Globalia Itajai/Sao Paulo obtains an esteemed certification from ANTT- National Agency of Land Transportation in Brazil

This OTM- Multimodal Transport Operator certification with both national and international scope will be valid for a period of 10 years

LAC Worldwide do Brasil, the Globalia member in Itajai and Sao Paulo, Brazil, has been awarded the OTM (Multimodal Transport Operator) certification by the National Agency of Land Transportation in Brazil. This certification will enable LAC Worldwide to act as a contractor for transporting multimodal cargo from its origin to destination by their own means or through third parties while performing the task of management of all door-to-door services under a contract.

In the words of Mr. Luiz Gustavo Avesani Moura, the CEO of LAC Worldwide, “The constant efforts of our team have been duly rewarded and the OTM certification will surely encourage our clients and partners to place their trust in our company more confidently than ever before. Apart from the OTM certification, we’re also in the process of obtaining the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certification which will give our team the status of a safe and reliable company in its operations.”

Congratulations to LAC Worldwide do Brazil for garnering this important certification!

Pauls Customs and Forwarding Solutions, Globalia member in Sydney, changes their name to PCFS Logistics Pty Ltd

The change of name is a part of their brand enhancement programme which aims to better reflect their business strategy while providing enhanced customer services

Pauls Customs and Forwarding Solutions, Globalia member in Sydney, Australia, adopts the name PCFS Logistics Pty Ltd from 1st July 2019. “We believe this change summarises our portfolio of services and scope of operations we perform at a domestic and global level.” says Paul Petrovski, the Managing Director of PCFS Logistics.

Pauls Customs and Forwarding Solutions remains as the holding company and the ABN number, general trading, terms and conditions, and banking details remain unchanged.

Since commencing their business in 2002, PCFS has prided themselves on their principled approach to serve the needs of their clients and partners around the globe by forming a dependable relationship.

Mr. Petrovski further adds, “Our commitment to the current and future needs of our customer remains unchanged, as does our desire to continue the development of forming longstanding and collaborative relationships with our customer, global partners, and vendors alike.”

Globalia wishes PCFS Logistics the very best for all their upcoming projects!

Visa Global Logistics moves several vehicles meant for broadcasting the Africa Cup of Nations from their recently inaugurated Madrid office

The Africa Cup of Nations is the main international football tournament in the continent which was held in Alexandria, Egypt, on July 2019

Visa Global Logistics SL, Globalia member in Madrid, Spain, inaugurates their new office in Madrid and moves a shipment consisting of mobile units of TV channels for transmission of the matches of the Africa Cup. “Transporting the cargo from so many cities all the way to Egypt wasn’t an easy task and we feel proud and satisfied for having accomplished the task smoothly.” says Ms. Lilian dos Santos, the Sea Manager of Visa Global.

The cargo which was moved from various cities in Spain, Portugal, and Greece, were transported to Alexandria, Egypt, via the Mediterranean, from where they were brought back to their respective cities at the end of the tournament. Ms. Dos Santos further added, “We counted on the support of carriers such as Grimaldi and European seaways and we made use of RoRo vessels for moving the trucks through the Mediterranean and for bringing them back home.”

Congratulations to Visa Global for successfully completing this important project!

Globalia partners with the Transport Evolution Qatar Assembly and Expo

The 3 days of exposition will unlock the trade and transshipment opportunities across Qatar’s ports, rail and road sectors

The Transport Evolution Qatar Assembly and Expo which will be held from 23rd to 25th September at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre is the region’s most influential transport gathering. The expo covers 5 main segments- Maritime Infrastructure and Expansion, Maritime Operations, Rail Infrastructure and Maintenance, Road Infrastructure and Maintenance and Security and Information Technology- all under one roof , with free connected educational content running alongside hundreds of exhibits and demos.

The event will bring together more than 2,000 senior industry stakeholders under one roof over the 3 days and highlight the diverse opportunities across Qatar’s ports, rail and road sectors. This is Qatar’s only dedicated ports and maritime, rail and road logistics mega event that brings the entire value chain of suppliers and buyers together thus enabling the region to reach its full potential in port, rail and road logistics efficiency, and increase the throughput of cargo and passengers alike.

Apart from the first-rate informative presentations, the exposition is designed with delegates and exhibitors in mind, allowing ample time dedicated to networking. World class content will be delivered by a panel of 40 industry-elite speakers.

