Globalia Logistics Network inundated with membership applications – ACW

Globalia Logistics Network has been inundated with applications for membership with just one in 10 making the grade, two months since its launch.

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The freight forwarding network was founded by Antonio Torres, six years after launching Conqueror Freight Network, which had reached capacity, so he launched Globalia, to be a clone of Conqueror.

Torres says Globalia has been receiving dozens of applications and only one in 10 have made it through to the second stage, the auditing by Dun & Bradstreet.

He says: “Some might say that 1/10 isn’t very many to be passing the application process and they would be right, it isn’t. However, what it does mean is that our network has only the most financially stable and secure companies as members. The financial risks of working with our members is almost non-existent.”

Membership development manager, Francisco Perez adds: “Those who successfully pass the membership process will enjoy six months’ free membership. When that time is up, agents should know whether or not the network is working for them. It can’t be more transparent than that.”

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Globalia Logistics Network starts accepting applications – ACW

Applications for membership have begun being accepted for Globalia Logistics Network, which describes itself as “an exclusive network accepting only the highest calibre freight forwarders in each key air/seaport worldwide”.

best freight forwarders network
Globalia – Best Freight Forwarder Network – ACW

Globalia applicants will undergo a tough selection process including external auditing and those accepted will enjoy the first six months free. The new network was founded by Antonio Torres, who launched Conqueror Freight Network seven years ago.

Torres says: “Because of the unique nature of Conqueror, the amount of interest in membership is still unprecedented and in truth, there is simply not enough room to accommodate every qualifying company, so, I felt it was right to give more agents the opportunity to enjoy the same benefits through a new network.”

He adds: “Some might say that what we are launching is not new, and they would be right. We are offering the same opportunities as Conqueror but for a new group of first class companies, allowing them to work with the same calibre of agents as themselves worldwide.” 

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