Globalia Logistics Network establishes a media partnership with Group Futurista

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Group Futurista organizes together with Roambee the Webinar called “Minimizing risks in Supply Chain by creating autonomous Customer Service using RPA”

This webinar is happening real-time on 25th November 2020 at 12 Hrs GMT.  For those who are looking to attend the webinar can register for free.

In the current COVID crisis, leading organizations are starting to pivot and shift from response to recovery. Real-time visibility has become a game changer for the complex supply chains however, the enterprises continue to lack true end-end supply chain visibility. In order to deal with disruptions and lack of information it has become evident that end-end visibility and digitalization are crucial. According to a study conducted by shipping and freight resources, about 60% of supply chain executives said that operations were significantly hampered due to the damage caused to the global supply chain during the COVID crisis.

Group Futurista have partnered with Roambee to solve this rising issue. Roambee is a global Internet of Things (IoT) data company that puts you in control of your Things on-demand — goods, equipment, or valuable assets — located indoors, outdoors, and in-transit.

Roambee is measurably impacting cost and risk for hundreds of enterprises in Manufacturing, Logistics & Supply Chain, Transportation, Finance, and Aerospace by addressing visibility holistically, from “sensing” to “making sense” to “acting upon” their data.

Keynote Speakers:
Martijn Loafers (Moderator) -Supply Chain Media (Founder & Chief Trendwatcher)

Santosh Takoor – Roambee (Managing Director, Europe)
Topic – The evolution of IoT visibility in Logistics.

Jeff Johansson – Mars Petcare (Supply Chain Director Royal Canin)

Topic – Minimizing risks in Supply Chain by creating autonomous Customer Service using RPA

Peter Marshall  – Dow Europe   (Supply Chain Director)
Panel discussion topic :How to unlock critical logistics amidst the pandemic