Globalia Hamburg turns 25!

AMA Freight which started as a mid-sized owner-run family business now has over 100 employees

AMA Freight Agency GMBH completed 25 years in business on 1st April 2020. AMA Freight, which is a Globalia member in Hamburg, Germany, and in Tianjin, China, started its operation with just two founder members back in 1994. Since then the company has grown exponentially and presently counts on 40 persons in their headquarters at Hamburg plus 60 colleagues working in China.

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In the words of Mr. Arend Fock, the Founder and Managing Director of AMA Freight who has also celebrated its 25 years in the company, states: “We have managed to assert ourselves in the market for all this time, despite difficult circumstances. Thanks to the effort of the entire team we’ve successfully built strong customer relationships over the years which often go beyond business. This also applies to our Globalia partners whom we deeply trust and who have helped us overcome this current crisis.”

Transparency, honesty, a solutions-based approach, and unparalleled customer services are some of the factors responsible for their expansion and success. “We are very honoured that almost 75% of our staff is with us for more than 15 years. This is remarkable and it clearly shows that even in today’s business the keys are mutual appreciation, common implementation of targets, and mutual gratitude for what has been achieved together.” adds Mr. Arend Frock.

Happy 25th Anniversary to AMA Freight Agency and wishing them the very best for their future endeavours!

AMA Freight Co Ltd wins the Forwarder of the Year Award for the pesticide industry

They received the award from the China Crop Protection Industry Association last 28th of June

AMA Freight Co Ltd, Globalia member in Tianjin, China, and Hamburg, Germany, gets the Forwarder of the Year Award for the pesticide industry from the China Crop Protection Industry Association which is the country’s biggest network of the agriculture industry. “We have demonstrated our capacity as one of the foremost logistics company specialising in dangerous goods and hazardous cargo which involves strict regulations and requires special handling in China. Over 80% of the goods we are moving from China are hazardous chemicals related to agriculture.” says Leonard Slezak from AMA Freight. 

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AMA Freight comes with well trained members to guarantee a smooth and professional service as per IMO-Regulations. This also includes value added services such as their own stuffing supervisors who are controlling warehouses and the new suppliers of their customers. Mr. Slezak further adds, “We make sure to maintain good relations with all parties involved in the DG supply chain which is an absolute must to survive in this challenging sector.”

Congratulations to AMA Freight and wishing them the best for their future endeavours!

Globalia members join forces to carry out the shipment of a brand new Montblanc store in downtown London

The cargo which was shipped from China to the UK included interior furniture such as high-end display tables with fragile glass, mirrors, lights and other accessories

AMA Freight Co. Ltd, Globalia member in Tianjin, China, cooperated with Oceanside Logistics Limited, Globalia member in Felixstowe and Southampton, UK, to ship a very special cargo.

As stated by Jade Zhang, Head of the Overseas Department of AMA Freight, “Due to limited space and truck requirements in London, the shipment of 24 cases of 7.2 MT and 50 CBM had to be delivered in seven lots in a specific order so that the engineers could do the installation as planned. Additionally, due to the location of the shop, special permissions were needed for trucks to get into this commercial area. A strong logistical planning was required to guarantee customer satisfaction as well as flawless movement, loading, and unloading of the trucks. All the works were executed perfectly and the waste disposal was also taken care of by our two teams.”

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The furniture was shipped in three lots. AMA Freight shipped the first lot by sea from Shanghai to Southampton port from where the shipment was taken over by Oceanside Logistics and stored in their warehouse. The second shipment was moved by rail from Zhengzhou to Hamburg which saved the supplier plenty of money compared to air freight and plenty of time compared to ocean freight. The 3rd shipment was by air from PVG, Shanghai, to LHR, London, from where it was carried to Oceanside’s warehouse after the clearance.

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“The Montblanc shop was very satisfied with the service offered by both Oceanside Logistics and us. Their Manager was impressed by our professionalism and the care taken by us to manage this special project,” says Jade Zhang.

Congratulations to AMA Freight and Oceanside Logistics for successfully handling this collaboration shipment!