Globalia Sydney appoints their new National Operations and General Manager

Mr. Andy McClay will take up the charge of overseeing the everyday national operations across their Product & Service portfolio

Andy McClay who recently migrated from Northern Europe will now work from the PCFS headquarters in Sydney, Australia, as the General Manager of Globalia Sydney. Andy who has previously worked for companies in Australia, China, Japan and Singapore and, more recently, Europe, comes with more than 25 years of experience in the Global Logistics market.

In the words of Paul Petrovski, Managing Director of Globalia Sydney- Pauls Customs & Forwarding Solutions, “We cordially welcome Andy to our team and we look forward to the positive contributions his experience will make across our national network.”

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Mr Andy McClay has stated that, “I am very excited to join the PCFS team and I hope to make a significant contribution in the working of the national operations of our company!”

We wish Globalia Sydney all the success in this new stage!

Globalia member in San Salvador welcomes 3 new members to their sales department

Globalia member in San Salvador also launches a new user friendly website

international logisticsBFI El Salvador, our member in San Salvador, El Salvador, has appointed 3 new members of staff, who will be responsible for supporting and developing their sales department.

The recruitment of Ms. Fatima Tovar, Ms. Sandra Aguilar and Ms. Loredana Rivera are aimed to enable BFI El Salvador to professionally promote the client engagement of their services, as well as to drive growth to the business.

In addition to this new incorporation, BFI El Salvador also launched a new and much more user-friendly website to enhance the browsing experience of their clients, partners and visitors.

In the words of Jorge Rosa, General Manager of BFI El Salvador, “About 4 months ago we did launch a dynamic and friendlier website with the purpose of keeping our stakeholders deeply informed about our business and services. I hope that revamping our website would help our visitors check out all our services and operations and boost our business in several ways.”

We invite all members to visit their new website by clicking on this link.

Warm congratulations to BFI El Salvador!

International Smart Logistics and Supply Chain Congress APAC 2018

The theme of the summit is Technologies Empower Logistics and Supply Chain Transformation: Getting Digital, Automatic and Smart”

The International Smart Logistics and Supply Chain Congress APAC 2018, is organized by SZ&W Group and will take place from 20th to 21st June in Singapore. The Congress is designed to explore the potentials of new technologies in logistics and supply chain transformation in the background of industry 4.0 and retail revolution, and to share the best practices all around the world.

Key Features:

–   New Trends of Global Smart Logistics & Supply Chain
–   Retail Revolution + Smart Logistics and Supply Chain
–   Smart Logistics Landscape in APAC (Singapore, China, India, Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan, Korea, etc.)
–   Smart Warehousing & Fully Automated Warehouses
–   Last Mile Delivery
–   Cross-Border E-Commerce Logistics
–   Smart Cold Chain
–   4PL
–   Drones
–   IoT
–   Big Data in Logistics
–   Blockchain
–   Driverless Technologies
–   Logistics Finance and Supply Chain Finance

Kindly register by clicking the link below to receive the full congress brochure and speaker lineup.

Carter Wang

Manager, Content Marketing & Communication, SZ&W Group

Tel: +86 21 5830 0710 ext. 8038 | Fax: +86 21 5831 1668 | Mob: +86 157 2141 1993


Globalia Manila and Cebu delivers transmission tower parts from China to Philippines

Yet another impressive accomplishment by Globalia member in Manila and Cebu 

Gateway Logistics Inc, Globalia member in Manila and Cebu, has recently handled transmission tower parts from China which were directly loaded to the vessel and unloaded and delivered at the National Grid Corporation located at San Simon Pampanga Philippines.

Logistics Industry

In the words of Jonas Ventura, Marketing and Operation Manager of Gateway Logistics Inc, :“Transporting this colossal transmission tower part was a challenging project which was very well handled by our team members. Apart from handling the shipment, we were also responsible for arranging the customs clearance. Our team would love to work on similar challenging projects in the future.”

Congratulations to their team for their successive achievements!

Globalia Madrid welcomes a new team member to their imports and Air Freight Department

Silvia Mazzorana, who has years of experience in the industry is going to join the team of Globalia member in Madrid

Logistics IndustrySilvia Mazzorana, the new team member of ELS Global Logistics Solutions Worldwide, SAU will be working on strategizing and the strengthening of sales leads.

