Globalia Lahore welcomes a new team member to their sales and operations department

They have also celebrated their 3rd Anniversary last 25th of June, 2018

Globalia member in Lahore, which has turned 3 years last 25th June, has been joined by a new member, Ms. Farah, who has been working in their Sales and Operations department from the 1st of July. Farah, who has experience in the logistics industry, is sure to provide Logistics Inn with lots of new insights in this field.

logistics companiesIn the words of Muhammad Mushtaq, Managing Partner of Globalia Lahore: “Presently, Logistics Inn is experiencing incredible momentum in the market. Last year, we started offering customs brokerage and freight forwarding services to our customers and partners at Karachi and Islamabad. This year, we are pleased to welcome a new teammate who will enhance the Sales and Operations department of Logistics Inn and will certainly improve our proficient logistics management services.”

Logistics Inn, which started as a customs brokerage agent at the Lahore Airport and has now become one of the leading logistics service providers of the city, is confident in the new staff’s abilities and is looking forward to working with her.

We wish Globalia member in Lahore the very best for all their future endeavours!