Globalia’s 3rd Annual Meeting is all set to commence on the 13th of March at the Intercontinental Hotel, Abu Dhabi!

More than 105 members from all around the globe will be meeting at Abu Dhabi to promote their companies and set the scene for numerous business opportunities for the coming months

After the remarkable growth of attendance during Globalia’s 2nd Annual Meeting, the members are getting ready once again to meet each other at the Intercontinental Abu Dhabi. The meeting which will be held from the 13th -15th of March 2019, at the Intercontinental Hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE, will kick off with a Welcome Cocktail Party where the delegates can meet and greet each other before embarking on the business talks on the following day.

The attending agents have already scheduled the one-to-one meetings with their network partners which are going to be the most important networking activity of the event. As stated by Antonio Torres the President and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network, “The primary objective of our yearly meetings is to foster a cooperative spirit and strengthen the ties among the network members. The three days at Abu Dhabi will not just provide our members with a networking platform but also allow them to forge lasting relationships with their partners which in turn will make the way for many new collaborative projects,”. 

This year, all the attending members will be given a personal demonstration of the FreightViewer- Globalia’s new online tool which will irrevocably alter the old ways of manual quote generation by giving the members the ability to generate instant online door-to-door quotations for their services.

On the 2nd evening of the meeting of the meeting, the delegates will wine and dine at the Byblos Sur Mer restaurant which will be followed by live music and merrymaking activities. To sum it up, Globalia’s 3rd Annual Meeting will present a unique networking opportunity for its members and allow them to further their business interests and secure many new projects.

Looking forward to meeting all of you soon!

Globalia Mumbai successfully handles a project shipment to Sierra Leone on an ex-works basis

The cargo was meant for the setting up of a palm oil extraction plant in Sierra Leone, Africa

Antares Logistics Pvt Ltd, the Globalia member in Mumbai, India, successfully moved a project shipment from Ex-N’sheva Port (Mumbai) to set up a palm oil Extraction plant in Sierra Leone on ex-work Basis. The cargo which consisted of ODC cargo open-top, heavy duty and normal containers were shipped in a time-bound manner.

“The scope of this project was considerable since we were required to pick up the cargo from multiple locations/suppliers by using heavy lift equipment. Transporting cargo from factory to CFS, consolidating the cargo at CFS and shipping it out on a time-bound manner also proved to be a challenging task which was perfectly executed by our team,” says Mr. Chandrasenan Krishnan Director of Antares Logistics.

Warm congratulations to Antares Logistics from the Globalia team for carrying out this project successfully!

Globalia Beijing moves 2 aircraft engines from Beijing to Hong Kong

The shipment handled by our member in Beijing consisted of a Trent 970 engine and a GEnx engine 

Beijing Monking Associates Int’l Forwarding Co Ltd, Globalia member in Beijing, China, has transported a Trent 970 engine for Airbus and a GEnx engine for Boeing B787 for China Southern Airlines. The Trent970 was moved to Hong Kong by an air suspension truck, from where SQ Airlines would move it to Amsterdam via Singapore. From Amsterdam, the engine would be hauled to a German MRO facility. The GEnx engine was shipped to Incheon Airport, Korea, by KE, from where Beijing Monking arranged for air suspension trucking from ICN airport to a local MRO facility.

A crane was required to upload and download the cargo. “We handle both inbound and outbound parts & spares for China Southern Airlines since 2010 and we operate our own air suspension trucks for the transport of engines and helicopters. Aviation and aerospace logistics accounts for 85% of our business. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this significant project was handled flawlessly by our team,” says Jonathan Ma, CEO of Beijing Monking.

Mr Ma further adds, “This shipment was extremely demanding primarily because of the size and weight of the cargo. For example, Trent970 weighs about 12,500 kg, with a height of 311 cm, while the door height of a B747 freighter is just 312 cm. This is why loading of the shipment required a lot of expertise and attention. Moreover, the value of Trent970 is over 22 million USD. Considering all of the above, the job was quite a challenging one,”

Congratulations to Beijing Monking Associates for the perfect execution of this project!

Globalia members join forces to carry out the shipment of a brand new Montblanc store in downtown London

The cargo which was shipped from China to the UK included interior furniture such as high-end display tables with fragile glass, mirrors, lights and other accessories

AMA Freight Co. Ltd, Globalia member in Tianjin, China, cooperated with Oceanside Logistics Limited, Globalia member in Felixstowe and Southampton, UK, to ship a very special cargo.

As stated by Jade Zhang, Head of the Overseas Department of AMA Freight, “Due to limited space and truck requirements in London, the shipment of 24 cases of 7.2 MT and 50 CBM had to be delivered in seven lots in a specific order so that the engineers could do the installation as planned. Additionally, due to the location of the shop, special permissions were needed for trucks to get into this commercial area. A strong logistical planning was required to guarantee customer satisfaction as well as flawless movement, loading, and unloading of the trucks. All the works were executed perfectly and the waste disposal was also taken care of by our two teams.”

The furniture was shipped in three lots. AMA Freight shipped the first lot by sea from Shanghai to Southampton port from where the shipment was taken over by Oceanside Logistics and stored in their warehouse. The second shipment was moved by rail from Zhengzhou to Hamburg which saved the supplier plenty of money compared to air freight and plenty of time compared to ocean freight. The 3rd shipment was by air from PVG, Shanghai, to LHR, London, from where it was carried to Oceanside’s warehouse after the clearance.

“The Montblanc shop was very satisfied with the service offered by both Oceanside Logistics and us. Their Manager was impressed by our professionalism and the care taken by us to manage this special project,” says Jade Zhang.

Congratulations to AMA Freight and Oceanside Logistics for successfully handling this collaboration shipment!

