Globalia Singapore moves 4 units of A60H dump trucks

The shipment was moved from Jakarta to New Caledonia via Ro-Ro vessel

Interfreight Linc Logistics PTE Ltd, Globalia member in Singapore, has moved a cargo of 4 units of A60 dump trucks from Jakarta, Indonesia, to Noumea, New Caledonia. Each of the dump trucks weighed 43,800 kg and the total weight of the cargo was about 175,500 kg.

In the words of Simon Ng, the Head of Sales and Marketing of Interfreight, “The dimension for each truck was 12.23 x 3.92 x 3.85 meters and moving a cargo with a total dimension of 738.28 CBM posed considerable challenges, but our professional team was involved in every step to make sure the cargo was transported without the slightest hitch.”

Congratulations to Globalia Singapore for the successful handling of this project!

Globalia Logistics Network partners with Group Futurista for the Future of Digital SCM 3.0 Show

Globalia Logistics Network has established a partnership with Group Futurista for the Future of Digital SCM 3.0 Show

Supply Chain is going through tremendous changes all in a year, the pandemic has laid bare the underlying vulnerabilities and problems in the organization’s business models. This has led to reveal the incompetence of most companies in managing their supply chain networks in a digitally integrated frame.

Usage of Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), etc. Has opened opportunities for growth, innovation, and gaining competitive advantage by leading the change to build an interconnected supply chain network for the organizations.

To lead the initiative of Digital overhaul in the Supply Chain, Group Futurista, the leading Global Events, and PR Company are ready to bring the third edition of the ‘Future of Digital Supply Chain in a Post-COVID World’ webinar #FODS3.0 on 21st January 2021 at 10:00 EST / 15:00 GMT.

#FODS3.0, a unique platform with 150+ Key Decision-makers that brings together collective knowledge sharing and networking amongst the leading Supply Chain & Logistic Players, Retail Giants, Warehousing Solution providers, Startups, Tech Providers, Government, and Investors to enable all across Europe and North America.

Access to the online summit is free and interested supply chain professionals can register here. We’d like to mention our Platinum Sponsors Kinaxis, Concentric, Project44, Elementum INC as well as our Gold Sponsor Instafreight supporting our webinar.


Keynote Speakers:

Pierre Perdoux – Senior Vice President, Procurement Operations, Airbus

Topic: How Digital Solutions can support performance improvement within the Supply Chain?


Greg I. Silverman – Founder & CEO, Perspective Analytics Software Company, Concentric INC

Topic: Augmenting Demand Planning with Prescriptive Analytics


Patrick Van Hull – Industry Thought Leader, Kinaxis

Topic: Today’s Decisions are the basis for tomorrow’s Supply Chain


Saurabh Verma – Director, Value Chain Excellence, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies, Johnson & Johnson

Topic: Digital Twins – Enabling Transparency & Accuracy across the Value Chain processes


Michele Stekelnburg – Director of Strategic Accounts EMEA, Project44

Topic: COVID-19: Managing Supply Chain risk and disruption


If you are interested in sponsoring or speaking at our future events, check out our website, or directly contact us at


Interview with Globalia Vancouver

“The greatest success of our team has been our constant growth mindset throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, which can be attributed to our management team’s consistent communications with the team on protocols”

This week we are publishing an interview with Ryan Kulasekare, the COO of KMR Global Logistics, Globalia member in Vancouver, Canada. In this interview he talks about the history of his organization, how they managed to function during the pandemic, the road to success of freight forwarders and many other things.
Q. When and how did you get into the freight forwarding industry?
A. Our President Randy entered the freight forwarding industry in 1995 after specializing in international shipments. I entered the industry in 2006 by working with my father Randy from a very young age, and naturally, as I grew older we decided to open KMR Global together.Q. Can you tell us a little about the history of KMR?
A. KMR Global was established in 2018, as a result of many years of working in this sector. My father and I decided that it was time to establish our own company in this industry.

