Globalia Piraeus obtains ISO 2015 Certification

This certification is used by companies for demonstrating their ability to offer services/products which meet the client requirements & regulatory requirements

logistics companiesFeroniki SA International Shipping Forwarding Logistics Services, our member in Piraeus, Greece, has recently garnered the ISO 2015 certificate. This certification validates their ability to provide top-notch services which consistently meets all the regulatory requirements as well as the needs of their customers.

“This accreditation implies that the staff and management of Feroniki SA are functioning with the highest standard and it now has been officially certified,” says Nikos Liberopoulos, Sales Manager, Freight Forwarding Division of Feroniki SA International Shipping Forwarding Logistics Services.

Globalia Piraeus is very satisfied with their team members whose continuous efforts and dedication helped them to achieve this title of certification.

Nikos Liberopoulos further adds, “Our potential clients will surely understand the need of having a certified freight forwarding and customs broking service provider…We are here to assist them with all their special needs and our customers can rest reassured that their shipment will be moved and custom cleared in the safest and most professional manner.”

International Smart Logistics and Supply Chain Congress APAC 2018

The theme of the summit is Technologies Empower Logistics and Supply Chain Transformation: Getting Digital, Automatic and Smart”

The International Smart Logistics and Supply Chain Congress APAC 2018, is organized by SZ&W Group and will take place from 20th to 21st June in Singapore. The Congress is designed to explore the potentials of new technologies in logistics and supply chain transformation in the background of industry 4.0 and retail revolution, and to share the best practices all around the world.

Key Features:

–   New Trends of Global Smart Logistics & Supply Chain
–   Retail Revolution + Smart Logistics and Supply Chain
–   Smart Logistics Landscape in APAC (Singapore, China, India, Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan, Korea, etc.)
–   Smart Warehousing & Fully Automated Warehouses
–   Last Mile Delivery
–   Cross-Border E-Commerce Logistics
–   Smart Cold Chain
–   4PL
–   Drones
–   IoT
–   Big Data in Logistics
–   Blockchain
–   Driverless Technologies
–   Logistics Finance and Supply Chain Finance

Kindly register by clicking the link below to receive the full congress brochure and speaker lineup.

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Manager, Content Marketing & Communication, SZ&W Group

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Globalia Manila and Cebu delivers transmission tower parts from China to Philippines

Yet another impressive accomplishment by Globalia member in Manila and Cebu 

Gateway Logistics Inc, Globalia member in Manila and Cebu, has recently handled transmission tower parts from China which were directly loaded to the vessel and unloaded and delivered at the National Grid Corporation located at San Simon Pampanga Philippines.

Logistics Industry

In the words of Jonas Ventura, Marketing and Operation Manager of Gateway Logistics Inc, :“Transporting this colossal transmission tower part was a challenging project which was very well handled by our team members. Apart from handling the shipment, we were also responsible for arranging the customs clearance. Our team would love to work on similar challenging projects in the future.”

Congratulations to their team for their successive achievements!

Freight Forwarders are ready to deal with the challenge posed by automation

Logistics which was so far considered to be one of the slowest segments in terms of technological innovations is finally waking up to the advantages which technology has to offer.

Technological innovations are proliferating like never before in the logistics world threatening to alter the conventional freight forwarding process. Starting from online load boards, connected containers, online processing and cloud based freight marketplaces, the recent advancement in technology has somewhat jeopardized the future of the freight forwarding industry.

However, there is not much reason to be concerned since the logistics industry is transforming at a lightning speed with shippers, warehouse operators and carriers coming up with new technologies which would irrevocably change the way business was conducted before. Therefore the only option for independent freight forwarders is to adapt to the new changes so as to survive and grow in an increasingly competitive environment. Freight forwarders has nothing to fear from automation and are expected to remain undaunted till technology offers an unparalleled level of client servicing.

Shippers have placed their trust on freight forwarders for decades not just because of their ability to move a shipment from point X to point Y but rather because of the fact that only forwarders can be trusted to do the job exceptionally well. This is precisely why the freight forwarding industry is expected to remain unperturbed by the threats posed by automation.

