Yoyo Global Freight is expanding their warehouse facility in Denmark

As a major step towards green logistics, they have fitted this new warehouse building with solar panels on the roof

Yoyo Global Freight, Globalia member in Stavanger, Norway, and Copenhagen / Odense, Denmark, has expanded its state-of-the-art warehousing facility in Denmark. Back in 2018, they built their new headquarters in Odense and their initial objective was to create two more terminals by 2021. However, uninterrupted growth and a greater number of domestic and international clients necessitated further storage space in their warehouse in Odense. This is the reason why they built Yoyo Global Freight

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“As a Gazelle Company which has doubled the turnover within just 4 years, it was imperative for us to expand our storage space to meet the requirements of our ever-increasing number of clients.” says Mr. Lenart Lykkedal Pedersen, Agent Relation Manager of YOYO Global Freight. Their new solar-powered facility is already completely filled with new warehouse clients. Mr. Pedersen further adds, “The new building is fitted with solar panels on the roof and the power is used for the building and for the electrical car parking available for all our employees. This has been a remarkable triumph for our team since it is also an important step towards sustainable logistics.”

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Congratulations to Yoyo Global Freight for this achievement and for taking an important step towards green logistics!

Globalia member in Copenhagen, Odense and Stavanger expands by acquiring a Denmark based logistics company

YOYO Global Freight, which won a Gazelle five years in a row, has recently taken over Trans-Air Denmark A/S in Copenhagen

YOYO Global Freight, a company which was founded in a basement in Odense 10 years ago, is now experiencing solid growth and has been honored with a Gazelle five years in a row. Now the company is expanding again by taking over Trans-Air Denmark A/S, a company based in Copenhagen.

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“For some time now, we have been looking to expand our market share, and therefore the takeover of Trans-Air is a logical venture. They are strong in airfreight as well as sea-freight and the acquisition will surely benefit our company in several ways…We are operating in a market with very large players, and small and medium-sized enterprises can find it rather difficult to create their own place amongst all the big shipping companies. But we have succeeded in creating a concept with custom-tailored solutions,” says Kasper Andersen, one of the Founders of YOYO Global Freight.

Mr. Andersen further adds, “The customers are choosing us because of our flexibility and prompt customer services. Therefore, it is extremely important that, while we are growing, we keep insisting on the fact that the connection to our customers is the foundation of our company,”

Hearty congratulations to Yoyo Global Freight for their recent expansion!