Q. When and how did you get into the freight forwarding industry?
A. Our President Randy entered the freight forwarding industry in 1995 after specializing in international shipments. I entered the industry in 2006 by working with my father Randy from a very young age, and naturally, as I grew older we decided to open KMR Global together.

Q. Can you tell us a little about the history of KMR?
A. KMR Global was established in 2018, as a result of many years of working in this sector. My father and I decided that it was time to establish our own company in this industry.Q. What were the challenges you had to face during your first years?
A. As a newly established company, we were and still are continuously aiming to improve ourselves. While we were fortunate enough to have an established customer base since the conception, our main concern was to ensure that no customers felt their service level was affected.

Q. What distinguishes KMR from other freight forwarders in your city?
A. Our main focus at KMR is not only to ensure that our customers are confident about our ability to provide the requested service but also to ensure that we are looking out for their best interest while handling their shipments. If our customers are successful, then in turn KMR will also be successful.

Q. Which are the latest improvements of your company in the last 5 years?
A. We recently launched a new website which has allowed us to build our online presence and share our knowledge of the industry with others. As we enter Year 3 of operations, we find a continual upward trajectory in our growth.

Q. From your own experience, which are the keys to success in the freight forwarding industry?
A. From my experience, I feel that there are two keys to success. First, it is important to focus on building a long-lasting relationship with our customers and continuously improving our ability to service their needs. Secondly, consistency is vital. The freight forwarding industry is fast-paced, and above all, customers seek reliability and the confidence that you are going to fulfill their requests.

Q. What has been the greatest success of your team so far?
A. The greatest success of our team so far has been our constant growth mindset throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This success can be attributed to our management team’s consistent communications with the team on protocols while ensuring that we are adhering to all precautions set forth by the WHO and Canadian health officials. Additionally, we have an open-door policy so that our employees can contact the management and discuss any issues or concerns that arise. The management ensures that they are handled appropriately and in a timely manner. At the end of the day, my team’s safety is my number one concern so we make sure that they stay informed and supported while we continue to push forward is our primary focus.


Q. What are the main challenges facing freight forwarders at the moment and how are you dealing with them?
A. Technology- trying to adapt to the continuous technological innovations can be a challenge as there is always something new. However, I do feel that these innovations ultimately enable growth and increase efficiency so we are always trying to figure out ways of implementing these new technologies to improve our services for our clients.Q. Do you think the pandemic will open new opportunities for freight forwarders in the digital field? Which ones?
A. I think freight forwarders will now have to adapt to the digital direction which the industry is moving towards. Many government documents must now be submitted digitally, and many customers are even working from their homes. This should push freight forwarders to be more virtually accessible for customers, and provide tracking, and document submission to allow ease of use for their customers. Simplifying the job for customers will allow them to be free with their time and focus on their own success.

‘From my experience, there are two keys to success. First, it is important to focus on building a long-lasting relationship with our customers and continuously improving our ability to service their needs. Secondly,
consistency is vital. The freight forwarding industry is fast-paced, and above all, customers seek reliability and the confidence that you are going to fulfill their requests.”


Q. In your opinion, what does the freight forwarding industry is lacking? How would you think it should improve?
A. The freight forwarding industry lacks a customer focus. I see that many companies are only concerned with their operations rather than working with the customer’s best interest is in mind. We ensure we understand what the customers’ needs are and we always put them first. It is also my experience that the freight forwarding industry lacks friendly service so many other industries excel in. Often when calling a freight forwarder or dispatch agent customers are greeted with a flat tone and very little pleasantries, or even worse you are met with rudeness and rigidity over a small request. KMR looks to do away with this kind of behaviours and we support our customers in any way possible in a friendly and polite manner.Q. What would be the most significant shipment your team has handled?
A. This is a difficult question for me as I believe every shipment to be significant. It is important that each and every customer, big or small, is met with the same level of attention to detail and provided with the same quality of services. It is not the size of the shipment but the quality of the service that our team holds important.Q. How do you see your company in 10 years?In ten years, I look forward to seeing my team grow as individuals as we work together to provide peace of mind to all current and future customers! It is the team that makes the KMR brand strong, so being able to watch our employees grow alongside my father and me has been and will continue to be unbelievably rewarding. 
Globalia members with shipments to/from Vancouver, Canada, are invited to get in touch with their professional team.


