Freight Forwarders are ready to deal with the challenge posed by automation

Logistics which was so far considered to be one of the slowest segments in terms of technological innovations is finally waking up to the advantages which technology has to offer.

Technological innovations are proliferating like never before in the logistics world threatening to alter the conventional freight forwarding process. Starting from online load boards, connected containers, online processing and cloud based freight marketplaces, the recent advancement in technology has somewhat jeopardized the future of the freight forwarding industry.

However, there is not much reason to be concerned since the logistics industry is transforming at a lightning speed with shippers, warehouse operators and carriers coming up with new technologies which would irrevocably change the way business was conducted before. Therefore the only option for independent freight forwarders is to adapt to the new changes so as to survive and grow in an increasingly competitive environment. Freight forwarders has nothing to fear from automation and are expected to remain undaunted till technology offers an unparalleled level of client servicing.

Shippers have placed their trust on freight forwarders for decades not just because of their ability to move a shipment from point X to point Y but rather because of the fact that only forwarders can be trusted to do the job exceptionally well. This is precisely why the freight forwarding industry is expected to remain unperturbed by the threats posed by automation.