Globalia member in Cape Town, South Africa, celebrates their 10th Anniversary

In-Line Freight Solution has also been joined by a new member in their Sales and Marketing Department

In-Line Freight Solution, our member in Cape Town, South Africa, is about to celebrate their 10th Anniversary in January 2019. In the last one decade, Globalia Cape Town has emerged as one of the market leaders in the logistics and freight forwarding industry in Cape Town and continues to grow stronger.

Moreover, their 10th Anniversary has coincided with the joining of a new member in their team. In-Line South Africa has recently welcomed a new member, Arthur Bonyongwa, who joined their team in the capacity of Sales and Marketing Coordinator. “I am really looking forward to working with my new teammates. It’s really a great pleasure to be a part of one of the most dynamic logistics service providers of this city!” says Mr. Bonyongwa.

A Very Happy 10th Anniversary to In-Line Freight Solution and wishing them the very best for their future endeavours!

Globalia member in Copenhagen, Odense and Stavanger expands by acquiring a Denmark based logistics company

YOYO Global Freight, which won a Gazelle five years in a row, has recently taken over Trans-Air Denmark A/S in Copenhagen

YOYO Global Freight, a company which was founded in a basement in Odense 10 years ago, is now experiencing solid growth and has been honored with a Gazelle five years in a row. Now the company is expanding again by taking over Trans-Air Denmark A/S, a company based in Copenhagen.

“For some time now, we have been looking to expand our market share, and therefore the takeover of Trans-Air is a logical venture. They are strong in airfreight as well as sea-freight and the acquisition will surely benefit our company in several ways…We are operating in a market with very large players, and small and medium-sized enterprises can find it rather difficult to create their own place amongst all the big shipping companies. But we have succeeded in creating a concept with custom-tailored solutions,” says Kasper Andersen, one of the Founders of YOYO Global Freight.

Mr. Andersen further adds, “The customers are choosing us because of our flexibility and prompt customer services. Therefore, it is extremely important that, while we are growing, we keep insisting on the fact that the connection to our customers is the foundation of our company,”

Hearty congratulations to Yoyo Global Freight for their recent expansion!

Globalia member in Frankfurt, Germany, transports a heavy cargo from Amsterdam to Seoul

The cargo which weighed 25,340 Kg and measured 980 x 200 x 123 cm consisted of a rotor for a power plant

Euko Logistics Germany GMBH, Globalia member in Frankfurt, Germany, moved a rotor for a power plant from Amsterdam all the way to Seoul, South Korea. The cargo was moved overland with the help of a Tautliner with air suspension and slidable roof. As stated by Mr. Simon Park, Managing Director of Euko Logistics, “We are very contented with the successful completion of this project. The very nature of this cargo posed a few challenges which were perfectly handled by our team.”

The tremendous size of the cargo required special arrangements, which is why we used a Tautliner for uploading and downloading the shipment. It was indeed a great honour for us to handle such a huge overhang cargo. I’d like to express my gratitude towards my teammates and partners whose diligence and cooperation allowed us to terminate this project without a hitch,” added Mr. Simon Park.

Congratulations to Euko Logistics and wishing them all the best for their future projects!

Globalia Piraeus obtains ISO 2015 Certification

This certification is used by companies for demonstrating their ability to offer services/products which meet the client requirements & regulatory requirements

Feroniki SA International Shipping Forwarding Logistics Services, our member in Piraeus, Greece, has recently garnered the ISO 2015 certificate. This certification validates their ability to provide top-notch services which consistently meets all the regulatory requirements as well as the needs of their customers.

“This accreditation implies that the staff and management of Feroniki SA are functioning with the highest standard and it now has been officially certified,” says Nikos Liberopoulos, Sales Manager, Freight Forwarding Division of Feroniki SA International Shipping Forwarding Logistics Services.

Globalia Piraeus is very satisfied with their team members whose continuous efforts and dedication helped them to achieve this title of certification.

Nikos Liberopoulos further adds, “Our potential clients will surely understand the need of having a certified freight forwarding and customs broking service provider…We are here to assist them with all their special needs and our customers can rest reassured that their shipment will be moved and custom cleared in the safest and most professional manner.”

Globalia Panipat successfully completes the movement of mining equipment from India to Mozambique

The mining equipment was hauled from India for a mining project at Zimbabwe

ABS Logistics, Globalia member in Panipat, India, hauled a number of mining equipment from Nhava Sheva, India, to Beira Port, Mozambique. “This project was challenging as it was time critical and we had to complete the movement from shipper site to Beira within a stipulated time period. We were given 4 days time to move the cargo from the shipper site to loading on the vessel, while generally, it takes 7-8 days for doing the same,” says Mr. Abhinav Jain, Director of ABS Logistics.

They used CMA CGM Shipping Line for moving this equipment and special low bed trailers were required for transportation of the cargo. Mr. Jain further added, “This project was successful thanks to the diligence of our team, who handled it without a hitch”.

Congratulations to Globalia Panipat for a job well done!


A&L Cargo Services moves a heat recovery steam generator from Bintulu, Malaysia to Vietnam

The cargo was moved in 40 Pkgs of 1,000 CBM each

Globalia member in Haiphong, Vietnam, has just handled a project shipment consisting of 40 Pkgs of HRSG frames. The packages had a volume of 1,000 CBM each while the largest package weighed 35 tons and had a dimension of 18.2m(L) x 5.0m(W) x 1.9m(H).


“The items were loaded and chartered at the Bintulu Port of Malaysia and were moved all the way to Dung Quat Port, Vietnam. As our team is specialized in all type of oversized and heavy transport deliveries, they could complete the shipment smoothly” says Mr. Steve Long, General Director of A&L Cargo.

Congrats to A & L Cargo for the successful handling of a project cargo!