Globalia Logistics Network establishes a media partnership with Logistics Business

The first event of Logistics Business Exhibition will be held from 22nd – 25th February 2021, with a second week in September 2021

The Logistics Business is staging an international, virtual exhibition for the logistics and materials handling industry in 2021. The Logistics Business Exhibition provides a platform for interaction between logistics, IT, transport and supply chain services, warehousing and materials handling manufacturing industries. The exhibition virtual marketplace enables visitors to source products online, request specific quotations, meet exhibitors on video calls & chats, networking, downloading documents and more.

With no physical events taking place till at least May, Logistics Business Show will enable international buyers to source products and services via live video meetings, to request quotes, discuss projects and receive sales product information. 70+ exhibitors are anticipated to participate and several thousand visitors.

There will be 6 virtual halls: Forklift & AGV Technology, Handling Automation Systems, Packaging & Pallets, Software & Computing, Transport Services & Equipment, Warehousing Equipment. Visitors will be able to browse halls and search for specific requirements from a long list of sub-categories. Watch a demo guide here.

There will also be live-streamed Panel Discussions, moderated by our Editor, Paul Hamblin:
Distribution Centre Project Management; Supply Chain Software-as-a-service Thought Leadership; Loading Bay & Warehouse Safety, Automated & Robot Warehouse Vehicles; Packaging for eCommerce; Contract Logistics & Freight Management, Forklift Technology Innovations; Sortation & Conveying Suppliers’ Forum; Storage System Projects, Transport Management IT Platform Decisions; Wearable Devices and Data Capture in Logistics; Pallets & Containers for Green Supply Chains. Visitors will be able to watch them and ask live questions.

There’s also a Networking Lounge, Chat Room and Keynote Address. You can read more about the event here

Email: or call +44 (0)1480 455660

Globalia Ho Chi Minh sends out their 12th air charter with shipment of PPEs from Vietnam to the USA

They have been moving cargoes of PPE’s to the USA for several months and to this end, they once again made use of a charter flight

Super Cargo Service, Globalia member in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, once again sends out a shipment of personal protection equipment from Vietnam to the United States. Prior to this shipment, they moved PPEs from Vietnam to New York in 11 charter flights. The last shipment was being moved via a Boeing 777-300 ER aircraft.

The flight was loaded with 250 CBM of PPEs which had a weight of 50 tons. “We had taken the lead in pandemic logistics ever since the lockdown started and recently we sent out our 12th charter flight to the USA. All of this would never have been possible without the hard work, dedication, and expertise of my teammates who have been impeccably handling every aspect of the shipments since day one,” says Mr. Peter Nguyen, the CEO of Super Cargo Service.

We encourage our members to check out this video they have put together about their latest shipment.

Congratulations to Super Cargo Service for carrying on with this commendable project!

Globalia Logistics Network commences a media partnership with Actualidad Marítima y Portuaria

The partnership with this prominent shipping journal will help to foster the visibility and popularity of the network and its members

Globalia Logistics Network which has members in over 178 territories across 118 countries has forged a media partnership with prominent Spanish shipping magazine Actualidad Marítima y Portuaria. This partnership is expected to have a positive impact on the network and its members as it is going to boost the visibility and enhance the brand image of the network.

Actualidad Marítima y Portuaria is an online shipping magazine in Spanish language that was launched as an initiative on part of the students and teachers of the International Master in Maritime and Port Administration, developed by the International Maritime Business School (IMBS) in association with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Navigation and Services of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

“Our collaboration with Globalia Logistics Network is going to have a lasting impact on our organizations and this partnership is going to heighten the popularity and coverage of both our teams,” declares Arturo Pastrana, Technical Director of Actualidad Marítima y Portuaria.