Globalia’s 2nd Annual Meeting will be held in Bali from 9th to 11th May 2018

Registration for Globalia’s 2nd Annual Meeting is now open!

We are thrilled to announce Globalia’s 2nd Annual Meeting and we invite you all to register for the same at the earliest. The 2nd Annual Meeting will be held at The Laguna Resort & Spa from 9th – 11th May 2018.

partner with logistics company
We value the agents in our network the most and the annual meeting will serve as an excellent platform to meet worldwide freight forwarders and build strong business relationships.

Each agent will have the option to book 32 one-to-one meetings with others during this interesting and attractive two-day event. Additionally, there will be a welcome cocktail party, cultural dinner and several opportunities to meet, discuss and conduct business throughout the event.

The Annual Meeting is one of the most important highlights of our network, since it provides a great platform to compete with the larger Multinational Companies in the freight forwarding industry as the annual meeting brings together a well-established network of agents who understand that mutual cooperation is the key to success.

Registration for the event is now open, register now! We invite you to register at the earliest.


Interview with Globalia Geneva

Getting to know Multi-Douane Services

MULTI-DOUANE SERVICES is one the Globalia’s Founding Members and represents the network in Geneva. MULTI-DOUANE SERVICES was founded in 2001 by Gérard Doutaz, a specialist in customs and former forwarder since 1981. Specialised in customs clearances of living animals and vegetables subjected to the new rules of imports, Multi-Doune Services offers a fast service of deliveries for Geneva and all of Switzerland. Today we have sat down with Gérard Doutaz, Managing Director of MULTI-DOUNE SERVICES, to find out more about their successes and challenges

Q. When and how did you get into the freight forwarding industry?
A. I began working as a freight forwarder in 1981 in Vevey, Switzerland. In 1984 I then went to train and gain further experience by working in several companies in Geneva.
Q. Can you tell us a little of the history of Multi-Douane Services?
A. In 1988 I created my first company, which I ran until 2000. In 2001 Multi-Douane Services was launched, which has gone from strength to strength to this day.
Q. What distinguishes Multi-Douane from other freight forwarders in your city? 
A. From the outset, Multi-Douane Services has been a customs agency specialising in importing mainly for freight forwarders in Switzerland. However, over the years we have also developed export and international transport, which is why we joined GLOBALIA this year.
Q. What would be the most significant shipment your team has handled?
A. Well, one our specialisations is importing live animals, as we are approved by the Swiss Veterinary Office – we are one of the only ones at Geneva airport who are, in fact. We once imported a Komodo dragon for a zoo (photo) as well as group of dogs from Romania (photo).

Q. What challenges do you foresee in the near future?
A. Currently we are developing a customs service for luxury vehicles, so we are looking forward to all the challenges this area will bring.

 Q. Where do you see Multi-Douane in 10 years?
A. To answer your question, you know, in 10 years I will be retired! However, I have every confidence that my successors will be managing the company and building on our legacy.


Anniversary Celebrations for GLB Milan

We are honoured to announce that February 8, 2017, marked the 35th Anniversary of GLB Milan agent, Columbia Transport SRL. 

The company was founded in 1982 by Mr. Giovanni De Luca, who was so inspired by the Columbia Space Shuttle, the first orbiter to fly into space, that he named the company after that shuttle.

Columbia Transport SRL is now managed by his son Enrico De Luca, who has been in the freight forwarding industry for 30 years working with the company, first in sales and then in operations.

independent freight agent

 Enrico, together with his team of experienced and motivated staff, work every day to ensure that their customers get the personalised service they have come to expect.

 The success and longevity of the company is based on the faithful support of a large client base from around the globe. It is a testament to the quality of the service, that many of their clients have been with the firm from its creation.

 Columbia Transport SRL looks forward to continuing to meet the needs of their clients with professional and innovative services in the years to come.

 GLOBALIA would like to congratulate Columbia Transport SRL on this milestone and invite members with shipments in Milan to get in touch with the Columbia Transport SRL team.