Globalia Karachi moves a critical OOG cargo

Star Shipping arranges for the sea freight and inland transportation of the shipment from Karachi Port to Islamabad City

Star Shipping, Globalia member in Karachi, Pakistan, recently moved an OOG cargo from Karachi Port to Islamabad City. The oversized shipment was first moved by sea freight from Karachi Port and then delivered to the destination in Islamabad City via triple tandem conventional low bed trailer.

The shipment comprised of delicate and point-load cargo inside wooded boxes which demanded extraordinary care during transit. Moreover, Star Shipping provided customized heavy hauler low-bed trailers for safest delivery.

Star Shipping Pakistan- freight forwarding company
OOG cargo by Globalia Karachi


As stated by Muhammad Kamran, the Director of Star Shipping, “For years we have been providing economic and practical logistics solutions for clients in the country and beyond. This was a tricky shipment that required considerable care and meticulousness on the part of our team. Every shipment we handle and deliver, tells the story of our expertise and work ethics.”

Congratulations to Globalia Karachi and the best for their future projects!

Globalia Karachi moves 132 KV transformers in Pakistan

They moved the transformers from the Port of Karachi to grid stations in every region of Pakistan including Sindh, Punjab, KKP and Balochistan

Star Shipping Pvt Ltd, Globalia member in Karachi, Pakistan, has recently moved 132 transformers from the Port of Karachi to multiple grid stations all over the country. Their inland transportation team had been particularly busy handling this special project this year. Additionally, in 2022 they handled over 1,000,000 tonnes of cargo at the Karachi port, moving various shipments including steel, pipes, machinery, project cargo, coils, silos, transformers, engines, break-bulk, raw materials etc.

Star Shipping- freight forwarder in Karachi
Star Shipping moves 132 transformers


Since their establishment in 2004, they are one of the leading project shipping and inland transportation experts in their territory. With a strong network of partners all over the globe, they are consistently providing quality and affordable logistics solutions for their clients and partners.

Muhammad Kamran, the Director of Star Shipping says, “We have a laudable history in delivering energy and industrial projects so our team managed to execute the delivery of the transformers without any hitch. Moreover, we are closing this year with several achievements at our end in both sea freight and road freight sectors. Thanks to our continuous R&D efforts our company’s integrated project-logistics services have further improved.”

Congratulations to Star Shipping and all the best for their upcoming projects!