Successful collaboration projects by Globalia Miami with members across three continents after attending Globalia’s Meeting

Since attending Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting at Phuket in 2023, Delta Line Intl has teamed up on projects with partners from Antwerp, Lima, and Tokyo

Delta Line Intl, Globalia member in Miami, USA, joins forces with Globalia members in Antwerp, Tokyo, and Lima to accomplish a series of successful shipments. This collaborative effort was made possible by their strategic groundwork during Globalia’s 4th Annual Meeting at Phuket, which facilitated connections with network partners worldwide. In collaboration with ULP Belgium BV, Globalia member in Antwerp, Belgium, Delta Line Intl successfully managed three shipments of chocolate totaling 1,107 kg for their customer La Louviere Chocolatier LCC. All the three shipments were sent from Belgium to Miami, USA, via air freight.

Delta-Line Intl- logistics company Miami
Delta Line Intl- collaboration projects


“The shipment was a delicate one that required a temperature of 15-25°C throughout its journey. I would take this opportunity to thank Nicolas Scheir from the Sales & Customer Service who took meticulous care to ensure the smooth execution of every aspect of this cargo,” says Alejandro Arrieta, the General Manager of Delta Line Intl.

Furthermore, they worked with GHC Logistics SAC, Globalia member in Lima, Peru. They assisted them on moving 8 pieces of carbon steel sheets weighing 13094 Kg. Delta Line moved the ocean freight from Port Everglades, Florida to Port Callo, Peru. “Our team first moved the freight from Ambridge to our warehouse in Miami in a flatbed truck. Additionally, we offered services as ocean freight, trucking, container stuffing and securing, export documentation and NCB Inspection,” adds Mr. Alejandro.

Delta Line Intl
Delta Line Intl – Collaboration projects


Lastly, in their third successful collaboration, Delta Line Intl worked with NCS Line Japan Co. Ltd, a Globalia member in Tokyo, Japan, on an air shipment of Yamato fire extinguishers weighing 441 kg. They moved the cargo from Tokyo, Japan, to Santiago, Chile, showcasing the network’s global reach and effectiveness.

Congratulations to Delta Line Intl and all the members they cooperated with for these remarkable achievements!