Globalia Istanbul gets listed among one of the “Best Managed Companies” of Turkey

They have been recognised as one of the ‘Best Managed Companies’ in Deloitte Private’s Best Managed Companies Programme that has already been implemented in 20 countries

Transorient International Forwarding, Globalia member in Istanbul, Turkey, is listed among Turkey’s “Best Managed Companies” by Deloitte Private’s Best Managed Companies Programme. This status was bestowed on Transorient after careful examination of four main criteria – strategy, competence and innovation, culture and commitment, governance and financials.

In the words of Mr. Ali Çiçekli the CEO of Transorient, “I believe that this program will be a guide for the companies in implementing the best management principles. This award once again reaffirms our faith in hard work and complete customer satisfaction. It has provided us further encouragement to continue providing innovative solutions and create value-added supply chain services.”

Congratulations to Transorient International Forwarding for garnering this prestigious accreditation!

Globalia’s 1st Virtual Meeting has been covered by several prominent websites of the shipping sector

Globalia’s  first-ever Virtual Meeting held on the 14th-15th October allowed the members to get together and continue with the networking in the absence of a direct in-person meeting

The news of Globalia’s 1st online conference for freight forwarders in 2020 has already been published on 3 popular websites dedicated to the logistics sector. The event which was held on 14th – 15th October 2020 has been covered by three popular supply chain websites – NovoLogistics, All About Shipping, and Maritime Network.

All About Shipping is a UK based logistics web magazine with an average of 30K views per year, that offers the industry professionals a variety of news and information from the shipping sector. Maritime Network is a community application that publishes real-time news and information pertinent to the supply chain industry. Novologistica is a Spanish language blog dedicated to the logistics and warehousing sector that has been furnishing the readers with relevant blogs and newsworthy articles from the industry.

The news published on these 3 logistics websites mentions the details of the online event, the countless business opportunities it presented, how it did away with the obstacles to participation, and how it allowed the delegates to network with their partners and obtain new collaborative projects from the network. The news articles also say a few lines about FreightViewer and how the members were presented with an online demonstration of its latest features and updates.

To find out more about the coverage of our Virtual Meeting just click on the below links:

All About Shipping

Maritime Network


ETE Group, Globalia member in Lisbon/Porto is now ETE Log

The change in name is the result of a merger which began in January 2020

MARDANA, one of the freight forwarding companies operating under ETE Group, Globalia member in Lisbon and Porto, Portugal, has merged and changed its name to ETE LOG. This merger which began in January 2020 was completed in April 2020 and during this period they were faced with the COVID-19 pandemic that posed several challenges, including mandatory confinement.

Despite all the challenges and constraints caused by Covid-19, the merger was successfully concluded and the involvement and commitment of the teams of both companies were decisive for this. According to Maria Alberquerque, the Operations Manager of ETE Logistica, “We came to this decision after much deliberation on part of the board of Directors of ETE group. We are hoping that this merger will optimize our resources and boost our operations.”

Congratulations to Globalia Lisbon/Porto for getting the AEO certificate and all the best for their upcoming projects!

Globalia Logistics Network concludes its First Virtual Meeting successfully

Apart from the one-to-one meetings, there was also a live online demonstration of all the new features and functions of Globalia’s member-exclusive TMS FreightViewer

Globalia Logistics Network has successfully concluded its first-ever Virtual Meeting held on the 14th and 15th of October 2020. The Virtual Meeting afforded an opportunity to the delegates to come together on one platform and continue with the networking in the absence of a direct face to face meeting.

The Virtual Meeting was carried on via Globalia’s exclusive user-friendly platform created by the IT Department of Globalia. Furthermore, the whole team of the network was involved in the assistance of possible technical issues the agents may have. All of this resulted in a very positive user experience.

“Given the circumstances, this year we couldn’t manage to assemble in person but the impeccable arrangement of our first Virtual Meeting made sure that agents could meet online, enhancing the mutual trust and bonding among members within the network. Additionally, being an online event, it eliminated all the hindrances to participation and reduced expenditure in terms of time and money,” declares Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network.

