Globalia Stavanger come flying out the gates with 68% growth in first half of 2017

YOYO GLOBAL FREIGHT NORWAY AS managed a total of 4,595 shipments in the first 6 months of this year.

This has already proven to be an impressive year for Globalia Stavanger, YOYO GLOBAL FREIGHT NORWAY AS,– who have recorded a 68% growth compared to last year’s results.

This figure is especially notable given the effect that of the Norwegian oil crisis has had this year on the economy.

“Considering the climate, our results this year indicate that we are making the right choices” said Lenart Lykkedal Pedersen, Director at YOYO GLOBAL FREIGHT NORWAY AS.

The leading market players have been willing to listen to new solutions to save time, money and push transport & logistics forward in 2017”, Continues Lenart Lykkedal.

A big well done to YOYO GLOBAL FREIGHT NORWAY AS for such a great start to the year!

GLB Copenhagen/Odense is 3-time winner of The Gazelle Award

This prize recognises businesses which more than double their revenue or gross profit in period of 4 years

We would like to congratulate YOYO Global Freight, as a 3 time winner of the Gazelle logistics

The Gazelle awards were launched by The Daily Børsen (the equivalent of The Financial Times in Denmark) in 1995 in a bid to identify Denmark’s growth elite. This prize recognises businesses which more than double their revenue or gross profit in a period of 4 years. During the selection process, very strict criteria are applied to the more than 760,000 registered companies in Denmark. The demands on activity and corporate form, profitability and continuous growth reduced the number of candidates to a mere 6,000 companies, of which less than 1,800 achieved more than 100% growth in 2016.

YOYO has been awarded Gazelle recognition in 2014, 2015 and 2016 and they are well on their way to qualifying for a fourth year in a row. A big congratulations to the team!

Due to this growth, the number of staff has also increased, with YOYO now planning to move to their new headquarters, which will be ready by summer 2018.