Globalia Budapest relocates a telecommunications company’s entire inventory to a state-of-the-art warehouse

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Over the years, the partnership between Masped Logistics and the telecommunications giant has flourished, driven by a shared commitment to technological advancement and operational efficiency

Masped Logistics, Globalia member in Budapest, Hungary, has recently helped in the relocation of a telecommunication company’s inventory to a new warehouse. This new storage facility, located within the Freeport of Budapest—the largest tri-modal logistics distribution center in Hungary—offers a strategic advantage with its advanced infrastructure designed to meet the diverse needs of both parties.

Masped Logistics- independent freight forwarder
Masped Logistics- telecommunications company relocation


The move encompassed the transfer of the entire inventory to the new warehouse, a process executed with precision to ensure continuity of operations. The new warehouse is not just a storage space but a hub of innovation and collaboration.

The office area, constructed from containers, provides a comfortable and functional environment for the client to conduct negotiations and engage in the daily activities of the warehouse. Moreover, as the logistics partner of one of the country’s largest telecommunications companies, Masped Logistics has been at the forefront of delivering comprehensive warehouse logistics and freight forwarding services for nearly two decades.

The two companies together developed an intelligent demand generation system that can processes millions of data points daily, enabling precise inventory management across the client’s retail network.

Masped Logistics- freight forwarder in Budapest
Masped Logistics- freight forwarder in Budapest


“Lastly, with a focus on continuous improvement and customer-centric innovation, Masped Logistics is delivering exceptional service and value to its partners,” says Miklos Bartko, Division Manager of Globalia Budapest.

Congratulations to Masped and wishing them all the best for their upcoming projects!