The technological advancements are foreseen to transform the logistics industry in 2020

Some of the top technological trends in the logistics industry include Blockchain, IoT devices, warehouse robotics, autonomous vehicles, and freight rate management tools

While digital innovations are already making waves across industries, the logistics industry which has always been known to be heavily reliant on manual processes has been most impacted by these changes. Some of the top players in the sector are even making use of different types of Artificial Intelligence for enhanced traffic management, maintenance scheduling, determination of perilous travel locations, planning of construction activities and more.

The advent of Machine Learning or Big Data has greatly helped them with vehicle diagnostics, real-time location, financial business forecasts, social media data etc. Moreover, the last year has also witnessed considerable growth in the use of self-driving vehicles and drone deliveries. However, it will still take some time until autonomous trucks become a usual sight on the highway.

While Blockchain, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), warehouse robotics, and automated delivery of goods are already being practiced by the giants of the industry, small and medium-sized companies are also trying their very best to manage and grow their businesses with the help of various innovative software which can be used for cargo management, simplification of bookings, quotation management, operations management, and monitoring of the cargo in real-time.

With this in mind, Globalia has introduced FreightViewer, which is already speeding up members’ quote processing time and allowing them to send a detailed PDF of the quotation to their clients within less than a minute. The idea behind creating this member-exclusive tool is to enable the GLB members to be on par with the top players in the industry by ensuring that they no longer miss out on a single business opportunity because of their inability to provide their clients with a quick quotation of their services.

Additionally, from now on, FreightViewer’s team will also share with members our latest news through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and QQ

The winter edition of Globalia’s 2019 newsletters is now available for viewing on our website

The December edition of the newsletter comes with relevant news from the network and the industry along with many other interesting sections

It pleases us to announce that the December edition of Globalia’s quarterly newsletter is now on print and the online version can be viewed on our website. Like every other issue, this newsletter is packed with all the news about the latest accomplishments of our members, and important news bits from the supply chain industry. You will also find a feature about the highlights of Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting and how it can strengthen the growth and networking capacities of our members along with an article about the benefits of outdoor corporate group activities.

Since this is the last edition of our 2019 newsletters, we have also included a post about all the remarkable achievements of our network. Our feature on “World’s Best Supply Chain Universities and Degree Program” will shed light on the top logistics and supply chain management courses being offered by the most reputed universities across the world. Members who are looking forward to getting their best employees trained in one of these courses should definitely give it a close look. We urge you to send us the news about the latest achievements of your company so that we can promote your company by publishing it on our website and on our upcoming newsletter. 

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GLB members need to complete their registration and payment process within 4 days to avail the early bird discount on the fee for Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting!

Only members who register and pay by 9:00 AM on the 8th of January 2020 will get to avail this discounted registration fee

Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting to be held from 29th-31st March 2020 at Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort in Phuket, Thailand, will come with an early bird discount on the registration fee for the delegates and their spouses. Only agents who register for the meeting and make their payment before the 9:00 AM CET on the 8th of January 2020 will be able to avail the special discounted rate.

Agents registering and paying by 9:00 AM CET on the 8th of January will pay a discounted price of 680€ per delegate, 1210€ for two delegates and 1,815€ for three delegates! This price is inclusive of the Welcome Cocktail Reception, daily lunches on the meeting days, coffee and refreshments, participation in the one-to-one meetings, and Gala Dinner. The spouse fee per delegate is 290€ in which the Welcome Cocktail Reception, lunches for two days and the Gala Dinner will be included. However, agents who fail to complete their registration and payment by the 8th of January will have to pay the normal registration fee which is 730€ per delegate, 1,310€ for two delegates and 1,956€ for three delegates.

Agents who want to make the most of this opportunity are requested to complete their registration and make the payment ASAP! All you need to do is visit your Members Area on the top right of Globalia’s webpage, login by entering your username and password and finally click on the ‘Meeting Registration’ button and fill in the online form with your registration details.

Best of luck with your meetings!

Globalia Atlanta handles the door-to-door transportation of several exclusive automobiles including Bugatti “La Voiture Noire” and Bentley EXP 100GT for the Monterey Car Week

They provided end-to-end solutions, multimodal transportation, air freight and special protocols for handling and transporting these high-end vehicles

Schaefer Trans Inc, Globalia member in Atlanta, USA, handles the movement of several high-end vehicles for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, – an automotive charitable event in which is regarded as the most prestigious event of its kind. They handled all aspects of door-to-door transportation such as documentation, ATA Carnets while their custom vehicle containers provided the much-needed security and confidentiality required for the grand entrance at the Concept Lawn in Pebble Beach.