Globalia encourages its members to participate in the event. Interested members can download the exhibition brochure from their website:

Francis M. Fondevilla, the Forwarding Manager of Globalia Manila, receives a plaque of certification and an award for 15 years of services for the company

Gateway Logistics Inc, Globalia member in Manila, celebrated their 17th Anniversary on 2nd of July 2019

Gateway Logistics Inc, Globalia member in Manila, Philippines, recently awarded their Forwarding Manager, Mr. Francis M.Fondevilla for 15 years of services for the company. Mr. Fondevilla worked as the Sales Account Executive for a shipping company for 8 years before joining Gateway Logistics in 2004. “Initially, I was apprehensive of accepting the post of Forwarding Manager since my experience in this area was limited. However, after attending the formal seminars and the network meetings I learned all the nuances of the job and came across some real good connections which have been a perfect start for me.” says Mr. Fondevilla.

Apart from a plaque of appreciation, Mr. Fondevilla also received a cash reward of $300 from the company. The timing of the award also coincided with the 17th Anniversary of Gateway Logistics. Mr. Fondevilla further adds, “We had a great time over food and drinks with our team members and friends and colleagues from the shipping lines. Now that GLI is on its 17th year in the business, we are very happy to inform everyone that our company which has a total of more than 60 employees has gone far in terms of experience and dedication and is well versed in all aspects related to logistics.”

Congratulations to Gateway Logistics and wishing them all the best for the future!

The regulations in Indian Customs have been modified

Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC), India, has confirmed that the Sea Cargo Manifest and Transhipment Regulations are to come to effect from 1st August 2019

As per the new regulations, the Authorized Sea Carrier (ASC) shall submit the Arrival Manifest electronically prior to the departure from the last port of call to the Indian port of call for imports and submit the Departure Manifest electronically before departure from the Indian port of call for exports.

The key requirements are listed below. Henceforth the customers will be required to provide shipping details to carriers, so as to strictly comply with all the regulations.

Arrival Manifest (AM) = Import General Manifest IGM 

For all imports into India: Mandatory rule of Arrival Manifest should be filed in customs before the vessel departs from last foreign port of call. This is applicable for all containers going to discharge for local delivery or discharge for transshipment at any Indian Ports. Mentioning of Harmonized (HS) Code of 8-digit is now mandatory for Arrival Manifest to customs.

Departure Manifest (DM) = Export General Manifest EGM 

For all exports from India: It is now mandatory to submit the Departure Manifest to Indian Customs prior to the sailing of the vessel from the port of loading in India. This is applicable for all containers being loaded / planned for loading, on the said vessel at Indian ports.

Indian Custom’s new requirement on Bill of Landing:

All future export shipments from India will require the shipper to submit HS CODE (6 digits) & CIF Value while updating the BL w.e.f from 1st August 2019 onwards. Both the HS Code & the CIF Value of the cargo should be the same, as mentioned on the ‘Final & Original Commercial Invoice & Packing List’ because this needs to be in compliance with the Indian Customs Regulations. However, if the client wishes to change the HS Code or CIF Value after submitting the details to shipping line, then, there are chances of additional documentation charges / amendment charges along with ‘Fine or Penalties’ if any, to be levied by the load port (for exports) & delivery port (for imports).

The SCMT meeting held at Mumbai Customs House was attended by the JC Customs, members of customs, along with the Chief Commissioners and the technical team from ICEGATE. The JC Member Customs said that from 1st August 2019, 45 days will be considered as the gestation period for filing IGM/EGM with / through the old system. Upon completion of the gestation period of 45 days, the concerned parties should start filing in SCMT and, after 90 days, the SCMT system will start in full swing. Additionally, the errors arising out of trial run shall be reviewed leniently.

However, the SCMT would officially take effect from 1st August 2019 with 90 days being the grace period, starting from 1st August 2019. Moreover, the HSN Code and Commercial Invoice Value are marked as “mandatory requirements”. Every container which is calling an Indian port should have the HSN Code and Commercial Invoice value – both for imports and exports.

Globalia would like to thank its member in Ahmedabad, Asia Master, for bringing this to everybody’s attention.

