Cooperation as the key to succeed in difficult times

In this report, Feroniki SA International Shipping Forwarding, Globalia member in Piraeus, Greece, tells us about how they have increased their business volume by establishing strong relationships with more than 10 Globalia members

Cooperating with trusted logistics partners is the most foolproof way of reaching new markets. Moreover, it allows freight forwarders to offer new services through enhanced possibilities for postponements, warehouse kitting, and delivery. Additionally, companies sharing a portion of their shipments are better positioned to augment their territory coverage.  The combination of their fleets, expertise, and workforce enables independent freight forwarders to compete with multinationals.

Feroniki SA International Shipping Forwarding, Globalia member in Piraeus, Greece, Globalia Piraeus is setting a shining example of how cooperation is the basis of growth and expansion. They joined Globalia in 2018 and have been establishing productive partnerships with several Globalia members since then. These long-term partnerships are enabling them to provide more comprehensive solutions to clients around the world.

The pandemic situation

This post pandemic market crisis has shown us that it is even more important for small and mid-sized companies to work collectively. Joining forces allow them to pool their resources and make the best of their individual strong points. As a result, freight forwarders enhance their operations and achieve better customer satisfaction.

“It is very important for members to support each other in order to become more competitive, especially during these unstable times. That is why, we are very pleased to have trustful partners within our Network with whom we can exchange jobs and sales leads”, says Mr. Nikos Liberopoulos, Sales Manager of Feroniki.

Competitors in this sector stand to gain much more by working as partners. Moreover, this also leads to a considerable reduction in expenses. Close cooperation with reliable network partners whose credibility is vetted by us can be an extremely effective way of growing and expanding your operations.

Globalia Piraeus-independent freight forwarder
Globalia Piraeus successfully collaborating with several network members

The challenges facing the sector nowadays

Freight forwarders are already stressed by the problems of rising freight rates, container shortage, and port congestion. “Ocean carriers are changing their company’s structure and trying to put clients and forwarders into a new situation where their services are available only via the internet. In this situation, the network agents must try to find time to involve more with their fellow members”, continues Nikos.

“We are actually teaming with fellow agents like RS Logistics and Chripan Agency on a regular basis. Additionally, we have many supporting partners and we hope to share and gain more business together. ” says Mr. Nikos Liberopoulos, Sales Manager of Feroniki.

Their partnership with Chripan Agency Ltd, Globalia Larnaca/Limassol, which started in the first quarter of 2021, is still ongoing. Additionally, they are still collaborating on the project involving the movement of edible oil from Greece to Egypt. Apart from this, they are also continuously partnering with RS Logistics, Globalia Hong Kong, with whom they established a steady long-term partnership after attending Globalia’s 3rd Annual Meeting in Abu Dhabi. Presently, they are delivering commodity training devices for pharmaceutical companies via air freight from China to Greece in coordination with RS Logistics.

“As per my experience during Covid, the local markets had many ups and downs. During this crisis, exchanging sales leads with network partners helped us save the day more easily than we thought. So let’s not forget the strength of collaboration and let’s join forces to keep the shipments moving. Lastly, I would like to send my thanks and gratitude to all supporting members. Hopefully, the news of our successful collaborations will motivate other members to follow this example. United we will be stronger,” adds Mr. Liberopoulos.

Congratulations to Feroniki SA for the successful collaborations and wishing them the very best for their future endeavours!

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Globalia Piraeus joins forces with Globalia Larnaca/Limassol to work on a long-term shipment involving the movement of edible oil

They are using a new kind of Flexi Tank which significantly reduces the total estimated loading time

Feroniki SA International Shipping Forwarding, Globalia member in Piraeus, Greece, has received a profitable sales lead from Chripan Agency Ltd, Globalia Larnaca/Limassol, and they are now working on a continuous project entailing the movement of 4- 5 containers of refined soya bean oil per month.

For this job they are making use of a new kind of Flexi Tank that is faster to apply within the 20’ft containers, thus making the total estimated loading time much short. Last year, they did a similar job for Globalia member in Cairo, Dispatch Logistics, which allowed them to gain hands-on experience in the quick and safe loading of Flexi tanks.

logistics business partner

In the words of Nikos Liberopoulos, the Sales Manager of Feroniki, “The very nature of these shipments necessitates advance preparation and a sufficient stock of Flexi tanks. Our experienced team adeptly fits the tanks inside the containers and our reliable truckers and carriers always ensure that the cargo gets space on the ships in due time. I would like to say a big thanks to our Globalia partner Chripan Agency Ltd for helping us obtain this important project! We look forward to collaborating with more network members in the months to come. ”

Congratulations to Feroniki SA on garnering this long-term project!