After a week of extensive preparations, Schaefer Trans delivered the Bugatti “La Voiture Noire” which holds the record for the world’s most expensive production car ever sold, the Bugatti Centadieci, Bugatti Chiron Sport, scissor door and spiky headlights for a Bentley EXP 100GT concept car, the BMW I-NEXT, the Genesis Mint and Lamborghini Aventador 63, to name a few. “High-end vehicle transportation is a complex, fascinating, and highly tailored business and we have designed special services and products ensuring complete satisfaction for our clients”, states Mr. Felix Flaig, the Chief Operating Officer of Schaefer Trans Inc.

“The 4 decades of transportation mastery earned us a sound reputation among car manufacturers. Our clients’ hard-earned trust lets us be a part of the mind-bending car design unveiling at events such as Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. If you are ever in town during this event, please stop by and say Hi to our Schaefer team- a part of the Globalia family!” continues Mr. Felix Flaig.

Congratulations to Schaefer Trans for this achievement and wishing them the very best for their future endeavours!

Globalia Yangon moves to a new and well-equipped office space in a different location

The office relocation was primarily prompted by the need to cope with their increased workforce

Innovo Shipping and Logistics Co Ltd, Globalia member in Yangon, Myanmar, has relocated to a brand new office and their team will start working at the new office 18th November onwards. This relocation has been decided due to the increase in Innovo’s staff: “In the last few years, we have experienced a big growth in the company thanks to our great team, who have experience in shipping, freight forwarding and total logistics arrangement for both inbound and outbound cargo from Myanmar. We have been providing timely and efficient services, managing shipments to worldwide destinations since 2014. Additionally, we have recently extended our business in other areas such as warehousing, providing marine insurance coverage, custom clearance services, and trading and distribution of consumer products – which have contributed to the development of the company.” states Mr. Aung Myat Htut, the Managing Director of Globalia Yangon.

“We have upgraded our office facilities with the aim of offering better services to our customers. We have created a friendly and open office atmosphere for our staff, our business associates, and our customers. With this upgraded facilities, we are ready to offer enhanced customer services while expanding our business in new areas.” says Mr. Aung Myat Htut.

Furthermore, the well-furnished office has been adequately decorated to create a functional, visually appealing, and comfortable workspace which is sure to promote the efficiency and productivity of the company. Mr. Aung further adds “With this better working environment, we anticipate getting better outcomes from our employees and this new office will be the place to gain more businesses for our future expansion!”  

Congratulations to Innovo Shipping and Logistics and wishing them the very best for their future endeavours!

Globalia Piraeus obtains the AEOF Certification

The AEOF certification will assist in legitimate trade by reinforcing security & safety while standardizing the application of custom controls in a safe electronic environment

Feroniki SA International Shipping and Forwarding, the Globalia member in Piraeus, Greece, has obtained the prestigious AEOF certification. 

“The management and staff of Feroniki SA are proud of this new achievement. This certification implies that Feroniki SA is always in a high standard relationship with customs authorities. This relationship has been built on the principles of mutual transparency, correctness, fairness, and responsibility. ” says Mr. Nikos Liberopoulos the Sales Manager of Feroniki SA.

Globalia Piraeus already had the AEO(C) certification for customs simplification and now they have the AEO(F) certificate which comes with the combined benefits of customs simplification and security and safety certificate. Mr. Liberopolous further adds, “The AEOF status granted by one Member State is recognized by the customs authorities in all Member States. Therefore all European Exporters or Importers can rely on Feroniki SA for all their special needs with the assurance that their products will be moved and custom cleared in a safe and professional manner.”

Congratulations to Feroniki SA for obtaining this important accreditation!

This year Globalia is offering an early bird discount for delegates registering for GLB’s 4th Annual Meeting

Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting will also include a new group activity which will foster better team building by allowing the members to socialize in a relaxed outdoor ambience

Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting to be held from 29th-31st March 2020 at Phuket, Thailand, will come with an early bird discount on the registration fee for the delegates and their spouses. Delegates who register for the meeting and make their payment before the 8th of January will be able to avail the special discounted rate. While the normal registration fee is 730 €, early birds will get to register at the reduced price of 680 €. Moreover, there’s going to be a discount of 75€ per delegate when two or more delegates register for the meeting.