Delegates from around 50 countries attended the Virtual Meeting and congratulated Globalia’s team for their efforts and support: “I can honestly can say the meeting could not have been better, it was near perfect. It was very well organized and really worth it. I thank Globalia’s team for their constant support and assistance“, commented one of the delegates from the United States.”

Like every year the meeting commenced with a speech from Antonio Torres which was followed by a presentation on how the program worked and then members started with the one-to-one video conferences where they consolidated their relationships with existing and future partners and discussed the prospects of exchange of projects in the future. Apart from the one-to-one video conferences, there was also a presentation of all the most recent features of FreightViewer, Globalia’s member-exclusive quote generation, and freight rate management software.

The Virtual Event required months of preparation on part of the Globalia team and organizing an event with delegates from so many different time zones was indeed an exigent job that was executed flawlessly. Mr. Torres further adds, “The Virtual Meeting presented a unique opportunity in 2020 for members to come together and augment their businesses within the network during these difficult times. The cooperation among members is of paramount importance, since together members will be able to get over this crisis period.”

Globalia Piraeus transports 87 containers of refined soy bean Oil from Greece to Egypt

This was a challenging project that lasted 3 months – from June to August

Feroniki SA International Shipping Forwarding, Globalia member in Piraeus, Greece, has successfully handled a massive shipment consisting of refined soybean oil from Piraeus, Greece, to El Dekheila (Alexandria), Egypt. “This was a challenging shipment and there have been weeks where we worked overtime to ship up to 15 containers some weeks which was indeed a very heavy task requiring a lot of coordination and hard work on part of our team,” says Nikos Liberopoulos, the Sales Manager of Feroniki.

Mr. Liberopoulos further adds, “Altogether we had arranged 87 x 20’dv Flexitanks to transport the shipment and our partner in Cairo also carried out the distribution seamlessly. Installing the Flexitank inside the container and loading the containers at the port on time were tricky tasks that were faultlessly executed by the Feroniki team.”

Congratulations to Feroniki SA for the successful handling of this project!





Less than two weeks to go for Globalia’s 1st Virtual Meeting!

This online conference will bring together all agents to one platform at one time for the promotion of businesses and augmenting the number of collaborative projects

Globalia’s first-ever Virtual Meeting is all set to happen on the 14th and 15th of October 2020. This year we couldn’t meet at Phuket as planned because of safety concerns and therefore we have created an effective substitute in the form of a virtual conference that will result in greater accessibility by eliminating all the obstacles to participation.

The online one-to-one meetings which will form the core of the event will lead to constructive communication among the delegates allowing them to promote their business and make way for several collaborative projects for the coming months. Members will be able to participate in as many as 23 one-to-one videoconferences with previously chosen partners. We have taken special care to accommodate delegates from all the different time-zones.

As stated by Antonio Torres, the CEO and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network, “The safety of our members is our first priority and for this reason, we have worked hard to create an unparalleled meeting experience that doesn’t entail leaving the safety of the home or office. The debilitating global economy makes it all the more imperative for the small and mid-sized players to come together, collaborate, and nurture their businesses. This is exactly what this meeting will enable the members to do.”

Other than the one-to-one meetings, there will be an online presentation of all the new features and updates of Globalia’s member-exclusive TMS FreightViewer. Our convenient and user-friendly meeting platform will provide for an impeccable arrangement of the online meetings in accordance with the agenda of the delegates.  Moreover, the virtual meeting format will help to lower the expenses and save a considerable amount of time while permitting the delegates to carry on with the networking activities without stepping out from the comforts of their homes.

Be there to make a difference in your business!

Globalia Ho Chi Minh charters two flights with PPE from Vietnam to the USA

The 10th and 11th charter flights handled by Super Cargo Vietnam demonstrates their pioneering role in carrying out the pandemic logistics

Super Cargo Service, a Globalia member in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, chartered their 9th flight to move a shipment of personal protection equipment from Ho Chi Minh to New York. The Boeing 777 was loaded with 50 tons of cargo which had a volume of 250 cbm. The cargo was loaded in the belly hold of the plane as well as on the passenger seats and the overhead compartments which allowed them to gain cost optimization.

Their 10th shipment and 11th shipment were transported from Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh, to Los Angeles. Their 10th shipment which was sent out in a chartered plane of Philippines Airlines had a volume of 180 CBM and weighed around 40 tons. Their 11th shipment of PPEs which was also moved in a Philippines Airlines charter flight weighed around 50 tons and had a volume of 250 CBM.