Quoted below is a few lines stated by Ms. Mazzorana, “The daily challenges that the logistics industry can provide are amazing and extremely demanding at the same time. We deal with companies of all sizes in a variety of industries ranging from food and beverage to industrial goods and this keeps my job interesting. I can interact with people from all around the world and work on many different levels and departments, including warehousing, shipping, procurement, finance, etc. This is a constant learning experience that motivates me all year round. Logistics can be a very challenging field so a work environment that highlights both teamwork and a sense of community is extremely important for successfully achieving our company’s goals.”

ELS Group has expressed their delight to have an experienced strategist like Silvia on their board and are confident that the addition of Ms. Mazzorana to their team is going to enhance their productivity and help them serve their clients better.

Globalia wishes the very best to ELS Group for all their future endeavors!

Globalia Member in Port Louis moves to a new and more sophisticated workplace

The Magnum Cargo Pvt. Ltd team also welcomes two new staff members

In order to provide a better work environment for their staff, Magnum Cargo Pvt. Ltd, one of the most innovative international logistics service provider of Port Louis, has recently relocated to a new workplace.

logistics companies

The new office will be located at:

1/F Cays Associate Building,

4 Johanna Street

Port Louis, Mauritius

Additionally, Globalia Port Louis has been joined by 2 new staff members- Mr. Carolane Rungassamy as Customer Service Executive, Air and Sea and Mr. Siddick Mohabuth as Sales Executive. This move, as well as the increase in their personnel, is a testament to the continued growth of Magnum Cargo Pvt Ltd, which has just completed 3 years in business.

In the words of Patrick Meyepa, the Director of Magnum Cargo, Port Louis, “We couldn’t have selected a more opportune moment for moving to a new office. We are not only making preparations for celebrating our 3rd Anniversary but have also invited two new staff members. The Magnum Cargo team is really excited about the all the future projects in store for us.”

Globalia wishes the very best to Magnum Cargo Pvt. Ltd for all their future missions!

Interview with Globalia Mumbai

partner with logistics companyThis week we spoke to Globalia member in Mumbai, Mahesh Mehta, Director of Magnum Cargo, who tells us a little bit about their company and projects and how they established themselves as a pioneer in the freight forwarding industry.

Q. How did you get into the freight forwarding industry?
A.It was in 1987 that we started to work with one of the local freight forwarding companies and then subsequently after two years we started our own company in 1989.

Q. What distinguishes MAGNUM CARGO from other freight forwarders in your city?
A. One of our major distinguishing features is our operational excellence and our strong foothold in pharmaceutical products of all kinds. We understand that customer’s products are much more valuable than just a cargo for their buyers. A specialist in medical logistics, Magnum Cargo has a trained staff for handling cool chain pharmaceutical products with expertise in re-packing, re-icing, and data logger reading.

Q. What are the main challenges facing freight forwarders in your country at the moment? A. Infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges faced by the Indian freight forwarder and logistics sector and has been a major deterrent to its growth. Due to the infrastructural bottlenecks, costs per transaction in Indian logistics sector are very much high compared to those in the developed markets.

Q. How is Magnum Cargo dealing with these challenges on a daily basis?
A. We aim to combat these regular challenges by means of advance planning, partnering with the right vendors, and regular communications with all the stakeholders for further improvement and development.

Q. How did you know Globalia Logistics Network? What attracted most about Globalia?
A. What drew us to Globalia is the fact that it is a network of high caliber freight forwarders with reliability and financially secured partners.

Q. What would be the most significant shipment your team has handled?
A. We were contacted by our client (representative of a religious community) when most of the big multinational global brands failed to meet their requirements and pulled backed one after the other. At first, the task seemed a simple case of handling 4.5 tons of airfreight shipment from AMD to ANR airport. It was an idol of God made up of marble and studded with gold and semi-precious stones. The idol was to be sent to Antwerp for the inauguration of a community temple in Antwerp.

Q. What would be the most difficult shipment your team has handled to date? How did you handle it?
A. The set of requirements of the customer (which are listed below) had been a major challenge and handling the shipment was a daunting task which put the confidence of many big players in the doldrums.
– Aircraft should not have any female on board ( passenger, crew, pilot & copilot)
– Non- Veg should not be served in aircraft
– Alcohol should not be served in aircraft
– Aircraft should not carry any animal live or frozen
– Idol should not get touched by hands to avoid negativity and impurity
– Cargo should reach the destination within a week’s time
Considering the requirements, we suggested a charter aircraft but it was nearly impossible to arrange for a charter aircraft within such a short notice and we had to think of other alternatives. We finally zeroed in on EY. They agreed to operate a charter aircraft but a small aircraft couldn’t be arranged. They could only arrange B-747F having a payload of 100 tons. Wow! 100 tons aircraft for 4.5 Tons normal cargo!

