An insider’s view on the importance of LCL shipments in Egypt by Globalia member in Cairo

Dispatch Global Logistics is now offering stable LCL services from several ports in Asia

According to Dispatch Global Logistics, our Globalia member in Cairo, Egypt, the price for an FCL shipment generally comes with a lower quote as long as the minimum volume level is met. However, customers which have a less than container (LCL) shipping load will not be able to make the most of the lowered rate. This is precisely why they need to move their cargo through LCL options which would enable them to pay just for the space their cargo is taking up, rather than the weight. Moreover, shippers would also be able to pick and drop their cargo right from the warehouse.

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Additionally, LCL shipments are very important in the Egyptian market since most of the importers in Egypt are applying for on spot system as opposed to on stock since it is the most suitable way to deal with a decrease in demand.

For all these reasons, Dispatch Global Logistics which started their LCL service 6 years ago, offers a stable and direct service from Shanghai & Qingdao which covers northern China, Hong Kong covering southern China, and Australia & New Zealand, in addition to their direct console from Mumbai.

What differentiates our member in Cairo from their competitors is the fact that they are operating their own warehouses Egyptian main ports, which allows them to discharge their boxes within less than 48 hours. As stated by Nermeen Said, Overseas Manager of Dispatch Global Logistics: “Since it is not a private warehouse located outside the port, we don’t need to apply transit procedures which can be expensive both in terms of time and money.”

Dispatch Global Logistics is focussing on LCL services for 2 major reasons. Firstly, it is the best option for small shipments because of the cost saving factor as compared to airfreight services. Secondly, LCL shipments allow for a reasonable transit time as compared to sea freight services. It is also ideal for the small importers who are looking forward to starting their business in a specific sector.

Nermeen Said further adds that, “as a normal expansion in our services, we are focusing on developing our traffic from the major European ports such as Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Genoa, & Istanbul. It will be great to develop this traffic together with our Globalia partners.”


Three airfreight shipments from China to Egypt which weighed more than 7000 kg each handled by Globalia Cairo

The shipments consisted of SIM cards for the new Egyptian mobile company- ‘WE’ 

In the months of May and June, Dispatch Global Logistics, the Globalia member in Cairo, Egypt, handled over 21,000 Kg shipments of mobile SIM cards which were transported from Guangzhou, China to Cairo, Egypt. The airfreight shipments were safely delivered to the consignee’s locations by trucks. Three to four trucks were used to transport each of the shipments.

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As declared by Nermeen Said, Overseas Manager of Dispatch Global Logistics: “We have successfully handled these 3 shipments under DDP terms. Our experience and expertise in providing the best consultancy for our clients is one important factor which helped us secure this project.” She further added that: “It is indeed an honour to have associated ourselves with this governmental project of the new mobile company.”

Dispatch Global Logistics, which caters to the logistical needs of all kinds of businesses, has also celebrated its 8th Anniversary on the 1st of July.

Three cheers for Globalia Cairo for a job well done!