A company trip to Ngwe Saung Beach for team building activities

The trip and the team building activities of Globalia Yangon greatly fostered their team spirit

Innovo Shipping and Logistics’ team, Globalia member in Yangon, went for a company trip to the picturesque Ngwe Saung Beach for a team retreat programme. The beach which is situated in the west coast of Myanmar is around 245 Km from the capital.

Innovo team spent a gala time on beach for two nights- three days during which they had spent some quality time playing team games, sampling exotic seafood and visiting the beautiful spots in the Ngwe Saung coast.

Team members got to discover that diversity is their greatest asset while trust, cooperation and effective communication are the key to a team’s success. Structured activities not only encourage individual development, but also bring all members together for a common cause. The company trip has tremendously fostered the team spirit of Innova Shipping and they are sure to perform even better in the coming year.

Aung Myat Htut the Managing Director of Innovo Shipping and Logistics says: “These activities have the aim to motivate the team to pool their talents and perform at their best individually and as team players. The trip has been memorable for all of us and it was a great recharge to welcome the New Year 2018!”

A very happy festive season to the Innovo Shipping and Logistics team

Globalia Stavanger come flying out the gates with 68% growth in first half of 2017

YOYO GLOBAL FREIGHT NORWAY AS managed a total of 4,595 shipments in the first 6 months of this year.

This has already proven to be an impressive year for Globalia Stavanger, YOYO GLOBAL FREIGHT NORWAY AS,– who have recorded a 68% growth compared to last year’s results.

This figure is especially notable given the effect that of the Norwegian oil crisis has had this year on the economy.

“Considering the climate, our results this year indicate that we are making the right choices” said Lenart Lykkedal Pedersen, Director at YOYO GLOBAL FREIGHT NORWAY AS.

The leading market players have been willing to listen to new solutions to save time, money and push transport & logistics forward in 2017”, Continues Lenart Lykkedal.

A big well done to YOYO GLOBAL FREIGHT NORWAY AS for such a great start to the year!