Actualidad Maritma y Portuaria has been publishing newsworthy events and informative posts from the shipping sector in Spain and beyond. It also has an extensive reader base in several Latin American countries. Additionally, Actualidad Maritma y Portuaria keeps their readers informed about all the important conventions and expositions of the maritime, port and transportation industry.

The level of expertise of our writing partners can be clearly demonstrated by the quality of the information pieces and opinion articles published on our journal both at an academic as well as professional level,”, says Arturo Pastrana.

Working closely with the International Maritime Business School has allowed them to keep their audience well versed with all the pertinent information about a recognized education through proper training, recycling and enhancing the curriculum in the maritime, port and logistics industries.

In order to know further information about Actualidad Marítima y Portuaria:

          Actualidad Marítima y Portuaria


Globalia Istanbul is the chosen logistics partner from clearance to country-wide distribution of vaccines during Phase 3 process

Their years of expertise in pharmaceutical logistics has allowed them to garner this prestigious project

Transorient International Forwarding, Globalia member in Istanbul, Turkey, will be in charge of the logistical operations for the distribution of the vaccines throughout Turkey during the Phase 3 process.

As stated by Ms. Miyesha Alifu the Business Development Leader of Transorient, “Our team has always played a leading role in lifescience logistics in Turkey for over 15 years and now we are really proud to play a critical role in one of the most important humanity projects of all times. We are grateful to all concerning parties for their efforts dedicated to this project and we are looking forward to having great results.”

Congratulations to Transorient International Forwarding for garnering this prestigious project!

Globalia Singapore successfully delivers a 500 CBM Ro-Ro shipment

The hefty cargo was moved from Singapore to Bauan, Philippines

Interfreight Linc Logistics PTE Limited, Globalia member in Singapore, has recently moved a cargo weighing 98,000 kg from Singapore to the Philippines.

The shipment comprised of 1 unit of 100 MTS Soilmec drill rig and 30 packages of access totalling about 500 CBM.

“The cargo which had a dimension of 16.5 5x 3.50 x 4.10 meters was loaded via RoRo vessel and reached the consignee’s destination without any delay. Our skilled and experienced team has worked tirelessly time and again to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and like always we managed to fulfil all our client’s requirements,” says Simon Ng, the head of Sales and Marketing of Globalia Singapore.

Congratulations to Interfreight Linc and wishing them the best for their future endeavours!

Interview with Tuan Roshan, Sales Manager of SEDRES TRADING & MARITIME SERVICES

“In order to mitigate the impact of delays and cancelled shipments, we are considering reducing certain dimensions of the chain. At the same time, in order to improve volumes and revenue, we are focusing on adding more value to our services and making the chain processes more efficient”

We have recently interviewed Tuan Roshan, the Freight Forwarding Manager of SEDRES MARITIME, Globalia member in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. In this interview, he explains the origin and history of his company as well as the challenges faced by freight forwarders during these difficult times of pandemic, among several other things.

Q. Can you tell us a little about the history of Sedres Maritime?
A. Sedres Maritime was established in 1993 and it has been expanding its services to currently provide complete marine and integrated logistics solutions to major clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our services cover shipping agency, crew change, freight forwarding, land transportation, customs clearance, ship handling for deck, engine, technical and provision supplies, construction, as well as diving, engine repair, LSA/FFA servicing, etc. through our partners. We offer specialized services to meet our client requirements.

Q. When and how did you get into the freight forwarding industry?
A. We started with freight forwarding activities in 2006 with a focus on petrochemical products, along with transportation of machinery and spare parts to the industrial city of Jubail. Today, the Freight Forwarding Department acts as a backbone for the organization by supporting other divisions of Sedres while supplying other independent global clients.

Q. What distinguishes Sedres Marine from other freight forwarders in your city?
A. Our pool of expert staff has experience in the industry from 10 to 25 years. We handle DAP, DDP, Ex-works, Door to Door, Exhibition cargo, ATA Carnet and many other shipments. Our commitment to provide solutions to our esteemed clients is the motivation for every move that we make.