Congratulations to Super Cargo Service for this commendable achievement!

We encourage our members to check out the videos they have created about their 10th and 11th shipments.

Globalia Haifa caters to the logistical requirement for the Tel Aviv Light Railway Project

They just completed delivery of Light Railway Vehicle modules from Tianjin, China, to Ashdod, Israel

Kamor Logistics, Globalia member in Haifa, Israel, completed delivery of Light Railway Vehicles meant for the “Red Line” of the Tel Aviv Light Railway project. The 12 modules of the shipment arrived via M/V to Tianjin from where it was moved to Ashdod, Israel. The shipment was unloaded with the help of several port cranes working in tandem. Kamor Logistics discharged the units onto low-bed extendable trailers and delivered them to the project’s main depot, which was 50 km from the port.

The cars arrived in modules allowing for road transportation. While the smaller cars measured 14.6 x 2.65 x 3.6 (m) and weighed 22.4 tons, the longer units had a dimension of 20.2 x 2.65.*3.6(m) and weighed 31 tons. They used a Hydraulic 200 crane to unload the shipment on site which was then shunted to storage by the consignee, allowing for the next car to be assembled.

As explained by Mr. Ido Raban, the Managing Director of Kamor Logistics, “Being a part of the Red Line project has indeed added to our credentials and I’d like to congratulate my teammates for pulling off this project perfectly. This consignment was the 4th in the last 9 months and in total Kamor Logistics has so far handled the safe delivery of 16 out of the contracted total of 90 cars.”

Congratulations to Kamor Logistics and wishing them the best for their future endeavours!

Globalia Lisbon and Porto is now an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Certificate holder

This accreditation will allow them to closely cooperate with the customs authority and offer maximum supply chain security to their clients and partners

ETE Logistica, Globalia member in Lisbon and Porto, Portugal, has obtained the AEO Certification which is based on globally acknowledged standards. This certificate implies that henceforth there is going to be a close working relationship between the company and the customs authorities- a relationship that is formed on the principles of fairness, transparency, mutual trust, and responsibility.

A good working relationship with the customs authorities will also open the door to several other benefits such as customs simplifications, prior notice for customs control, priority treatment when selected for customs control, less document-based controls and more.

A good working relationship with the customs authorities will also open the door to several other benefits such as customs simplifications, prior notice for customs control, priority treatment when selected for customs control, less document-based controls and more.

“The AEO certificate will also allow for several indirect benefits like reduced chances of theft and delays, enhanced relationship with government authorities, improved planning, better customer services and customer loyalty, lower inspection costs, increased cooperation with the authorities etc. Putting it simply, from this point on we will be able to serve our clients and partners in a more comprehensive and secured way,” says Maria Albuquerque, the Operations Manager of ETE Logistica.

Congratulations to Globalia Lisbon/Porto for getting the AEO certificate and all the best for their upcoming projects!

Globalia Cairo celebrates 10 years in the business

Over the last 10 years, they have grown substantially, increased the scope of their operations and opened up a number of new offices

Dispatch Global Logistics, Globalia member in Cairo, Egypt, is celebrating their 10th Anniversary. Since its establishment in 2010, Globalia Cairo has been offering bespoke logistical services including air freight, ocean freight, inland freight, warehousing, cargo insurance, customs brokerage, and door to door trading solutions.

In the words of Mr. Abdelhamid El Malatawy, Chairman & CEO of Dispatch Global, “On this special event, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to our partners as their trust and support have always been the biggest drivers for our continued growth. None of our achievements would have been possible without you and your valuable support!”

The three important factors leading to their success are a proper understanding of the partner’s time plan, taking care of every small detail, and providing honest, transparent, and professional services till the safe delivery of the cargo. “Ever since we established our Overseas Department in 2017, our team is even more attentive towards the requirements of our international partners. Presently we are working on expanding our trade in China which has come up as one of the most important commercial hubs of the world,” adds Mr. Abdelhamid El Malatawy.

Happy 10th Anniversary to Dispatch Global Logistics and all the best for their future projects!