Interview with Stephen McDermott, Director of Education and Marketing of CIFFA

“One major factor that sets CIFFA’s freight forwarding courses apart is that our programs focus on the essential competencies required of a freight forwarder, that is why they have attracted  more than 15,000 industry professionals.”

CIFFA- freight forwarding courses
Stephen McDermott

This week, we had the privilege of interviewing Stephen McDermott, the Director of Education and Marketing of the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA).

CIFFA has been collaborating with Globalia Logistics Network since last year, offering exclusive and competitive prices for their esteemed forwarding courses. CIFFA’s freight forwarding courses are designed by professionals with experience in a variety of logistics topics, who have been providing students with the highest level of professional education over the years. Courses are intended for people working in the transportation and logistics sector who would like to further their careers. Moreover, these courses are also perfect for newcomers in this sector who want to start their journey in this industry on a strong footing.

Globalia Logistics Network has just opened registration for the highly sought-after International Transportation and Trade course. Members can already enrol for the course that will start on 2nd October 2023. During our conversation, Mr McDermott provided us with a comprehensive overview of CIFFA’s freight forwarding courses, highlighting their importance and the exceptional reputation they have earned within the industry. He also shared insights into course content, collaboration with Globalia, and much more.

Q. How did your idea of launching logistics courses come about?

A. CIFFA’s logistics courses were initially formulated to adequately train our 300+ member logistics companies in Canada. Furthermore, the courses serve as initial training for new employees and are also advantageous for individuals seeking to advance their careers. More importantly, our courses are presently taught in 16 post-secondary colleges within international business and supply chain programs. Our freight forwarding courses focus on the essential competencies required of a freight forwarder, giving us a competitive advantage over standard logistics courses.

Q. When did CIFFA start offering freight forwarding courses?

A. CIFFA was founded in September 1948 in Montreal, Canada, by a small group of logistics specialists who recognized the need for an industry association that could cater to the professional requirements of its members. We have been offering freight forwarding courses for more than four decades.

Q. What are the benefits of your courses for freight forwarders?

A. For anyone looking forward to a promising career in the supply chain industry, enrolling in CIFFA’s freight forwarding courses can be of immense help. Our courses can give employees in this sector a great advantage in the job market. Moreover, with the increasingly important role of this industry in the present-day economy, our logistics courses are also helping individuals to find employment in this sector. The correct training in all the essential aspects of the freight and logistics sector can help to develop the skills that are needed to meet the requirements of the customers and optimize the supply chain operations.

Nowadays, best forwarding companies are implementing dedicated employee training programmes to increase productivity and attain a high level of employee retention. Both these factors are absolutely crucial for the sustained growth of small and mid-sized logistics companies. Our logistics training courses keep learners updated with the requirements of logistics 4.0 and help secure their positions in the industry.

Q. How many students have you had to date?

A. Since 2013, our courses have attracted an impressive membership base, with over 15,000 industry professionals taking advantage the comprehensive knowledge and expertise provided. Globalia’s Online Academy offers two of CIFFA’s freight forwarding courses: International Transportation and Trade and Essentials of Freight Forwarding.

Q. How did CIFFA build such a high reputation?

A. CIFFA is approaching its 75th anniversary in 2023. Since our establishment, we have forged deep connections and partnerships within the industry. Our education programs play a crucial role in imparting essential skills and competencies to our members’ employees. We constantly leverage our experience and actively seek feedback from students and the industry to ensure the creation of top-notch education programs. As a result, our courses consistently garner remarkable approval rates from students, reflecting their high quality and effectiveness.

Q. Who are the ideal candidates for these courses?

A. Our courses are meant for learners looking to start a career in the transportation and logistics sector, new employees at logistics organizations, and individuals seeking to advance their careers in various ways. The main advantage of our courses is their suitability for newcomers in the industry. The comprehensive courses provide them with the essential skills and knowledge required to perform competently in this sector. Moreover, experienced forwarders who wish to stay updated with industry trends can also benefit greatly from these courses.

Q: What is your opinion regarding the collaboration with Globalia?

A: The partnership with Globalia Logistics Network has been outstanding, as they have shown a strong dedication to offering education to their global members. Since our collaboration began last year, where we introduced the International Transportation and Trade Course and Essentials of Freight Forwarding Course, we have been extremely pleased with this highly beneficial partnership.

“For anyone looking forward to a promising career in the supply chain industry, enrolling in CIFFA’s freight forwarding courses can be of immense help…Our logistics training courses keep learners updated with the requirements of logistics 4.0 and help secure their positions in the industry.

Q. What sets your logistics courses apart from other course providers?

A. One major factor that sets us apart is that our programs focus on the essential competencies required of a freight forwarder. Other course providers do not delve into that level of detail. In addition, all other courses are designed with the logistics manager in mind but is also applicable to all employees within any logistics company of any size.

In essence, CIFFA’s logistics training programmes offer comprehensive preparation for people aspiring to excel as international freight forwarders. The students gain the necessary skills to effectively plan and execute shipments, understand routes, rates, and carrier options, generate accurate quotes, arrange shipments, and manage transportation documentation. Furthermore, our courses can be taken remotely, allowing students to take the course at their own pace. Online logistics courses are more accessible and can be completed at a relaxed pace, thanks to the enhanced accessibility of virtual classrooms.