Q. Could you tell us any anecdote which happened while managing this shipment?
A. Even though the cargo was not odd sized after the final packing, it could not go through the screening machine and required a mandatory hand check. As already mentioned before one of the pre-requisites of the client was that the idol shouldn’t get touched by hands. Last minute praying and brainstorming by our team standing at the airport was really an experience in itself. Within 30-45 minutes our team arranged for 5 priests to enter the screening area after getting permission from the airport authority. The priests are the only ones who are allowed to touch the idol. So we made them remove the idol from the package and ensured that the security staff checks the complete package and idol without touching it. Once the security check was completed the priests started chanting and sprinkled holy water on the idol to remove all the negativity and impurities and the package was re-packed. The job was completed in a weeks’ time as per the deadline set by the customer!

Q. How do you see Magnum Cargo in 10 years?
A. We aspire to position our self with Global players in terms of volume, global presence and technology. We have already invested in USA and Mauritius by starting our own office and facilities and expansion plans are to start in other regions too.

Freight Forwarders are ready to deal with the challenge posed by automation

Logistics which was so far considered to be one of the slowest segments in terms of technological innovations is finally waking up to the advantages which technology has to offer.

Technological innovations are proliferating like never before in the logistics world threatening to alter the conventional freight forwarding process. Starting from online load boards, connected containers, online processing and cloud based freight marketplaces, the recent advancement in technology has somewhat jeopardized the future of the freight forwarding industry.

However, there is not much reason to be concerned since the logistics industry is transforming at a lightning speed with shippers, warehouse operators and carriers coming up with new technologies which would irrevocably change the way business was conducted before. Therefore the only option for independent freight forwarders is to adapt to the new changes so as to survive and grow in an increasingly competitive environment. Freight forwarders has nothing to fear from automation and are expected to remain undaunted till technology offers an unparalleled level of client servicing.

Shippers have placed their trust on freight forwarders for decades not just because of their ability to move a shipment from point X to point Y but rather because of the fact that only forwarders can be trusted to do the job exceptionally well. This is precisely why the freight forwarding industry is expected to remain unperturbed by the threats posed by automation.

10th Anniversary Celebration

Globalia Munich which formed back in 2007 is all set to celebrate its 10th anniversary

Airfreight Express Global which specializes in hazardous goods, emergency logistics and pharmaceutical transportation completes 10 years in business this year. With their headquarters in Munich, Airfreight Express Global have been offering top-notch services in the logistics and custom clearance sector.

Marcus Zehentbauer the Managing Director of Globalia Munich says- “We have come a long way since our humble start in 2007 and our unmatched services in international shipping and emergency logistics has made us one of the most trusted names in Germany and beyond. The secret to our success has been a proficient team, years of experience in the industry, cost-efficient services and reliable accessibility.”

A very happy 10th Birthday to Airfreight Express Global and wishing them all the best for the coming year!

Globalia’s 2nd Annual Meeting will be held in Bali from 9th to 11th May 2018

Registration for Globalia’s 2nd Annual Meeting is now open!

We are thrilled to announce Globalia’s 2nd Annual Meeting and we invite you all to register for the same at the earliest. The 2nd Annual Meeting will be held at The Laguna Resort & Spa from 9th – 11th May 2018.

partner with logistics company
We value the agents in our network the most and the annual meeting will serve as an excellent platform to meet worldwide freight forwarders and build strong business relationships.

Each agent will have the option to book 32 one-to-one meetings with others during this interesting and attractive two-day event. Additionally, there will be a welcome cocktail party, cultural dinner and several opportunities to meet, discuss and conduct business throughout the event.

The Annual Meeting is one of the most important highlights of our network, since it provides a great platform to compete with the larger Multinational Companies in the freight forwarding industry as the annual meeting brings together a well-established network of agents who understand that mutual cooperation is the key to success.

Registration for the event is now open, register now! We invite you to register at the earliest.