Globalia Madrid welcomes a new team member to their imports and Air Freight Department

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Silvia Mazzorana, who has years of experience in the industry is going to join the team of Globalia member in Madrid

Logistics IndustrySilvia Mazzorana, the new team member of ELS Global Logistics Solutions Worldwide, SAU will be working on strategizing and the strengthening of sales leads.

Quoted below is a few lines stated by Ms. Mazzorana, “The daily challenges that the logistics industry can provide are amazing and extremely demanding at the same time. We deal with companies of all sizes in a variety of industries ranging from food and beverage to industrial goods and this keeps my job interesting. I can interact with people from all around the world and work on many different levels and departments, including warehousing, shipping, procurement, finance, etc. This is a constant learning experience that motivates me all year round. Logistics can be a very challenging field so a work environment that highlights both teamwork and a sense of community is extremely important for successfully achieving our company’s goals.”

ELS Group has expressed their delight to have an experienced strategist like Silvia on their board and are confident that the addition of Ms. Mazzorana to their team is going to enhance their productivity and help them serve their clients better.

Globalia wishes the very best to ELS Group for all their future endeavors!