Globalia Dublin appoints a new Director of Operations

They have appointed Luke Conlon who previously worked in the Operations and Customs and Sales departments of the company as Director of Operations

Transland Group, Globalia member and freight forwarder in Dublin, Ireland, has appointed Luke Conlon, as the Director of Operations of their company. Luke joined Transland in 2021 and quickly learned the ropes, gaining experience in a variety of roles including Operations, Customs and Sales. Having impressed with his managerial abilities, he was appointed General Manager in 2023, entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the efficient operation of the company’s Dublin depot.

In his new position, reporting directly to the Managing Director, Luke will be responsible for overseeing the strategic development of Transland’s Dublin operation. Additionally, he will manage the structure and resources of various departments to maximize productivity.

Kieran Conlon, Managing Director of Transland Group, said of the appointment, “I would like to welcome Luke onto the Board, and thank him for his significant contribution over the past three years. I am certain that his new appointment will have a major impact on the future development of our Dublin operation and the overall direction of Transland Group”.

All the best to Transland Group for their upcoming projects!

Globalia Dublin celebrates 30 years of business

Transland Group states that the “key to the company’s longevity lies in understanding market trends and moving with them”

Transland Group, Globalia member in Dublin, Ireland, recently celebrated their 30th Anniversary. They celebrated the occasion with a jubilant gathering, where both the employees and long-standing staff members joined in the celebration.

Transland Group- independent freight forwarder
30th Anniversary of Globalia Dublin


Managing Director of Transland Group, Kieran Conlon, has overseen many changes to the company over the past 30 years, from its origins as a groupage and forwarding operator to a pallet distribution specialist.

“Since Brexit, Transland Group has emerged as a leading Customs Clearance expert in the movement of goods between mainland Europe,” he says, and adds, “I’m extremely proud to have reached 30 years in business, as many of our competitors haven’t been as lucky. I believe the key to the company’s longevity lies in understanding market trends and moving with them”.

Transland Group - Globalia Dublin, Ireland
Transland Group- Globalia Dublin, Ireland


Looking to the future, Transland Group is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by switching to energy-efficient vehicles and equipment. Additionally, the company also recognizes the importance of employing and retaining the best staff, in order to consistently provide customers with an excellent service.

Congratulations to Globalia Dublin – and here’s to another 30 years!