Globalia partners with WOP Dubai 2019 –The International Perishables Expo in the Middle East

The 2019 edition of the event will be held from 12th to 14th November at the Dubai World Trade Centre

WOP DUBAI an event exclusively dedicated to the region’s fresh produce industry is expected to attract participants from 35 countries around the world, in addition to experts and specialists in the field of fresh produce. A clearly structured exhibition profile covers the entire products chain on the trade of fresh produce. The event features a large display of products related to the service of fresh produce including fresh products, technical equipment, fresh product trading, fresh produce safety, transport and logistics, and fresh produce services.

Over the past ten years this exhibition has been extremely successful in helping businesses explore new opportunities by connecting investors, decision-makers and other stakeholders. The event is all the more significant since the UAE is a regional hub for re-export of fresh produce, with the quantity of such goods increasing about 710,000 tons in 2017 worth about $ 1.6 billion.

The WOP Dubai – Logistics & Cold Chain segment would give the opportunity to the logistics and cold chain industry professionals to meet the professionals from the fresh produce industry and create the chance to establish new business opportunities within the Middle East region.

Globalia encourages its members to participate in the event. Interested members can download the registration form from their website:

AMA Freight Co Ltd wins the Forwarder of the Year Award for the pesticide industry

They received the award from the China Crop Protection Industry Association last 28th of June

AMA Freight Co Ltd, Globalia member in Tianjin, China, and Hamburg, Germany, gets the Forwarder of the Year Award for the pesticide industry from the China Crop Protection Industry Association which is the country’s biggest network of the agriculture industry. “We have demonstrated our capacity as one of the foremost logistics company specialising in dangerous goods and hazardous cargo which involves strict regulations and requires special handling in China. Over 80% of the goods we are moving from China are hazardous chemicals related to agriculture.” says Leonard Slezak from AMA Freight. 

AMA Freight comes with well trained members to guarantee a smooth and professional service as per IMO-Regulations. This also includes value added services such as their own stuffing supervisors who are controlling warehouses and the new suppliers of their customers. Mr. Slezak further adds, “We make sure to maintain good relations with all parties involved in the DG supply chain which is an absolute must to survive in this challenging sector.”

Congratulations to AMA Freight and wishing them the best for their future endeavours!

Globalia Mombasa, Kenya, celebrates 20 years of business!

Willfreight Express Cargo Services which was formed 20 years back with just 4 members is currently manned by 50 employees

Willfreight Express Cargo Services, Globalia member in Mombasa, Kenya, has recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary. “We achieved several milestones since our foundation more than 2 decades back. Just in the last couple of months, we have cleared and delivered shipments that require expert handling to various destinations around the globe and these include two full aircraft units, a number of aircraft engines and several aircraft parts. Our name pops up when it comes to aircraft parts, full aircraft units, critical cargo and time constrained shipments within the continent.” says Florence Jepkosgei, the freight manager of Willfreight. 

On the occasion of the anniversary, WECS has created a very interactive and responsive website so as to meet the needs of their potential as well as existing customers. The website is also up to date with the latest information, offers, news and events in the aerospace and logistics industries. Moreover, their Human Resource department has taken the initiative of recruiting the most proficient operations and customer service personnel for excellent delivery services for their customers.

Ms. Jepkosgei adds, “Our Human Resource department also has a program in place whose mission is to tap as well as improve the resourcefulness of individuals in the company. Together with our Human Resource department, we are running corporate donation programs. We have been nominated by international relief organizations as part of their top five logistics services provider.”

A very happy 20th Anniversary to Willfreight and warm congratulations for their commendable achievements!

The second edition of Globalia’s 2019 newsletters has been published and available for viewing on the website

This newsletter comes with the latest update about our 2020 Annual Meeting, interesting news bits and pieces from the sector and all the latest news from the Globalia members

We are glad to announce that the summer edition of Globalia’s quarterly newsletter has been published and available for viewing. Take a look to find out the date and venue of Globalia’s upcoming Annual Meeting in 2020. Like always we have also included relevant news bits from the sector, more information about FreightViewer, and all the news about the accomplishments of our members in the past three months.

We have introduced a new section in the newsletter called Public Holidays where we have listed down all the public holidays in every major city of the world in the next 3 months. We have come up with this section to keep the members updated about the regional holidays in several cities and countries where they might have businesses. This will help the members to avoid unnecessary hassles from them as well as their network partners.

Hope you enjoy reading!