Globalia’s Annual Meeting goes virtual for the second time hosting more than 1150 meetings

The cloud conference on 14th and 15th October afforded the delegates a perfect opportunity to network with their logistics partners and attend the online FreightViewer workshops

Globalia concludes its 2nd Virtual Meeting successfully, that expedited networking among the members and reunited them virtually. After the great reception of their 1st Online Conference, the Globalia’s team worked hard to surpass the previous meeting experience. The Virtual Meeting enabled the members to assemble on one platform and consolidate relationships with their network partners.

Members participated in more than 1150 one-to-one video conferences during the two days of the event. Furthermore, the professional and user-friendly meeting platform created by Globalia made for a seamless conferencing experience. It organized all the video conferences automatically according to the agenda and time zone of the delegates.

Globalia's 2nd virtual meeting of independent freight forwarders
Globalia’s 2nd virtual meeting concludes successfully

“It has been wonderful experience, thanks to the Globalia team, who made it possible,” says our Globalia Member in Karachi, Pakistan.

The primary goal of the conference was to encourage a perfect working partnership between the network members. The meeting majorly contributed to expanding the scope and opportunities of the member companies. Moreover, Globalia’s team was always present to help members with every step of the meeting process.

“Globalia Logistics Network’s Virtual Meeting is a great platform where to improve your work and increase your business activities,” declares our Globalia member in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, this year, the delegates also had the chance to touch base with their network partners during the coffee breaks. They had the choice to access a room with up to 5 random participants and engage in informal discussions. This allowed to promote a sense of trust and bonding within the network. This is expected to strengthen the partnerships and have a positive impact on the number of concerted projects.

The event started with a Welcome Speech from Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network. Next, the members started with the one-to-one business discussions. Additionally, members also took part in the FreightViewer workshops. Andrea Martin, Globalia’s FreightViewer Coordinator, explained the new features added to the software.

According to Antonio Torres, “This year we once again organized a cloud conference keeping in mind the safety concerns of our members. Our virtual meeting yielded a remarkable outcome for the second time. All in all, it had been a wonderful and highly productive experience. It gave our members a chance to expand their operations in a time when the shipping industry is facing an unprecedented crisis. The meeting allowed the delegates to set the stage for new collaborative projects that forms the basis of our network. I am confident we will be able to conduct an in-person meeting next year when we leave the pandemic behind us.”


Globalia’s 2nd Virtual Meeting is all set to take place on the 14th and 15th of October 2021

The Virtual Meeting will once again allow the members to carry on their business networking without leaving the comforts of their home

After the success of their 1st Virtual Meeting in 2020, Globalia Logistics Network has finalized the dates and agenda for their 2nd Virtual Meeting. The meeting will take place on Globalia’s exclusive meeting platform on the 14th and 15th of October 2021. “The online meeting will lead to direct business discussions that is absolutely imperative for strong networking. It will allow you to do the groundwork for moving your business to the next level without compromising on your safety,” says Globalia President, Antonio Torres.

Globalia's 2nd Virtual Meeting
Globalia members will meet online in October 2021

Members will be able to participate in up to 32 one-to-one video conferences with previously selected network partners. Globalia’s upgraded meeting platform will lead to an even better meeting experience than the previous year. Moreover, keeping in mind the need for flexibility for the agents, the GLB team has made sure to accommodate delegates from all the different time-zones. This meeting will provide a perfect opportunity for members to talk directly with their partners and take the first and most important step in the path to collaboration. The meeting registration is already open, so Globalia members can register their attendance from their members area.

Additionally, the online nature of the meeting will lead to time and cost saving. This in turn will result in greater accessibility. This is why Globalia members are expected to turn up in great numbers. As Mr. Torres says, “Now more than ever is the time for you to join forces so as to grow your business. This online meeting will help you garner new projects and do your networking until we have a face-to-face get-together in the coming year.”

Visit Globalia’s Annual Meeting page to register your attendance and to check further details of the Virtual Meeting.