Q. Who formulates the logistics courses?

A. A team of experts on the topics covered in the courses who work and teach within the profession write the course content. It needs to be added in this context that their expertise is regularly sought to ensure that the courses remain up-to-date and relevant.


Globalia’s 1st Online Course for freight forwarders on the news!

Globalia’s first freight forwarding course on International Transportation and Trade in cooperation with CIFFA has been a great success

Globalia’s Logistics Network’s recently launched online course on International Transportation and Trade provided by CIFFA has been successfully completed. The news about the success of this newly launched course has been covered by several online news portals. The courses are aimed at agents who want to get a practical training in the fundamentals of transportation and logistics and stay up-to-date with the industry trends.

The International Transportation and Trade course is provided by CIFFA- one of the best names in logistics education with 60 years of experience. The course focuses on the foundations of freight forwarding, risk management, and freight charges calculation. Additionally, it also covers topics like the types of equipment and documentation used to move goods by land, air and ocean modes of transport. Over 20 Globalia agents have completed the course and many are presently awaiting the certification.

Globalia Logistics Network- logistics courses
Globalia Logistics Network’s freight forwarding courses


The news has been covered by the following websites:

American Journal of Transportation (AJOT)

They are a leading online journal in the transportation and logistics sector covering the latest news and insights from the freight forwarding industry.

DC Velocity

DC Velocity is a leading multi-media magazine serving the informational needs of the freight forwarding industry. They provide comprehensive coverage of all every aspect of the transportation and logistics sector.

Logistics Business

They are an UK based website dedicated to the transportation and logistics industry. Their website updates the the readers with important news, opinions, and reports from the global supply chain sector.


Veintepies is a news portal offering valuable information to anyone who has to make business decisions related to transportation and logistics. With a large reader base in Spain and Latin America, it publishes news, opinions, and articles related to this industry.

Profesional Ecucando

They are a Spanish language website where they regularly publish news and blog related to the education sector.

Transport Contracts 

Transport Contracts is a road transportation magazine focusing on the trucking industry in South Africa. Their website connects vehicle owners with businesses trying to find reliable trucking service providers.


Shipmycarz is a car transportation company based in the USA that ships vehicles across North America, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico and Alaska.


Ship2Door is a transportation and e-commerce company that export and import goods from Nigeria to USA and Canada.

The Press Release published in all the above websites talk about the course details, and its outcome. It also touches on how Globalia Logistics Network’s online academy is providing the agents with a platform for educational courses that is enabling them to set the international standard in their everyday shipping and logistics operations.

Globalia opens a new online platform offering freight forwarding courses

The two-level freight forwarding courses by CIFFA along with the Masterclass by Container xChange will foster the know-how and industry knowledge of experienced forwarders and newcomers alike

Globalia Logistics Network has opened an online academy for the members to offer comprehensive logistics certification courses. Globalia has teamed up with two globally recognized course providers- Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) and Container xChange. The courses will allow the members to augment the expertise and industry knowledge of their employees. Above all, the courses will help the newcomers in the logistics industry to get an in-depth understanding of all the important supply chain processes. Additionally, experienced freight forwarders who want to stay updated with the industry trends can also enroll in the courses.

Globalia Logistics Network- freight forwarding courses
Freight forwarding courses launched by Globalia Logistics Network


In the words of Antonio Torres, President and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network, “We have opened our online academy with the intention of providing our agents with a platform for inspiring educational courses. Moreover, availing of these courses will enable them to set an international standard in their everyday shipping and logistics operations. I am certain that our new endeavour will help to create a new generation of forwarders and logistics professionals with fresh perspectives, and the ability to come up with innovative logistical solutions.”

CIFFA is an institute with over 6 decades of experience in logistics learning. Moreover, they are also a certified training provider.  Container xChange is a neutral online platform that offers a range of course material enabling forwarders to get a deeper understanding of the leasing container industry.

Globalia is offering two levels of freight forwarding courses provided by CIFFA. To begin with, there is a course on International Transportation and Trade. It will get the students acquainted with subjects like freight quotes, risk mitigation, Incoterms rules, freight costs, etc. This course will help the students get a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of international freight forwarding. Enrollment for this course is open till 30th March 2022. The course will start on the 1st of April.

The second course is on Essentials of Freight Forwarding. It focuses on topics like documentation, regulatory compliance, hazardous cargo, risk mitigation, packing, cargo insurance, and more. It is well-suited for trainees who want to start their journey in this sector on a strong footing. Registration for this course will be open from 14th June to 14th September 2022. The course will start on 15th September 2022.

Lastly, Globalia members who sign up for one or more of the above courses will get free access to the SOC Container Masterclass. This Masterclass provided by Container xChange will offer detailed instructions about the topic of handling Shipper Owned Containers. The SOC Masterclass will start on 1st April 2022.

Globalia’s online training programmes will enable members to cope with the industry challenges and confidently execute complex logistical procedures. Furthermore, upgrading the work skills of the employees will help to prepare them for greater responsibilities. Employee education is an investment for boosting your team’s productivity. It helps to reduce employee turnover rate and nurtures the growth and reputation of the member companies.  Additionally, the participants will get a certificate for completing the course. CIFFA will provide the students with interactive classes, audio, video lessons, and a downloadable e-book.