is second only to the Olympic Games, was hosted by Taipei.

Apollo Logistics was in charge of customs clearance and re-export service for the delegates and the organizers. They had to deliver the packages and other game related items and make special arrangements for the delivery of the poles and javelins.

As the Official Logistics Service Provider, Apollo Logistics even had to transport the 2017 Universiade’s Mascot – Bravo for an overseas event in New York and then ship it back to Taiwan. Their services included packing, pickup, delivery, unpacking and the return of the shipments.

We heartily congratulate the team of Apollo Logistics for their mind blowing accomplishment and wish them the very best for the years ahead! 

Glb Taipei delivers an extremely fragile taichi sculpture

Globalia Taipei establishes itself as a first-rate artwork deliverer after successfully transporting a Taichi sculpture

Apollo Logistics has recently transferred a 2.5 meters high Taichi Sculpture from Beijing to Taipei. The 2.5 meter high sculpture was made entirely out of glass fibre making it an extremely fragile item to deliver.

The Taichi Sculpture which was exhibited at the Beijing University during the 2008 Olympiade was sent as a gift to the National Taiwan Normal University in May, this year. In the words of Richard Yeh, Globalia Taipei’s General Manager “Proper positioning of the sculpture was one of the major challenges we faced in this case. Being a highly fragile artwork it demanded totally accurate, safe and efficient handling which our team has accomplished with perfection.”

Here’s to Apollo Logistics for their brilliant feat!

Taking a look at the world of dangerous goods storage

freight forwarderOur GLOBALIA member in Sydney has been stocking up dangerous goods in its storage site since 2014

Since their inception in 2002, GLOBALIA Sydney – Paul’s Customs & Forwarding Solutions has grown and evolved to become one of Australia’s leading boutique logistics providers, specialising in total fulfilment solutions.

Based in Botany, New South Wales, and within 1km of Australia’s largest sea and air ports, PCFS operates a 5000sqm bonded warehouse facility, along with an extensive fleet of company-owned vehicles.

PCFS is D.G-licensed to store Class 2, 3, 5, 6 & 8 as packaged products.

By deploying leading technology and facilities, PCFS is able to handle dangerous goods and material for the following classes:

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“This is a value-added service we offer our customers who don’t operate their own warehouse facilities, and who choose to use our 3PL D.G handling services as a distribution arm of their own operations” says Paul Petrovski, Managing Director.

However, this is not an easy task that just any agent can handle, it requires professionalism and especially attentive service. “We need to follow strict guidelines for labelling and documentation in accordance with Australian and international standards. Regulatory audits are conducted on a quarterly basis to ensure compliance across all of our designated categories”, Paul Petrovski adds.

PCFS hold stock on a daily basis for their customers, one such stock being pool chlorine. Held as overflow for their client’s warehouse, the chlorine is class 5.1 and packaged in 10kg pails, at approximately 78 – 80 pails per pallet. An especially large volume of the product is stored coming into spring/summer, as you might expect.


Teluk Bayur Project

 In February 2017 A&L CARGO, GLB Haiphong member, handled the freight chartering of 1,054m3 steel structure equipment from Haiphong to Padang. 

This break bulk shipment required managing the inland transportation from the local factory to Haiphong port and the freight chartering from Haiphong port to Padang port. With pieces as big as 15.3m x 2.5m x 2.0m and weighing up to 13,000kgs, the team handled the loading and discharging at both ends, as well as the dunnage, lashing and securing of the cargo on the vessel.

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Well done team!