Globalia’s new team building activity will come in the form of an optional group tour to the Phi Phi Islands with the delegates and their spouses. The day trip which will take place on the 29th of March from 8:30 to 17:30 will take the delegates on a speed boat ride to the gorgeous Phi Phi Islands to be followed by a group lunch and sightseeing trip to some of the marvels of this island.

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In the words of Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network, “The day trip has been organized to foster better relationships among the members who will now have ample time to socialize before getting ahead with the one-to-one meetings on the following day. The day trip will certainly help the members to hit a just the right balance between business and relaxation thereby making the trip to Phuket all the more worthwhile.”

Globalia’s new team building activity will come in the form of an optional group tour to the Phi Phi Islands with the delegates and their spouses. The day trip which will take place on the 29th of March from 8:30 to 17:30 will take the delegates on a speed boat ride to the gorgeous Phi Phi Islands to be followed by a group lunch and sightseeing trip to some of the marvels of this island.

For further information kindly visit the Annual Meeting section of our website.

Globalia Shenzhen obtains the IATA (International Air Transport Association) certification and upgrades their air-freight services

This certification implies that the freight forwarder has a sound financial status, sufficient air cargo potential, and the right facilities for moving air cargo and dangerous goods

Shenzhen United Atlanta International Transportation Co Ltd, the Globalia member in Shenzhen, China, has recently garnered the IATA license. After achieving the CATA license in 2018, they applied for IATA membership and in October 2019 they have finally acquired this license which will significantly upgrade their air-freight operations.

United Atlanta’s quick and competitive air freight rates and customized services have made them the go-to freight forwarder in Shenzhen. “The IATA license will lend more credibility to our personalized air-cargo services. Moreover, our updated operating system facilitates better visibility of reporting and communication channels, thereby enabling us to work more efficiently by responding to the queries and requests from the clients regarding shipping schedule, space management, customs clearance, cargo tracking etc.”  says Cyril Zou, the Branch Manager of Globalia Shenzhen.

Because of the time-sensitive nature of air-cargo, they always keep their customers informed by creating a ‘Communication Group’ for information exchange in real-time. They have also introduced a host of upgraded services such as a pre-alert for possible problems & timing with suggested solutions, a report on every key point of air freight processing, and a full set of document formats. Mr. Zou further adds, “We dedicate ourselves to providing safe, timely, cost-effective services for our clients. Meanwhile we’re always renewing our platform to remain competitive and to cope with the changes in the air freight market.”

Congratulations to Shenzhen United Atlanta for this commendable achievement!

Globalia Piraeus moves a colossal cargo of 243,000 Kg from Greece to Romania

The cargo which consisted of pumps and generators were moved in 11 FTL’s and 5 special trucks

Feroniki SA International Shipping and Forwarding, the Globalia member in Piraeus, Greece, has recently handled a cargo of 243,000 Kg of pumps and generators. The shipment which was moved from Athens, Greece, to Braila, Romania, was required to be moved by low bed trailers for which they had to obtain a special license due to weight limitations.

Moving this enormous cargo was a rather exigent task since they had to organize 16 trucks and tilt trailers for loading the cargo on time. Moreover, each of the pump or generator needed 1.5 hours to load so the entire task had to be managed in a time efficient manner. “The difficult part was that the 16 trucks were from 5 different trucking companies and we had to pay meticulous attention to the schedule so as to avoid paying for extra hours and delays. This complicated shipment was handled with 100% success, the credit for which goes to the diligence of our entire team.” says Mr. Nikos Liberopoulos the Sales Manager of Feroniki SA.

Congratulations to Feroniki SA for handling this important shipment!

Globalia’s September newsletter is out and available for viewing on the website

This edition of our newsletter comes with all the latest news from the network and the sector, a feature on The Challenges of Perishable Shipments, an interview with a member and lots more

We are happy to announce that the September edition of Globalia’s quarterly newsletter has been published and the web version can be viewed on our website. The contents of our September newsletter include all the latest news and achievements of our members, noteworthy news from the sector, and a page with all the important information about the Day Trip to the Phi Phi Islands during Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting in Phuket, Thailand.

We have also created a special feature about the Challenges of Perishable Shipments and how two Globalia members are dealing with them. New members definitely need to glance through the 4th page of the newsletter where we have enumerated the various ways in which you can make good use of your GLB membership. If you want to get the news about your company’s achievements published in our upcoming newsletter, then do not forget to write to us a few lines about the latest news of your company.

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