GLB Piraeus joins forces with GLB Frankfurt to transport a semi-automatic flatbed die cutter

The members of the two companies perfectly coordinated with each other and moved the shipment on time despite the challenges posed by the lockdown

Feroniki SA International Shipping and Forwarding Logistics Services, Globalia member in Piraeus, Greece, teamed up with Euko Logistics, Globalia member in Frankfurt, Germany, to move a shipment of a semi-automatic die cutter. The cargo was moved from Busan, South Korea, to Sofia, Bulgaria, via Thessaloniki Port with a 40 flat rack container. While Euko Logistics arranged for sea freight from Busan to Thessaloniki Port, Feroniki SA was in charge of custom procedures at the port and delivery to Sofia.

The cargo which weighed 30,000 Kg necessitated the arrangement for special trucks, road permission and escort vehicles for the road transport.

logistics business partner

“We were pressed for time while the Labour Day holiday and the COVID-19 lockdown also added to our worries. However, timely coordination on part of both the teams allowed us to hand over the shipment to the consignee right on time! We are very happy to have worked with Euko Logistics are we are looking forward to working with more Globalia partners in the near future.” says Mr. Nikos Liberopoulos, the Sales Manager of Feroniki SA.

Congratulations to Feroniki for carrying out this collaboration shipment and wishing them the very best for their future projects!

Globalia Piraeus obtains the AEOF Certification

The AEOF certification will assist in legitimate trade by reinforcing security & safety while standardizing the application of custom controls in a safe electronic environment

Feroniki SA International Shipping and Forwarding, the Globalia member in Piraeus, Greece, has obtained the prestigious AEOF certification. 

European Logistics

“The management and staff of Feroniki SA are proud of this new achievement. This certification implies that Feroniki SA is always in a high standard relationship with customs authorities. This relationship has been built on the principles of mutual transparency, correctness, fairness, and responsibility. ” says Mr. Nikos Liberopoulos the Sales Manager of Feroniki SA.

Globalia Piraeus already had the AEO(C) certification for customs simplification and now they have the AEO(F) certificate which comes with the combined benefits of customs simplification and security and safety certificate. Mr. Liberopolous further adds, “The AEOF status granted by one Member State is recognized by the customs authorities in all Member States. Therefore all European Exporters or Importers can rely on Feroniki SA for all their special needs with the assurance that their products will be moved and custom cleared in a safe and professional manner.”

Congratulations to Feroniki SA for obtaining this important accreditation!

Globalia Piraeus moves a colossal cargo of 243,000 Kg from Greece to Romania

The cargo which consisted of pumps and generators were moved in 11 FTL’s and 5 special trucks

Feroniki SA International Shipping and Forwarding, the Globalia member in Piraeus, Greece, has recently handled a cargo of 243,000 Kg of pumps and generators. The shipment which was moved from Athens, Greece, to Braila, Romania, was required to be moved by low bed trailers for which they had to obtain a special license due to weight limitations.

logistics companies and suppliers

Moving this enormous cargo was a rather exigent task since they had to organize 16 trucks and tilt trailers for loading the cargo on time. Moreover, each of the pump or generator needed 1.5 hours to load so the entire task had to be managed in a time efficient manner. “The difficult part was that the 16 trucks were from 5 different trucking companies and we had to pay meticulous attention to the schedule so as to avoid paying for extra hours and delays. This complicated shipment was handled with 100% success, the credit for which goes to the diligence of our entire team.” says Mr. Nikos Liberopoulos the Sales Manager of Feroniki SA.

Congratulations to Feroniki SA for handling this important shipment!

Globalia Piraeus joins forces with their network partner and moves a cargo from Shanghai to Bangkok

The shipment which consisted of heavy machines was moved in collaboration with the Globalia member in Hong Kong

Feroniki SA International Shipping Forwarding, the Globalia member in Piraeus, Greece, moves a cargo consisting of pump machines from Shanghai to Bangkok. This shipment which was moved in cooperation with RS Logistics Limited comprised of heavy pump machines. 

logistics company

The cargo was moved in 40’ Open Top Containers and the shipment reached the consignee’s site safely and on time. “Everybody involved in this project did an excellent job and the members from our two teams coordinated perfectly. Our participation in GLB’s 2019 Annual Meeting helped us bag this important project. I’d like to thank the team of RS Logistics for their cooperation and professionalism.” says Mr Nikos Liberopoulos, the Sales Manager of Feroniki International. 

Congratulations to Feroniki International for a job well concluded!