Globalia Nouakchott handles the full logistics chain of 168 units of trucks, trailers, military equipment, excavators, and other rolling material

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This ocean freight shipment that was sent out from Boke Port, Guinea, reached its destination in Nouakchott port, Mauritania on time

Acconage Consignation Transit SA (ACT SA), Globalia member in Nouakchott, Mauritania, has successfully moved an ocean freight shipment from Boke Port, Guinea, to Nouakchott Port, Mauritania. The shipment consisted of 168 units of trucks, trailers, military equipment, excavators, and other rolling materials. “This shipment was intended for the mining industry particularly for the offshore gas field rocks transportation for BP Tortue. We carried out this project on behalf of the shipping company charged with transporting rocks for the BP Tortue Projects,” says Mr. Khalil Chouaib, the Country Manager of ACT.

Acconage Consignation-independent freight forwarder
Acconage Consignation’s ocean freight shipment

The cargo was transported on an MV Orient Pluto vessel. The scope of this service included offloading cargo from the vessel, taking the cargo from under hook, warehousing, and lashing. Additionally, they were also in charge of trucking to the delivery site 60 Km from Nouakchott port, and customs clearance. The entire freight was self-driven, and they didn’t require any special equipment for this shipment. Moreover, ACT was in charge of the full logistic chain from vessel arrival until the final delivery of 168 units.

Mr. Chouaib further states, “The most difficult aspect of this project was ensuring that all units were delivered intact. This also includes the¬†¬† spare parts loaded inside some units. Nevertheless, the shipment was not exactly challenging, the sheer volume and varied nature of the cargo make it somewhat complicated.”

 Congratulations to Globalia Nouakchott, and wishing them the best for the future!