Globalia Ho Chi Minh celebrates The International Women’s Day with a small party in their office

The celebration was organized to foster the spirit of gender equality in the workplace

Super Cargo Service Co Ltd, Globalia member in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, celebrated The International Women’s Day on the 8th of March by organizing a small party in their office. On this day all the male members of their team prepared a sumptuous lunch, decorated the office with flowers and bought gifts for all the female colleagues. Once the celebrations were over, the men took care of cleaning the office as well.

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Globalia Ho Chi Minh believes in creating a work ambience based on gender equality, respect, friendliness, wholeheartedness and excellence. “Everybody is loved and respected in our team which is more like a family. Not only on this day but also on the rest of the year, our female colleagues are treated with the same warmth and respect. On the International Women’s Day, we took the opportunity to have a little merrymaking when the male members took the lead and the female colleagues just sat back and enjoyed,” says Ms. Lily, the Agency Coordinator of Super Cargo.

Globalia wishes all the best to Super Cargo Service for all their upcoming projects!

“The freight forwarding industry is expected to go through loads of major digitization changes in the coming years and we must be ready”. Interview with Globalia Shanghai

This week we interviewed Jason Yu, from Shanghai Multiplex Concept Intl Freight Forwarding Co. Ltd, Globalia member in Shanghai, who told us in detail about their company and how they are striving to keep ahead of the competition.

Q. Can you tell us a little about Shanghai Multiplex’ history?logistics companies

A. Our company was established in 2006, and since then we have been providing all kinds of international logistics services including air, sea and road freight, custom clearance, import, export, warehousing, door to door deliveries and much more. No matter if the consignments are large project cargo requiring chartered/heavy lift transport or time-critical products where service failure can be critical, we are here to provide our clients with access to all the expertise they might need.

Q. Why did you decide to become a freight forwarder, and how did you get into the industry?

A. While in university, I did my majors in logistics management and after completing the course I worked at an airport terminal for 5 years. This was when I thought about starting my own logistics company which would offer prompt and creative logistics solutions for the clients and since then I have been working for Shanghai Multiplex.

Q. What do you enjoy most about being a freight forwarder?

A. Freight forwarding is one of those jobs which involve a lot of brainwork and coordination. The day to day challenges in the freight forwarding industry is something which always keeps me interested in my job. Some of the aspects about the job which I like to work on typically involve coordination and negotiation with shippers, shipping lines, truck companies and customs brokers for coming

Q. What distinguishes Shanghai Multiplex from other freight forwarders in your city?

A. A few things which distinguish us from our competitors are our long years of experience, flexible handling capability, prompt and effective solutions for the most complex shipping needs and the ability to always adapt our services according to our customer’s needs. 

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Q. What are the main challenges facing freight forwarders in your country at the moment? How are you dealing with them?

A. One of the major challenges faced by freight forwarders in Shanghai is fierce market competition. We are coping with this challenge by providing the best and most cost-effective services, and by responding promptly to our customer’s requirement. We strive to provide all our customers – large and small, with world-class levels of support, care and commitment. Our ‘customer first’ policy surely helps us to stay ahead in the competition.

Q. What most attracted you to Globalia Logistics Network?

A. The territorial exclusivity of Globalia members, the prospect of collaboration and the yearly meetings are some of the things which attracted us most to your network

Q. How did Globalia’s 1st Annual Meeting benefit Shanghai Multiplex?

A. The 1’st yearly meeting of Globalia agents went way better than we expected. It provided us an opportunity to know our partners more closely and gave us the confidence to collaborate with professional and reliable agents from all around the world.

Q. Where do you see your company in 10 years?

A. The freight forwarding industry is expected to go through loads of major changes in the coming years, most of which would involve automation and digitization. Electronic transactions are sure to develop step by step and a time will come when the shipper might book space, arrange trucks and go for custom clearance services online. Therefore, we as traditional logistics service provider must also be ready with digitized and value-added services which would be suitable for all kind of customer requirements.