Less than two weeks to go for Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting!

This online conference will bring together all agents to one platform at one time for the promotion of businesses and augmenting the number of collaborative projects

Globalia’s first-ever Virtual Meeting is all set to happen on the 14th and 15th of October 2020. This year we couldn’t meet at Phuket as planned because of safety concerns and therefore we have created an effective substitute in the form of a virtual conference that will result in greater accessibility by eliminating all the obstacles to participation.

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The online one-to-one meetings which will form the core of the event will lead to constructive communication among the delegates allowing them to promote their business and make way for several collaborative projects for the coming months. Members will be able to participate in as many as 23 one-to-one videoconferences with previously chosen partners. We have taken special care to accommodate delegates from all the different time-zones.

As stated by Antonio Torres, the CEO and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network, “The safety of our members is our first priority and for this reason, we have worked hard to create an unparalleled meeting experience that doesn’t entail leaving the safety of the home or office. The debilitating global economy makes it all the more imperative for the small and mid-sized players to come together, collaborate, and nurture their businesses. This is exactly what this meeting will enable the members to do.”

Other than the one-to-one meetings, there will be an online presentation of all the new features and updates of Globalia’s member-exclusive TMS FreightViewer. Our convenient and user-friendly meeting platform will provide for an impeccable arrangement of the online meetings in accordance with the agenda of the delegates.  Moreover, the virtual meeting format will help to lower the expenses and save a considerable amount of time while permitting the delegates to carry on with the networking activities without stepping out from the comforts of their homes.

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We are all set to host Globalia’s 1st Virtual Meeting in October 2020

This online meeting will contribute to greater attendance because of increased accessibility and the elimination of all the obstacles to participation

Globalia Logistics Network’s 1st Virtual Meeting is scheduled to be held on 14th and 15th October 2020. The meeting will bring together all the network members in one platform thus enabling them to interact with their network partners, showcase their businesses and clear the way for several collaborative projects in the months to come. The meeting will provide a unique networking opportunity for 2020 and allow the agents to forge new ties with their partners, nurture the existing connections, and do the talking for the upcoming projects.

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Unlike a regular videoconference over Zoom or Skype our special meeting platform will allow the members to conduct up to 32 face-to-face videoconferences of 15 minutes duration with previously selected network partners. This year the members will not have to worry about making hotel reservations, obtaining a new visa or travelling to a different country for attending the meeting. Being a virtual event all the members will be able to participate in the event without spending a dime on hotel rent and travel expenses.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting travel restrictions as well as health concerns have prompted us to move our Annual Meeting on the cloud for 2020. The virtual nature of the meeting will ensure increased participation since this year our members will be able to do the networking right from the comforts of their homes.” says Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network. We have come up with a user-friendly meeting platform integrated with the Globalia website that will guarantee a flawless arrangement of online conferences as per the agenda of the delegates.

Check out our Virtual Meeting page for all the details.