GLB Copenhagen/Odense is 3-time winner of The Gazelle Award

This prize recognises businesses which more than double their revenue or gross profit in period of 4 years

We would like to congratulate YOYO Global Freight, as a 3 time winner of the Gazelle logistics

The Gazelle awards were launched by The Daily Børsen (the equivalent of The Financial Times in Denmark) in 1995 in a bid to identify Denmark’s growth elite. This prize recognises businesses which more than double their revenue or gross profit in a period of 4 years. During the selection process, very strict criteria are applied to the more than 760,000 registered companies in Denmark. The demands on activity and corporate form, profitability and continuous growth reduced the number of candidates to a mere 6,000 companies, of which less than 1,800 achieved more than 100% growth in 2016.

YOYO has been awarded Gazelle recognition in 2014, 2015 and 2016 and they are well on their way to qualifying for a fourth year in a row. A big congratulations to the team!

Due to this growth, the number of staff has also increased, with YOYO now planning to move to their new headquarters, which will be ready by summer 2018.

Forwarder Network accepts only top flight operators – SHIPPING GAZETTE

The Conqueror Freight Network has set up the ‘Globalia Logistics Network”, which will be open exclusively to “first class” freight forwarders in each air and seaport location. Applicants for Globalia will undergo a rigorous selection process including external auditing. The one in 10 applicants accepted will enjoy six months’ membership for free, reports London’s Air Cargo News.

best freight forwarder network

 Globalia founder Antonio Torres explained the importance of networks for independent forwarders: “With the multinationals taking more and more of their business daily, independent forwarders find themselves in a cooperate or die situation which rogue network operators are exploiting.

“In the last decade, the majority of the emerging networks have only been interested in one thing; collecting a membership fee. None offer the rigorous selection process we do, none offer the financial security we do and none offer the daily support and amount of quality complimentary marketing tools we do.

“Some might say that what we are launching is not new, and they would be right. We are offering the same opportunities as Conqueror but for a new group of first class companies, allowing them to work with the same calibre of agents as themselves worldwide.”

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