Globalia Logistics Network launches its Instagram account

Globalia’s Instagram page will come with photos and videos from the network that followers can view on the go from their mobile devices

Globalia Logistics Network, an international freight forwarding network with members from 194 cities, has recently launched their Instagram page. This new social media handle will help to further enlarge the audience base of the logistics network and enable them to reach out to potential agents in the future. Additionally, their strong social media presence will also keep their followers updated, and add to their digital visibility.

Globalia Logistics Network has always had a strong presence on social media with handles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more recently Instagram. Every week Globalia posts the news from the network and its members on their social media handles to keep their followers updated. Moreover, they make sure to post the news about the achievements of their agents which in turn promotes the members and increases their online presence.

As stated by Maria Serrano, Globalia’s PR and Event Coordinator, “We firmly believe that an active presence across a number of social media platforms greats helps to expand the outreach of our network. Moreover, these days the audience is more reliant on audio-visual platforms like Instagram for their daily dose of news and this is precisely why we have decided to be active on this platform.”

Globalia Logistics Network- Instagram Account
Globalia Logistics Network is now on Instagram