Q. What are the main challenges facing freight forwarders regarding the pandemic at the moment?
A. Currently, we are facing issues with regular and in-person visits to customers, meeting other stakeholders – like the authorities – for solving specific issues, and inspecting materials due to restricted/limited movements. Additionally, some orders are being delayed or cancelled.

Q. How is the freight forwarding industry tackling these challenges?
A. Technological tools are our main support in these challenging times. Physical visits are being reduced and the whole coordination is being managed through emails, videoconference calls or other apps. Government support and some initiatives they are offering are also helping us greatly.

Q. How is SEDRES dealing with these challenges on a daily basis?
A. COVID has been and is a global challenge. People around the world are adapting to new normalcy and we are also taking advantage of the opportunity to review our processes and to introduce positive changes and make the chain logistics more efficient to achieve better results. Our teams have a more pro-active attitude now to ensure there is no breakdown in the chain and we are able to anticipate to issues that we may see forthcoming.

Q. How do you think the technology is changing the freight forwarders industry?
A. Technology is certainly enabling businesses to run with minimal human resources, and it is making the chain logistics more efficient. However, several platforms need further integration and there are challenges like cybercrime and networking issues that remain unsolved.Q. What would be the most significant shipment your team has handled? What were the challenges your team had to overcome?
A. We arranged complex logistics for a few aero engines and industrial vessels. Coping with issues like route planning while COVID movement restrictions and continued quarantine requirements was a big challenge to overcome. Nevertheless, with our team’s commitment and dedication, we successfully executed them.
Our commitment to provide solutions to our esteemed clients is the motivation for every move that we make. 

Q. Where do you see SEDRES in 10 years?

A. We see ourselves working with other sectors within the maritime industry and increasing our presence globally, covering a wider geographical area of the world. Our aim is to keep expanding, and we are already working in that direction.


“FreightViewer is different than other online marketplaces. We are proud to work with Globalia in this project”

After stablishing the partnership with Shipco, FreightViewer Department interviewed Morten Bach- Global Chief Commercial Officer at Shipco Transport- to analyse the current situation and the upcoming digital changes in logistics.

Speed in quoting is essential in a market where the difference between one quote or the other has become minimum. This means that, in some cases, who quotes the faster will have the shipment. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to develop tools such as FreightViewer, states Mr. Morten Bach. He also adds that technology has disrupted in logistics and everything is happening amazingly fast, changing the landscape of logistics.

Mr. Bach also adds that the speed of the market is one of the other big changes in logistics, this is forcing traditional freight forwarders to change their way of thinking. They need to find the strategy to send shipments from A to B as fast as possible, achieve faster information sharing or better order management. And this can be done using different gateways than the traditional.

Under his point of view, it’s important to become global, reaching key partners and the right technology. Being part of a network, which offers a tool such as FreightViewer, means that small-medium companies will be able to become global, being much more competitive and, with the help of technology, being able to handle much more tasks along the process, optimizing their resources. Mr. Morten says: “With the pandemic the digitization process has been accelerated and those companies who didn’t have a great technology strategy have got caught by the new world-wide situation, not being able to serve their clients in the same way or the way they should”

Mr. Morten Bach pointed out the importance of visibility in logistics in order to take control over all shipments. According to his words “it’s essential to provide several options for a shipment to the client, if you don’t give various options to them, they will go somewhere else. Clients need what they need and if you don’t offer it, they will try another option”

To finalize, Mr. Morten states that, currently, there are two different sectors in logistics. Those that refuse to use digital services and those that only use digital resources. This means that we need to develop two different customer strategies, providing service to both groups, but never forgetting that digital trends will be extremely helpful in both strategies.

You are able to find Shipco rates directly through your FreightViewer profile accessing into your member area and personalize these adding your own profit margin. Please contact to obtain further information.