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Globalia Logistics Network has exceeded 200 members in 130 countries for the first time in its history

Globalia Logistics Network has set a record by reaching 209 members from across 133 countries around the world. Globalia’s territorial exclusivity and its rigorous selection process, the yearly conferences, the digitization opportunity it offers the agents and several other factors contributed to the quick rise in the number of members. Eleven renowned web portals from the supply chain sector and beyond have covered the news of Globalia’s achievement of this new milestone

Globalia Logistics Network
Globalia Logistics Network


AJOT or the American Journal of Transportation is a prominent transportation and logistics website publishing relevant news from the industry. Additionally, this website features the latest and most relevant news and reports from the international freight forwarding industry.

Forwarder Magazine is an all-inclusive resource for logistics, shipping and forwarding news, information and insight. From expert opinions to trade-specific knowledge in the air/sea/road freight sector, this website covers everything of relevance in the transportation and logistics market.

Yahoo Finance is a media property and a part of the Yahoo network. It features financial news, commentaries, stock market updates, press releases etc. Moreover, with its headquarters in New York City, it is one of the largest news and media websites.

Grupo Todologisticas is an international multimedia publication. It has been helping companies in the port, logistics, transport and foreign trade sectors to generate new business opportunities and enhance their marketing and promotion strategies.

Novologistica  is a web portal that covers news related to the logistics, transport and maintenance and storage sector. This Spanish language website publishes articles, news, reports, and interviews from the logistics and transport sector. Additionally, it publishes articles on the main innovations in products and services aimed at logistics and transport professionals.

Actualidad Marítima y Portuaria is an initiative of the students and professors of the International Master in Maritime and Port Administration (MIAMP) at International Maritime Business School. Moreover, their online magazine has been publishing news and resources from the logistics industry since 2009.

Globenewswire is one of the world’s largest news distribution networks publishing real-time news releases from international brands. Additionally, they drive brand awareness and generate media coverage with targeted news distribution to media and consumers worldwide.

NTB is an independent Norwegian news agency. They produce and deliver news, visual content, entertainment, and communication services. Moreover, they publish news and press releases allowing companies to distribute their content quick to the Norwegian newsrooms.

Benzinga is a financial news website that guides the readers through topics such as personal finance, investing, trading. It was launched in 2010 by founder Jason Raznick. Today the company is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan.

Veintepies is a Spanish language logistics news portal. It publishes relevant news and articles for people working in the logistics industry. Furthermore, with a large audience in Spain and Latin America, it covers news, articles, and opinions from the freight and logistics sector.

Spain News Currents is a part of the Affinity Group Publishing. It aims to create a global footprint of carefully moderated news.