Globalia Ho Chi Minh creates a new bonded warehouse

Their new warehouse called Super Cargo Logistics Center is located in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

Super Cargo Service - logistics company in Ho Chi Minh
Super Cargo Logistics Center
Super Cargo Service Co. Ltd, Globalia member in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, has opened a new warehouse called Super Cargo Logistics Center. The warehouse that comes with 10 loading docks is located in Nhon Trach, Dong Nai province, Vietnam. The building has a floor load capacity of 6 tons, a clear height of 15.5 m, and a platform height of 0.85 m.

“This new warehouse will further help our company to align with our client’s business goals and objectives. Our bonded warehouse facility has a net area of 4000 sqm while the chemical warehouse facility comprises an area of 2,600 sq m. Additionally, the general warehouse sprawls over an area of 7,000 sq m,” says Mr. Peter Nguyen, the CEO of Super Cargo Service.

Super Cargo Service’s new warehouse also comes with sprinklers for fire fighting, 200 lux lights, and 3m by 5 m shutter doors. Lastly, with 5 trucks of 2 tonnes capacity each and 21 container trucks and 28 trailers, they are all set to provide their customers with a holistic suite of logistics services.

Congratulations to Super Cargo Services and all the best for their upcoming projects!


Globalia Ho Chi Minh garners the Asia Pacific Enterprise Award (APEA) 2021

Their outstanding achievements in business surpassing the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic allowed them to win this esteemed award

Super Cargo Services Co. Ltd, Globalia member in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam won the prestigious Asia Pacific Enterprise Award 2021. They were given this award for their excellent achievements in business in spite of the challenges posed by the pandemic. The Award recognition programme recognizes corporate excellence, encouraging innovation, fair practices and growth in entrepreneurship.

Super Cargo Services-freight forwarder in Ho Chi Minh
Super Cargo Service wins the APEA
To quote Mr. Peter Nguyen, the CEO of Super Cargo Service, “This is really a very proud achievement of the company under difficult circumstances of the global pandemic. Moreover, this award has helped us affirm our leading position for domestic and foreign partners.”In the first six months of 2021, Super Cargo Service witnessed an impressive increase of nearly 128% in revenue compared to the whole year of 2020.

They were able to achieve this sustainable growth by focusing on its six core lines of services which seek to provide one-stop services to its customers. These core lines include investing in people through training and individual development programmes, improving its products and services, and holding a competitive edge in this sector.

Additionally, they are also increasing their assets by building warehouses, purchasing more trucks, and upgrading their IT system.

The SCS Manufacture Setting Up Logistics Services Provider Consultancy (M.S.L.S.C.) is among the company’s future plans. Moreover, the company also seeks to improve its human resources, accounting, and operating system to achieve customer service excellence. “In the future, we plan to continue improving and building up our overseas business development team in countries such as South Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, and India. Furthermore, we aim to expand our operation network nationwide,” adds Mr. Nguyen.

Super Cargo Service-freight forwarder in Ho Chi Minh
Super Cargo Services wins the APEA Awards

Congratulations to Super Cargo Services and all the best for their future endeavours!

Globalia Ho Chi Minh celebrates The International Women’s Day with a small party in their office

The celebration was organized to foster the spirit of gender equality in the workplace

Super Cargo Service Co Ltd, Globalia member in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, celebrated The International Women’s Day on the 8th of March by organizing a small party in their office. On this day all the male members of their team prepared a sumptuous lunch, decorated the office with flowers and bought gifts for all the female colleagues. Once the celebrations were over, the men took care of cleaning the office as well.

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Globalia Ho Chi Minh believes in creating a work ambience based on gender equality, respect, friendliness, wholeheartedness and excellence. “Everybody is loved and respected in our team which is more like a family. Not only on this day but also on the rest of the year, our female colleagues are treated with the same warmth and respect. On the International Women’s Day, we took the opportunity to have a little merrymaking when the male members took the lead and the female colleagues just sat back and enjoyed,” says Ms. Lily, the Agency Coordinator of Super Cargo.

Globalia wishes all the best to Super Cargo Service for all their upcoming projects!

Globalia Ho Chi Minh charters two flights with PPE from Vietnam to the USA

The 10th and 11th charter flights handled by Super Cargo Vietnam demonstrates their pioneering role in carrying out the pandemic logistics

Super Cargo Service, a Globalia member in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, chartered their 9th flight to move a shipment of personal protection equipment from Ho Chi Minh to New York. The Boeing 777 was loaded with 50 tons of cargo which had a volume of 250 cbm. The cargo was loaded in the belly hold of the plane as well as on the passenger seats and the overhead compartments which allowed them to gain cost optimization.

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Their 10th shipment and 11th shipment were transported from Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh, to Los Angeles. Their 10th shipment which was sent out in a chartered plane of Philippines Airlines had a volume of 180 CBM and weighed around 40 tons. Their 11th shipment of PPEs which was also moved in a Philippines Airlines charter flight weighed around 50 tons and had a volume of 250 CBM.

Congratulations to Super Cargo Service for this commendable achievement!

We encourage our members to check out the videos they have created about their 10th and 11th shipments.

Globalia Ho Chi Minh does their part to combat the epidemic by moving over 5 million health protection items from Ho Chi Minh to New York, USA

To this end, they coordinated with four airlines, chartered eight flights and completed a record-breaking workload within two weeks – from 5th to 18th May 2020

Super Cargo Service Co, Globalia member in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, successfully arranged for 8 chartered flights from Ho Chi Minh to JFK Airport, USA, for shipping more than 5 million health protection products including protective clothing, masks, and gloves. “The urgent nature of this shipment prompted our team to coordinate at once with 4 airlines- Ethiopia Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Eva Airlines, and Philippines Airlines. I’d request our partners to take a look at the YouTube video we have put together regarding this important and time-critical cargo.” says Mr. Peter Nguyen, the Chief Executive Officer of Super Cargo Service.

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This consignment which was a large order from the Government of New York reached its destination within just two weeks. The tact and competence of the Super Cargo team are what allowed them to complete this record-breaking workload in the middle of these difficult circumstances imposed by the pandemic. Mr. Nguyen further states, “This is the first time that 8 large aircraft (Boeing 777-300 ER and Boeing 777- 360 ER) from 4 international airlines simultaneously landed at Tan Son Nhat airport to transport medical equipment from Ho Chi Minh to the US. The international crisis calls for ground-breaking solutions like this. A big shoutout to our team for proficiently undertaking this challenging task within just 2 weeks!”

Congratulations to Super Cargo Service for this commendable job!