Glb Taipei delivers an extremely fragile taichi sculpture

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Globalia Taipei establishes itself as a first-rate artwork deliverer after successfully transporting a Taichi sculpture

Apollo Logistics has recently transferred a 2.5 meters high Taichi Sculpture from Beijing to Taipei. The 2.5 meter high sculpture was made entirely out of glass fibre making it an extremely fragile item to deliver.

The Taichi Sculpture which was exhibited at the Beijing University during the 2008 Olympiade was sent as a gift to the National Taiwan Normal University in May, this year. In the words of Richard Yeh, Globalia Taipei’s General Manager “Proper positioning of the sculpture was one of the major challenges we faced in this case. Being a highly fragile artwork it demanded totally accurate, safe and efficient handling which our team has accomplished with perfection.”

Here’s to Apollo Logistics for their brilliant feat!